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So my boyfriend is vegan, which is of course amazing. But his diet is seriously lacking in veggies and fruit. All he seems to eat is fake meats and white flour bread. I try to cook for him whenever I can, but whatever I make doesn't seem to "fill" him up enough, even though I give him huge servings. I'm mostly gluten free so I've used quinoa flour noodles with the things I've made for him, and I think the lack of gluten might be part of why he doesn't feel full. Any suggestions of how I can influence him to eat a little better?

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    Posted by MonicaCarten at 12/13/12 16:11:17

    How about make him some veggie burgers with lentils or chickpeas and put spinach, kale, mushrooms or sun- dried tomatos in patties. serve with sweet potato or butternut squash baked fries and a salad with tahini dressing?

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    Posted by seanubs at 12/14/12 15:22:14

    Just cook noodles and just have him pig out. He should get bored of it. I got bored of carbs. Took me a week just to realize how many carbs I ate to the point where I got sick :(

    You can also make soups. I have been making soup which has tons of VEGGIES and yes, potaters are the thing equivalent of starchy carbs.

    +1 for being with a vegan guy :) My gf also eats vegan like me and eating habits definitely do influence relationships. Living with someone that eats meat: just can't do it.

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    Posted by markc at 12/20/12 06:56:22

    Not feeling full stems from balance. Fat, carbs and protein. When I eat a salad it is huge, but the key is fat. Without fat, he will feel hungry. Add a 1/4 cup olive oil or a whole avocado and he will feel full. The other factor is nutrition. Without recipes chocked full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, anti-oxidents; it will take a huge amount of food to make him full. With the above, his body will feel the nutrition and hence feel full.

    On the flip side, if he has been eating junk vegetarian for a long time, his system is probably so clogged, that not much nutrition is being absorbed. Hence the need for much larger portions.

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    Posted by musiclover016 at 12/28/12 17:17:02

    Greens. Kale, spinach, lettuce, you name it. Greens have a significant amount of fiber, iron, and protein. They can be made into soups, protein shakes, drinks, salads. Also mention that fruit contains potassium, antioxidants, vitamins and can reduce the risk of cancer, kidney diseases, and bone marrow loss. Let him know how truly important fruit and vegetables are if you are vegetarian. Hope this helps.

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    Posted by Longdrive at 12/29/12 15:06:22

    Alicat: I am personally impressed by your sincere level of caring. I don't intend going into technical issues of nutrition here as I'm sure that others are far more qualified than I! I will however make one brief comment: If one eats very large meals OF ANY KIND the end result will invariably be a feeling of hunger way before the next meal is due. If you think that there is merit in it perhaps try to get him to eat smaller meals much more slowly, and - if necessary - more regularly.

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