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I am Uday from India. 55 years male. I am an atheist and believe that religions are responsible for sustaining ideological support for atrocities against innocent animals. They are responsible for many other evils like population explosion. I love working for promoting vegetarianism and working for secularism. I have formed a small organization called FAIR ( http// ) to do as much as I can, in supporting these causes. You are welcome to join us.

Being an Indian it easy for me to be a vegetarian. There are more Vegetarian hotels and recipes in India than the non-vegetarian ones. Much tastier than any non-vegetarian recipe. I know, that is not the case outside India. I think I can help vegetarians who live outside India. I am a vegetarian cook. I can help any of you to cook vegetarian dishes as well. Please ask me if you need help.

This is Ramzan season. It is a deeply distressing time of the year; because so many innocent animals are being butchered with no qualms. That too in a barbaric and cruel method called Halal. Feeling so helpless. We, vegetarians are just a minority. We can do very little against these blood thirsty people. They start Halal with animals and then progress it to human beings as they did with Daniel Pearl and many others; in the name of god.

All the more reason why there must be a closer association between all vegetarian people from all over the world; so that we can wean away more people to kindness and compassion than standing alone. Moreover, we can help ourselves in many ways by supporting each other. Please keep in touch

Thank you.

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    Posted by jive at 08/15/12 20:00:35

    Seems like a noble idea. I would start by Identifying the top vegan/vegetarian social media networks (such as happy cow, Volentia, and Facebook) and proclaim your efforts to unite vegetarian all across the world. It would take more than just posting an invite in a forum. You would have to actively seek new members. Affiliate your website with other vegetarian websites. Gain sponsors/supporters. Advertise.

    Vegetarians all have one thing in common; they are vegetarian. Even in a midst this potent commonality, what vegetarians lack the most is unity. I believe that is do to a lack of leadership. There must be a symbol, a banner for people to band behind.

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    Posted by Qassem at 08/16/12 15:01:35

    I am, as it happens, a Christian-Muslim that is vegetarian, often vegan, but yet sometimes, but very seldom, regretably, a little non vegetarian - if i am a guest for the first ime somewhere.
    I have to apologize on behalf of this community that as yet the majority of the buggers have not aspired to Wisdom with regard, especially food matters, as i Know that Jesus and Mohmad were vegitarians living in a society that has no imagination of a food other than with meat, fish, eggs, milk etc ..and the Bible and the Quran has come into a society that's in this state, where a practice like a father burying alive a female baby was considered a Worthy Act, in some of those regions. The Quran has a stipulation that "you may eat the meat, but not the blood of the animal.." and i just do not understand how this Can be done, because all meat contains some blood.. and someone who aspires to Wisdom would/should get the hint.. and so, it is more my way to seek-out and share Wisdom.. and the wopg website makes available the inspiration and encouragement needed. It has to be recognized that the Judeo-Islamic and the Hindu-Buddhist lines are Parralell, one dealing with the outer worldly life and the other dealing with the inner spiritual and intellectual life, and Life in the Present,( where i am writing and you are reading), it seems that these two lines that have been parralell foe so so long have actually converged into one line, in that, *We Have All The Information* and there is no excuse

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    Posted by Qassem at 08/16/12 15:23:31

    Wisdom will ensure that the being Sees that Health is integral to life and enjoyment of it, and that the Proper fuel for the "engine" is essential for the "hardware" as well as, and even more important for the "software" , for the honing of Intellect, that we may end up fulfilled and happy at the point when Common Sense dawns, and we finally are on the Home stretch as Human, and of course we would be Vegetarian then, even if we sometimes ate bricks, cow dung or bull[censored]

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 08/17/12 08:48:16

    Thank you so very much for this post, Uday. What a noble cause. Vegetarians must indeed unite. What are the reasons people are vegetarian? Animals, the environment, health, religion. Are there any others? As far as I know, those are the big 4. But no matter what the reason for being vegetarian, it seems like we identify more with the reason behind being vegetarian, rather than all of us coming together and bonding as Vegetarians. We should change that!

    I agree with Jive that we need a symbol, a banner for people to get behind. For example, this may seem silly but I wish the "peace sign" people give each other wasn't know, when you hold up your index and middle fingers like a "V" while the other fingers are clenched with your palm facing out. "V" also stands for Vegetarian and Vegan and I always thought that would be a cool sign we could give each other as a symbol of unity.

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    Posted by Fritz at 08/18/12 08:43:48

    My reason for being vegetarian? The Ick! Factor.

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