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Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Vegan Wedding Hell- Just wondering if anyone could share tips for a vegan wedding in the NJ/NY area. My fiancee and I would love something outdoors spring/summer 2017. We are also on a pretty strict budget as we are attempting to save money for a house and are both teachers. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! Post Date: 07/23/16, Replies: 0
Getting attention Before we started our company, we knew we wanted to create a clean product. As you know, clean -meaning a low carbon footprint, healthy for both us as individuals and our planet. We have been in business manufacturing a high quality snack. We are in some very high profile retail stores (WFM). We need to spread the word about our products without spreading our wallets so wide that we loose more than we make. Where would you suggest we go to increase awareness of our brand? Post Date: 07/22/16, Replies: 3
Do NOT buy Bic, 3M, and Scotch! These companies all test on animals! And they are very common household products. For example, Bic pens and lighters, and 3M tape and bubble mailers. For pens, buy Pilot instead. They do not test on animals AND all of their products are free of animal ingredients, making them completely vegan! Pilot pens are very easy to find in stores, and they even make permanent markers, but I have never seen their markers in stores so you might have to order them online. Still better than Sharpies, because Sharpies have animal ingredients (animal derived pigment)! For tape, and bubble mailers and packing materials, I'm not completely sure, but I have found no evidence of Duck testing on animals. I am not positive if their stuff is all vegan, but at least its better than supporting 3M and Scotch, because 3M and Scotch test on animals! So unless someone has better info, I suggest Duck for mailers and tape. And glue! Gorilla Glue and Elmer's are both vegan! No animal testing or ingredients! The BAD: Bic 3M Scotch Sharpie The GOOD: Pilot Duck Gorilla Glue Elmer's Post Date: 07/22/16, Replies: 19
Self Love Starter Kit Crowdfunding promoted through Self Love Check Out https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1272926762/farm-garden-earth-self-love-starter-kit Post Date: 07/21/16, Replies: 0
Suggestions for things to eat (FODMAP)? Hi everyone! I'm in the UK. I'm following a gluten-free, low FODMAP diet for a few weeks to see what happens. Does anyone have any suggestions for meals I can eat, that's tasty (I've included a link to things that are supposed to be avoided)? I love spicy food by the way, and I like herbs (particularly oregano but it's not very cheap). (FODMAP link: fodmapdietrecipes.blogspot.co.uk/p/fodmap-diet-food-list.html) I'm also a vegan. And I'm on a careful budget, and buying frozen and tinned and dried (e.g. dried herbs) rather than fresh as I tend to end up forgetting about fresh and wasting it, which is a waste of money. I'm also trying, as far as practical, to avoid processed things, though I am allowing myself fortified almond milk for some calcium. So far I've thought of: - My own version of Uncle Ben's rice (only without any garlic or onion): Basically rice mixed with tinned tomatoes in tomato juice, mixed herbs, and perhaps some peppers. I previously was adding garlic but that's out the window for this diet. - A sort-of chili (with rice): Tinned tomatoes in tomato juice, cumin powder, herbs, and paprika, with rice. - A weird stiry fry (with rice): Mixed peppers, green beans, and spinach, with cumin and paprika, but I'm not sure what to use for a "sauce"; black bean has pulses and isn't cheap anyway, tomato will transform the flavour into something that doesn't taste like a stir fry, soy sauce is made from pulses (soya beans), but do you think mustard would work in a stir fry? And that's basically it for meals unless I add a bit of sunflower spread or Vitalite to some cooked spinach and green beans and carrots, and have it with rice to make it more filling. So any meal ideas? :D Also avoiding potato! Yes this may sound crazy, but there are reasons, and it's for a few weeks. Then again, I might risk some chips but not sure what to put with them to make them filling. Post Date: 07/21/16, Replies: 1
How to deal with meat-eater & family? VG Hello, I am vegan for about a month now, and my family is still judging me, though I eat whatever I want to eat. They always say something mean. I explained them the thousands of reasons why I am vegan but it seems that all the time they forget. My friends are pretty much nice to me. But, they kind of tell me things like 'can you make an exception' and so on... So I was wondering how do you act when people are telling you not to be vegan or that kind of stuff ? Sorry for the mistakes & I am 15 y. Thank you so much :D Post Date: 07/16/16, Replies: 3
