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I'm just curious if others are as frustrated as I am. Do you eat out often? I do because I travel and have to eat with people for work sometimes, and then my family likes to eat out too, but what I'm wondering is - do you feel like you can't really trust them when they say something is "vegetarian"? I mean, I just don't think most places know what really goes into some of the stuff, right?
I was in a Mexican restaurant and they had a "vegetarian" burrito, so I asked if there was chicken base in the rice included inside the burrito, and yes!!
It just makes me leary to eat anywhere not recommended here on my favorite website Happy cow!
What do you'all think?

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    Posted by ampallang at 01/31/10 05:34:15

    I dont eat out so much, but i'm in denmark. there is nothing close to vegan about the traditional food apart from bread, mushrooms and potatoes.

    In australia they places i worked for went for turkish food, only the falafels were vegan, but they would get a big salad for me. And a sandwich place made sandwiches with natural bread, mustard, salad and roasted vegies.

    I try to take people to resturants that cater for both vegans and non-vegans.

    Indian, african, somethings thai are generally good. im not sure what is in seatille. Japanese food is generally good, baked aubergine with miso sauces, vegie curries- you can easily get everything vegetarian. Vegie sushi.

    Mexican is no greatin the US, all these bean mixes and rice havechcken boullin, you are right.

    What types of places would your family go to or work places?
    At workplaces,i make it clear im vegan- maybe if you said your vegan you would get vegetarian things. Also i did many times eat up eating fruit and such at work lunches.

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    Posted by ampallang at 01/31/10 05:40:50

    When i was in america i used to always get salad wtih black beans at all those resturants, no dressing was vegan... I think i got vinger? i just use salt and pepper.

    i always ask about things, people forget boullion has meat and other things, gelatine.. cream.
    If its not actually eat people sometimes just dont know.
    if i was at that mexican place I would of said its not vegetraian because vegetarians dont eat chcken adn asked if they could make something that was vegetarian and given suggestions.

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