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Post anything and everything relating to veganism and vegetarianism in general. Posts which in any way promote dairy, egg, honey consumption etc. are most unwelcome here.

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Demand for another vegan donut shop in PDX Hi friends, I'm contemplating opening an all vegan donut shop in Portland, starting out as a food truck. Location unknown at this time. My big question is do you think there is enough demand to support another 100% vegan donut merchant, taking into account the several other shops that have vegan options? Doe Donuts offers quality all vegan donuts but they only have one location in the SE. Blue Star isn't all vegan & same w/ Voodoo. I will focus on making the donuts more unique with exciting flavor combinations plus savory options too. What donut options & features would you like to see offered? Any feedback is appreciated :-) Post Date: 05/19/18, Replies: 0 05/19/18 0
Research on a new veg cheese 4 projectwork Hello everyone! We are students of the Bologna Business School in Italy, working towards obtaining a Masters degree in Business Administration. We are carrying out a survey for a project work which has as its object the possible launch in the US market of a vegan cheese based on almonds and cashews and your opinion is very important for us. In specific, it is a type of product called "fermentino" and is obtained through a fermentation process of almonds and cashews, water, salt and natural ferments. We kindly ask you to dedicate a few minutes of your time to this questionnaire, which is totally anonymous.. All data will be used only for educational purposes. A huge thank you in advance for taking the time out of your day and answering these questions for us. Let's begin! Post Date: 05/19/18, Replies: 0 05/19/18 0
Best place to buy vegan meatballs? Hi used to get them from Sainsburys , but no more. Any help greatly appreciated ☺️ Post Date: 05/19/18, Replies: 1 05/19/18 1
Disapproving friends and family Hi i am Jess. I have resantly fully transitioned to veganism for health and wellbeing reasons aswell as animal cruelty. However my family dissaprove of this. I have tried to educate them about why i have gone vegan but they are not intrested in civil conversition and are very argumentative especially around meal times. Has anybody else experienced dissaproving parents? Post Date: 05/16/18, Replies: 1 05/16/18 1
Vegetarian Tax Hi everyone, new to the forum/site I've never really been much of a meat eater for two reasons. I don't like the way we treat meat and secondly I was never a fan of meat when I did eat it and I'd often go down the processed route which made me feel better because this stuff is usually not as wasteful as other types of meat in my opinion. Anyway I've had two stretches of vegetarianism one for 9 years and I'm currently on my 3.5 year stretch. I get a little confused about all the names/groups of vegetarianism but I believe I fall into the pescetarian although I don't each much fish (mainly tuna, haddock/cod). I'm an extremely fussy eater but love dairy products (this is also something I need to stop eating eventually when I figure out how). I'm in the supermarket the other day. Doing my normal checking of ingredients and I'm getting pretty upset with the way manufacturers show details about ingredients and if it is safe to eat. When it comes to gluten intolerance it seems high priority but for vegetarian friendly labels they are not only a problem to find (spend at least 10 minutes walking my eyes over noodle packets trying to find Veg safe badges). I'm getting sick of spending my time trying to work out what is safe and what is not. How do you cope? With regard to the noodles (Maggi curry noodles by Nestle) it was my wife that asked me if they were suitable. I said yes of course (I'd been eating them for years). Except, I couldn't find anywhere on the packaging that said they were safe. So I wrote to Nestle asking.. they responded: "Thank you very much for your communication. Unfortunately only our Maggi 3 minute Noodles Mushroom flavour are suitable for vegetarians." So I'd been eating meat noodles! So does that mean I'm not a vegetarian, does that mean that I have been my own cause of eating something against my will? I can't even work out what it is that contains meat: Noodles: Wheat flour Palm Oil Salt Flavour enhancer (Monosodium glutamate) Garlic Acidity Regulator (Potassium Carbonate) Stabiliser (Sodium Polyphosphate) Turmeric Flavour Sachet: Maltodextrin Curry Powder 17% (Turmeric, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, cyenne, ginger, cinnamon, aniseed, cardamon, garlic) Hydrolysed Soya Protein Flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate) suger spices (corriander, black pepper, ginger) vegetables (oinon, leek) flavouring garlic acidity regulator (citric acid) colour (ammonium caramel) sunflower oil May contain traces of milk, egg, celery, mustard and sesame. (Good to know shows: No hydrogenated vegetable oil) Also, how do you keep track of changes to products that used to be vegetarian safe but suddenly change? Stressed! Many thanks Dal1980 Post Date: 05/07/18, Replies: 2 05/07/18 2