Organic Garden Organic Farms Greetings thank you for reading this email. Does anyone have any information on Organic gardens and farms located in Georgia or any surroundings states or countries. Stay positive have a great day. Post Date: 07/15/16, Replies: 0
Omega 3 So, I have some moderate brain damage and my GP has me on pharmaceutical grade fish oil. He is quite strict and requires a minimum 2:1 ratio EPA/DHA. I see the greatest improvement from taking a minimum of 500mg of EPA and currently take 1000mg. Otherwise things like my mailing address and social security number become very foggy. I've been on a particular fish oil for several years and it had become the only animal product left in my life. A few months ago I quit taking it and the effects have been fairly negative. I've begun taking it again because to hell with not remembering stuff, ya know? I have no problem avoiding all other animal products outside of this. I do not refer to myself as vegetarian so to not blur the already fuzzy line. I've spent the last 40 days back on the fish oil and my memory has begun improving again. I've tried like crazy to find a vegetarian EPA over 500mg but I can't find anything over 130 mg! I can't afford to take 5 or 10 pills a day! Do any of you know of a veggie option that might meet my requirements? This is a very important supplement to my wellbeing. The fish oil I'm taking is as responsible as possible (MSC certified and non-gmo) but I feel it's preventing me from wearing my vegetarian badge and keeping me stuck at pescetarian. I would love any suggestions. I really love remembering stuff so if I have to stay pesco then so be it... Post Date: 07/11/16, Replies: 3
Please help - question about child I am a recent vegan, and I have a 7 year old child from a previous marriage. We've always ate fairly healthy here, and of course now that I'm vegan, our meals are balanced and very healthy. My problem is that my son goes to his dad's house every other weekend and several other times throughout the year for longer stays. They have about the worst diet imaginable. They eat out for almost every meal while he's there, they allow him to have sodas, poptarts, tons and tons of candies, chips, etc. One of his recent meals was skittles, cheetos, a chocolate bar, a Crush soda, and a piece of pepperoni pizza. I know it's only a few days here and there, but can a diet this bad have an adverse effect on him when he eats very healthy most of the time? I always feel like he's detoxing when he comes home. It's always worried me to some extent, but now I worry a lot more. Any advice or help is appreciated. And unfortunately, this isn't something I can address with them as adults. Any time I try to talk to them about anything, no matter how nonconfrontational I am, it always winds up bad. Post Date: 07/08/16, Replies: 3
Running and Vegetarianism/Veganism Hello, all! I am a newer vegetarian who also runs competitively for her college team (D3, but hey, still serious). Any advice from athletes who are also vegetarian? Post Date: 07/05/16, Replies: 1
Storing Tofu I am currently trying to get more protein in my vegetarian diet. I am wondering what is the proper way to store it after I cook it. After the tofu is cooked do I have to store it in a container with water? Or can I just store the leftover cooked tofu in a container without water? Thanks Post Date: 07/05/16, Replies: 1
Please consider taking a survey! Hi all, I'm a PhD student based in Albany, NY and am currently looking for individuals to participate in a survey about eating patterns and preferences, especially in vegetarians and vegans. It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Please contact me if you have any questions! Link below www(dot)surveymonkey(dot)com/r/ualbanyfood Post Date: 07/03/16, Replies: 2
Vegan thinks he needs to start eating eggs I would really appreciate your thoughts on this dilemma i am having. I have been vegan for about a year and because of ongoing health issues i have routine blood tests. My recent blood tests showed that i have borderline B12 levels but more importantly a very low Omega 3 specifically DHA/EPA rating. I have tried to supplement both B12 and DHA/EPA but i react VERY badly to supplements, i have tried at least three variants of each and they leave me feeling wired with heart palpitations and insomnia. On the advice of a nutritionist three months ago i cut right back on cooking with oils and started to consume AT LEAST two heaped spoonfuls of flax seed EVERY day, but i just got my Omega test back again and my ratio is still a crazy 25:1. NB My Omega 6 score is PERFECT so it does not make sense to try and cut that back even more in a futile attempt to balance the ratio, even if i were to reduce the ratio slightly that way i would still be deficient in DHA/EPA because on my vegan diet i am not consuming any foods that contain DHA/EPA. I