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Hi everyone!
I am trying to convert from being a semi-vegetarian to a 100% vegetarian, and I need your help!
One of my worries is that when I eat in social gatherings, I don't want to make others feel uncomfortable and uneasy with me, being picky about foods. Or when a friend hands me a pack of sweets, I don't know how to reject them politely.
How can I tell others that I am a vegetarian in a way that would be fun and easy?

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    Posted by pinkvegetarian at 04/06/15 13:33:03

    You got it wrong! You are worried that people that are fine with murdering animals will have an issue with you not eating dead stuff? I mean seriously, they SHOULD feel bad. Besides, your the one that they're eating meat in front of!
    Just ay "No thanks, I'mm vegetarian" and if they have an issue, well they're not your real friends!

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    Posted by big_saz at 04/07/15 06:29:10

    You could just say that you don't want any sweets politely - you don't have to say that it's because you're vegetarian.

    Being veggie is easy nowadays and commonplace, I wouldn't expect you to have any problems in social gatherings as loads of veggie foods are popular.

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    Posted by Nina Adel at 04/09/15 12:16:44

    Never be apologetic for making ethical choices. Be proud of the fact that you are a vegetarian and educate people who are not in a kind manner.

    Don't forget you're the only voice animals have!
    Good luck!

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    Posted by Mia1124 at 04/09/15 17:41:49

    Thanks a lot for the advice!
    If things like this happens again, I will just casually say "No, thanks!" and if they ask further, I'll tell them that it's because I'm a vegetarian!

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    Posted by Kayales_XC17 at 05/09/15 00:32:13

    You can also consider bringing your own veg-friendly foods to social gatherings so that carnists don't feel as uncomfortable or even "burdened" by your refusal to eat the meat offered. Or you can even offer to host a gathering and cook some yummy veg food for people who do eat meat! You might just open their eyes a bit if they taste how delicious veg food can be.

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    Posted by Carrot_Biter at 05/13/15 02:17:25

    I would say, just stick to your guns on the subject.
    I believe the meat-eaters who are really disturbed and offended by vegetarians and vegans are the ones who are feeling guilty about eating slaughtered animals, and your compassionate choices just contrast theirs so much.
    It's your body and your life, you make the decisions. Others approval is not needed.!:)

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    Posted by J and J at 05/16/15 16:41:27

    What might help: think about the gathering ahead of time. Is it at a restaurant that has some options? Call ahead to the restaurant. Is it at someone's house? Why don't you bring a dish too or a dessert you can partake in. Or offer to help cook? If you know the hosts you can mention that you'd be happy to bring something to add to the feast or bbq or whatever the event is. You also can always eat ahead of time and just have a few small things if you know there is likely to only be salad or fruit salad. Celebrate food. Your enthusiasm is contagious! We bring vegan desserts to everything! :)

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