Vegan with cat (food)? Alright, so I became a vegetarian around 3 yrs ago, and been vegan for about a year. I was turned (from being a voracious carnivore) by an intellectual argument with a friend (which I think, more than anything, just made me face what I already always knew). The intellectual questions I wrestled with after becoming vegetarian I eventually resolved by becoming vegan -- however the conundrum I am pondering now I am unable to resolve. And I am reminded of it every time I crack open a can of food for my two cats. Cats, unlike people, have clearly not evolved for a vegan diet. They are carnivores through and through. So to keep them, I must feed them meat, which I am only able to get, really, through industrial agriculture, as all cat food is made through the "byproducts" of this grizzly industry. So I essentially sustain the happiness of my cats through the suffering of other creatures. But what alternative is there, really? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, Andrey Post Date: 05/07/18, Replies: 28 05/07/18 28
Advice for beginning a vegan diet, please? Hi, everyone. I found this forum online and figured it might be a good place to come to for some beginners advice. I live with my mom and we've been working toward a vegan diet on and off for quite a while, but keeping hitting some roadblocks. First of all, my mom is diabetic, so recipes based on pasta or grains aren't exactly good for her as we transition into a healthier diet, which appear to be a staple in some of the recipes I'm coming across. I've also had to incorporate iron-rich foods recently as that's become a serious problem, as well. The cool thing is that we're using a lot of foods like spinach and spirulina, but it means that a slower transition into a vegan diet is probably better just to make sure that she actually gets without it being too difficult of a lifestyle change. The other major problem is that neither has an entire afternoon to cook, or the inclination to replace our entire fridge or pantry with vegan-friendly ingredients that, I'm sorry, will take some time to get a taste for, and my internet searches for easy vegan recipes apparently result in options with ingredients in the double digits, lots of spices that I'm never going to use (cayenne is not going to convince me that ANY recipe is awesome), and frankly, are way more complicated than I'd cook for a meat dish. I have nothing but respect for awesome people who think outside the box and come up with these great recipes that I would never think of in a million years, but I'm not a cook. Any meals I make generally involve casseroles (throw everything into a pan and it somehow turns out edible), chopped vegetables (and not the pretty diced ones that you see in photos) that I've sort of cooked on the store, or foods that I've lightly seasoned (with a prepackaged seasoning) and baked at 350-400 for half an hour to an hour....that's literally my general rule. It's possible that I'm being unfair to the recipes out there, but it definitely looks a little overwhelming. So I know how the foodies in the blog world do veganism, but I would like some actual not-cooking-person advice, keeping in mind that I'm moving in baby steps, here. Does anyone have any recipes recommendations for meals, or snacks, whatever, that only require a small number of ingredients and are easy to make for people who don't like/aren't blessed with cooking talent? Or am I the only one out there who finds the recipe world a bit overwhelming? Post Date: 05/07/18, Replies: 4 05/07/18 4
Is too much plant protein possible??? Hi all! I am vegan and have been constantly hearing about too much protein being bad lately, but I have even read a few articles about too much plant protein also being bad. I want to ask if anyone has any professional advice regarding this? For example, my breakfast is often chia, mixed seeds (including hemp), bee pollen, sometimes nuts and sometimes a few oats. I add fruit and dates sometimes and it's all with homemade almond milk. These are all things (except the fruit) that are high in protein. Could this be too much protein, even though it is all plant based?? There's so much conflicting advice these days! Thanks so much in advance :-) Emma Post Date: 05/06/18, Replies: 2 05/06/18 2
Tofu Prep Does anyone know = has tried = if soaking Tofu in a salt bath for 15 minutes is equal to the heavy press? A salt bath really involves so less prep and stuff. I don't like the idea of using paper towel because I am cheap and the kind I buy is bleached, Dollar Store stock, while I am also lazy and don't want to use my dish towels because I want to save on laundry. But, if the salt bath will compromise my tofu, I'll do the laundry and the work. Oh, its firm, silken Tofu. Don't know if that makes a difference. Post Date: 05/06/18, Replies: 5 05/06/18 5
Looking for friends Hello ! I became vegan like few days ago , I am regreting that I did not start with veganism earlier . It feels so right ! I am from Czechia . I can tell you about my country . I am looking for friends who understand veganism . Thank you for your comments Post Date: 04/27/18, Replies: 5 04/27/18 5