had hoped my body would convert ALA into the necessary DHA/EPA but in both my case and my wife's case who has the same 25:1 ratio, our bodies are not converting ALA appropriately. FYI my wife and i even bothered to get genetic tests done to see if we had a genetic mutation that was causing the low conversion rate from ALA to DHA/EPA but there was no such mutation. I have also since read a lot of research that confirms the conversion rate from ALA to DHA/EPA is indeed minimal, which is why many leading vegan doctors and nutritionists including Dr Greger do say that vegans need to supplement with DHA/EPA. Given that i am genuinely unable to supplement i see no choice but to look for a cruelty free source of DHA/EPA. The best option i can come up with would be rescuing some chickens and keeping them in my garden as pets. Eggs are a good source of B12, DHA/EPA, Vitamin D, Selenium, Iodine etc. which should deal with any of my deficiencies. I am really gutted to have to do this, as i am proud to consider myself a vegan, but at the same time i am not prepared to live with known deficiencies when i am already suffering with ill health. Sorry if this sounds a bit dramatic, but it is a real dilemma for me. Appreciate your thoughts... Post Date: 07/02/16, Replies: 5
The most violent animal I'm tired of the worn-out excuse of meat-eaters that humans are no less violent than the other animals. "All animals have 'enemies' or at least creatures that they fear in the natural world, and some predators are feared by many. Human, however, are an enemy to all living things, despite the fact that many of us claim to love nature and even a few selected species." -from one of my books Humans kill billions of non-human animals daily - in chemicalized factory farming, in research labs, by polluting the environment and clear-cutting forests...with barely a second thought about those lives. And yet we somehow convince ourselves that we're the most intelligent, most thoughtful and most deserving of all species. Post Date: 06/29/16, Replies: 3
Good cruelty free deodorant? Hi HappyCow-ers! I've recently started moving my skincare/beauty products to cruelty free only - there hasnt been any scientific advances in such areas for at least 50 years so animal testing is not only cruel, it's unnecessary! So in my switch, I've found everything switches nice and easy, except deodorant. They're hard to get here, but the two I've found (Wholistic and Lush) both just didnt work at all for me - I'd start to smell gross after a few hours and it just wasnt working. Since I'll be forking out $25-30 plus $10-20 shipping for it (living here has some real downsides!) I dont want to just buy willy-nilly! Does anyone out there have the same problem, and has found a solution? I'd love to hear it! Post Date: 06/28/16, Replies: 8
Good vegan/veg dinner options Scarborough Hi, I am in Scarborough now for a week and need to find some good options for dinner! Please help. Would love to meet up with other vegans/vegetarians in and around too. Martin Post Date: 06/26/16, Replies: 0
teaching my child about veganism Hello! I made a decision 3 months ago to go vegan because I was so blind about what was happening and I cry sometimes knowing what I know now,I used to be vegetarian a few years ago but my family wernt supportive so I went backwards. I only know a couple of vegans and vegetarians so decided to come on here to reach out. Recently I've been answering my four year olds questions openly and honestly about meat. I've been told that I'm brainwashing her by a family member. I feel I've been brainwashed my whole life into thinking eating meat was good for me and no thought for the animals what so ever. I want to make healthy choices for her I don't want to feed her McDonald's and stuff like that I've feel like they were trying to make me feel bad. My daughter eats vegetarian food, and some vegan dinners. I don't want to get resentful towards this person, it's just quite upset me that no one in my family can see what I can. Any advice would be appreciated so much. Love and peace x Post Date: 06/19/16, Replies: 6
Vegan powered milk? Hello everyone. I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years but felt guilty about eating meat for years leading up to that. I've been procrastinating veganism the same way I did with vegetarianism back then. The road to veganism is definetly a process for me and I'm quite proud of how close I'm getting. I no longer buy any animal products at home and I'm finding it easy to keep healthy out of the house since discovering a few vegan brands such as ilumi that do gluten free vegan pot noodles that I absolutely love! Also I'm big into raw vegan baking so always have a little something in my handbag. However my biggest downfall is when somebody offers me a cup of tea, I can't drink it black and i always seem to accept and end up drinking cows milk. Not only do I feel a bit guilty drinking it but it leaves me with a terrible bloated tummy (my tummy has felt much better since following a almost vegan diet) Any advice on powdered vegan milk with a long shelf life that I could carry in my handbag would be greatly appreciated. I drink unsweetened soy milk at home so anything with a similar taste to that. I'm also on the lookout for a vegan cheese, I've got my eye on a cashew and nutritional yeast blend which I've heard is meant to be yummy on top of meals as an alternative to hard cheese. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Post Date: 06/19/16, Replies: 2
