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So I found out that B12 is a necessary vitamin that is not found in plant Foods. B12 is a vitamin vital to your brain health and nervous system. Without it you can get really sick. It is a water soluble vitamin that is found in our body's in low quantities but, not enough to sustain us. So, I take supplements which are natural minerals that are found in soil (so called). I found out that I was deficient recently due to my fatigue and deteriorating health. Anyways here's some facts about B12. Almost 40%v of the U.S. population is B12 deficient. Anyways Im going to tell you what I noticed about it first thing, My hands and feet would go numb or tingly even when I was not sitting on them to make them fall asleep, I was weak and filled with fatigue, I didn't want to eat anything, I got frequent chest and head pains in repetition. If you feel any of these check your symptoms and get some B12 ... Want to know more:

Also I dont support eating any animals or beings of any kind so please take mineral supplements.

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    Posted by rawbee at 04/24/15 04:40:57

    I give myself shots (Adenosyl and Methyl) and also have sprays (methyl). just make sure not to take the worst and cheap stuff: cyano.

    To b12 shots made a huge difference. I am glad they found out the reason for my being always cold and tired.... after b12 I felt as if someone had turned on the heater again ;)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/27/15 19:37:58

    Google B12 and you can get all the details about the topic (from some sources). B12 is not manufactured by plants, but it's not manufactured by animals either. It's actually made by bacteria, - in the intestines and the even in the mouths of many animals...and on the roots and growing parts of plants.

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    Posted by rawbee at 04/28/15 07:52:16

    most of the people's intestines are not in a very good shape and the older you get... that's why even a lot of meat eaters are low in B12. I would never rely on that given the fact that is is very easy to sub.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/03/15 16:20:50

    Ahismsa, I'm always so happy to read your posts. I learn something new everyday. Interesting to know B12 is made by bacteria, etc. Fascinating!

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    Posted by noedavne at 05/11/15 03:57:47

    Rawbee, what's the problem with cyano? All the recommendations from nutritionists and studies I've read so far say that the effects of cyano are well known but that there's not enough information about methyl (in terms of absorbtion or something like this). I'm a bit confused now... last time I had to buy it, I rejected any supplement that wasn't both, chewable and cyano, and I had a hard time finding one that meet all my requirements :(

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    Posted by rawbee at 05/12/15 02:34:43

    noedavne. I do not know why in the US they still recoommend cyano. It's the cheapest to process, stable, too and was the first to be used, many years ago. Injections: only 20-20% are resorbed, if you get Hydroxo 70% I would always go for the natural ones: Adenosyl and Methyl though.If you just want to add some B12 you can use cyano (if you do not have access to the better formulas) and are sure your body is able to use it, but if you want to treat illnesses (anxiety, depression) they have been proven useless.
    you can always use Methyl as spray or drops, I always bought those in the US before returning to Germany. When my homocystein levels were extremely high, b12 levels were down, I started to dig deeper into the topic and it was not until I started with Methyl and Adenosyl that I became "normal" again (mentally and physically). It was as if someboday had turned on the heating again (before I was freezing all the time, lost hair, scaly skin).

    I am convinced that if it was'nt for the easy and cheap manufactoring, nobody would recommend Cyano at all these days, but again, pharma is a big thing.... I will surely disappear at least in Germany sooner or later as people get more and more educated, at least vegans.

    I only know one really good web page, but it's in German:

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    Posted by noedavne at 05/13/15 10:01:18

    Thanks rawbee, very good explanation, I had never heard about it before. And neither did I heard about the relation between B12 and anxiety. I'll do some research on this topic as well.
    By the way, I'll never understand why there's so much controversy around B12 and why there isn't any clear source of information. Is it that hard for all the professionals to get to an agreement on how much and which type of B12 we should take?

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 05/14/15 15:34:43

    I Get my B12 from consuming 3/4 tsp of blue-green algae 3 times / week.

    See "E3 Live" (I use "BRAIN ON")

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