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Has anyone ever been put in a situation where they have to go to dinner as part of the job hunting process? Have you ever found yourself discriminated against for being vegetarian?

If you find yourself in a restaurant with no vegetarian items on the menu, what do you do, without making a scene?

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    Posted by jive at 09/04/10 04:09:36

    If someone has a problem with your being veg, then they are the one making the scene.

    I often find myself taken to restaurants with little to no veg options on the menu. Usually (if there is no possibility of ordering a few side dishes of veggies or something) I just claim to have already eaten, and focus more on what I want to order to drink.

    I'm often more concerned with Who picks up the check in these situations? Its one thing not to eat meat, but being asked to buy it for others often puts me in a similar dilemma.

    I guess standing up for your beliefs and making a scene are one and the same.

    My advice Jimbo, be the one who suggests the restaurant. That way, not only are you ensuring that veg options will be available, you may in fact impress your boss with your confidence in this manor. If not, you will know right away that this employer is not the one for you. I certainly don't want to work for someone who is disrespectful towards my lifestyle.

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    Posted by AndyT at 09/09/10 09:50:09

    I have never seen that as an issue. Even as Vegan, I have always managed to score a salad from the menu.

    And frankly, if your prospective employer discriminates against you on basis of you being vegetarian, then it would not have been a harmonic relationship anyway.

    However - keep your posture when faced with difficulty! If you keep a humorous and positive attitude, nobody is going to mind.

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