I'm new Hi. My name is Dom. A lifelong meat eater and a hater fruits and veggies. After seeing all the harm and destruction to the environment all the meat eating and producing does, I want to do my part for our environment and give up meat. I guess how do I go about it? Post Date: 06/19/16, Replies: 3
New vegan Hello all Help been vegan for 8 days and can't stop trumping? Had a wee accident today too! Is this normal because it's early days and my body is adapting? Anyone else experienced this Post Date: 06/18/16, Replies: 2
Coffee Machine Help Hey I'm from the UK and newly Vegan so... new to all this stuff. Making a coffee with instant stuff from jars with soy milk isn't really cutting it for me meaning I tend to walk to my local coffee shop chain for a decent soy latte. However I'd like to save some money and make them at home so obviously... I need a coffee machine. Now all the people I know who own them have the type of machine that requires pods/capsules that already have milk powder in. What kind of coffee machine do I need to be buying where I can obviously use my own soy milk? Or are there even soy milk pods available? Thanks guys. Post Date: 05/27/16, Replies: 4
Bombay Mix Bombay Mix is a very tasty vegan snack, but how much should I eat - probably not that healthy really as lots of vegetable oil - what do you think? trying not to eat too much - how much is OK?! Post Date: 05/26/16, Replies: 1
sprouting and phytic acid Not sure if im writing this in the right place. i have been vegan for about 4 months and am worried about health issues, as a vegan i have had to eat a lot of legumes/beans/seeds, and have concerns about the amount of phytic acid im consuming. Just looking for advice on how to sprout these things, and ahould i cook after sprouting, and how do I know when they are ready to eat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Post Date: 05/25/16, Replies: 1
Financial reasons for being vegan See my article on how being vegan helped me achieve huge savings! https://finangle.wordpress.com/2016/05/23/financial-reasons-for-being-vegan Post Date: 05/23/16, Replies: 0
Vegan Work Boots Hey everybody! I've seen this topic posted online in various places but all of them seem to be from circa 2011 with outdated links. I'm looking for waterproof black vegan-friendly boots. I've tried Doc Martens and they won't work for what I need. I work in emergency response so I can't have something clunky like Docs. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Post Date: 05/18/16, Replies: 0
New Dairy-Free DIY Yogurt Hi everybody - my name is Rusty and I've developed a homemade, high protein (soy), probiotic, and Vegan yogurt I call Eugurt. I've seen here and other boards how folks are looking for more options and I can't wait for everyone to try it. I think you'll like it as much as I do. When you make it it is just like a homemade dairy yogurt, except it is completely dairy-free. It makes an amazing, light, creamy yogurt that is surprisingly no fat. And the fun part is that you add your favorite sugar and can control the acidity easily by simply culturing longer or shorter. It also uses a verified dairy-free starter culture. I apologize if I'm co-opting the forum in any way. I thought this would be the perfect place to share the news and I didn't see anything in the rules that said otherwise. Anyway, I'll be sending out free samples for those who are interested, so just PM me. Anyway, hope to hear from you and be talking soon. Rusty Post Date: 05/07/16, Replies: 1
Advice: went vegan after 2 years being veg Hello! I'm a new member of this community, and I've been reading a lot of topics around here lately. I've recently went vegan (mostly for what I'd call ethical reasons) after being vegetarian for almost two years. I feel really well, especially physically. My skin looks a lot brighter and clearer already. However, I've been suffering from stomachaches. I read that is normal in the beginning because your body is getting used to the increased amount of fibers in your diet. Is that true? Has anyone here ever went through the same? How long did the problem last? Thank you very much. Post Date: 05/05/16, Replies: 2

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