PIP Questionnaire on Veganism I am a year 12 student currently researching why people choose to become vegan/vegetarian for my Personal Interest Project for the HSC Society and Culture course. The questionnaire below is focused on my topic and aimed at vegans of all ages (above 10) and ethnicities. All questionnaires will remain anonymous. It would be really helpful if anyone could please fill it out (: This is the link: Post Date: 04/27/18, Replies: 1 04/27/18 1
Whole food diet as a teen Hello, I am 15 years old and I've been experimenting a lot with my cooking the past months. I have found that the lifestyle that makes me feel best, is eating mostly whole foods, no processed foods. My parents have a hard time with it since it's easier when we all eat the same, just bread, cheese, yoghurt etc and at diner vegetables, potatoes and meat. I really am not comfortable with it anymore and would rather do all the cooking without processed foods. I do understand it's hard for my family (financily) if I would eat something different at dinner and we have to cook twice then. I love making food and I do that for myself at midday and in the morning already, but at diner it's just too hard. My dad and brother will never choose a whole food lifestyle and my mom is starting to get irritated by it too. She doesn't want me to buy big bags of beans and vegetables etc (that would be cheaper than the little cans she used to buy me). I don't want to go back to processed now that I feel so good, and I don't want to bother my mother by having to buy so many different food for me while the rest of the house eats 'normal'. I explained it to hear and she understands my reasoning, but at this point she seems to find it too bothering (which I can comprehend). I wouldn't mind having to buy the food with my own money. However, I hoped maybe someone here has some different advice first. Are there maybe some other people with a whole food lifestyle, while the rest of your family doesn't? How do you manage this? Or if any one else has tips, I'd appreciate it very much Post Date: 04/17/18, Replies: 0 04/17/18 0
Humans need meat to survive..? Hello All I’m on my way to becoming a vegan mainly out of concern for animals. My whole life, I’ve loved animals. I walked in the countryside the other day and went crazy over the most adorable little lambs in the farmer’s field. I shook my head at myself thinking, ‘how absurd is this? Yes the lamb is cute - but you’re ok with that little lamb being murdered and you’d eat it!’ I’ve had no desire to eat meat since. I’m preparing for the backlash, when I tell people I’m going vegan. I recall one person telling me ages ago that should it be the case that humans did not eat meat and if meat was removed from the food chain, mankind would collapse. I don’t know how but I recall them being quite adamant and aggressive over this. Does anyone have any insight in to this? Could anyone give me an idea as to how to answer this if I am faced with this argument. It’s a shame that people sometimes aren’t able to make lifestyle choices without arguments and abuse. I have been in the company of vegetarians who have been given a hard time for this choice. I’ve always supported vegetarians when this has happened mainly by arguing, ‘what’s the problem? Why is this so offensive to you?!’ Thank you so much xx Post Date: 04/16/18, Replies: 2 04/16/18 2
New Vegan Help Hi, my partner and I recently went vegan about 3 months ago and we are absolutely loving how healthy, energized and guilt free we feel after every meal. The only real down side that I've found is that I've been experiencing joint pain. I've always been very thin so I'm no stranger to this but it feels like it has been increasing. I went to my doctor and he blamed it on a plant based diet, so while I'm in the process of finding a new doctor I'd like to know if anyone has any crulity free options? Most of our diet consists of veggies and grains with some fruit, tree nuts and beans (I'm very allergic to peanuts) and we take a B12 suppliment every day Post Date: 04/16/18, Replies: 4 04/16/18 4
We Want to Share Your Vegan Story Hi everyone, we are working on a campaign that will encourage more people to go vegan, make ethical fashion and plant-based diet choices. And we need some inspiring vegan stories for it. We believe by sharing real vegan life from real vegans makes a real difference. For more info please visit the link below Post Date: 04/05/18, Replies: 0 04/05/18 0
Vegetarian Confinement Food Delivery Hi All, You know of any vegetarian restaurant/ outlets provide Confinement food delivery?? Post Date: 04/04/18, Replies: 1 04/04/18 1
Problems with protein Hi all, i am brand new here and i thought i would share my frustrations and possibly seek advice. I’ve attempted to go vegetarian in the past and it seemed to be going well aside from my inability to get enough protein to make my body happy and a lack of variety of recipes i felt could be staples in my repertoire. I’m somewhat lactose intolerant and can only handle lactose-free dairy products and (actual) greek yogurt. I’m not a fan of any of the alternatives to milk aside from Ripple, but have found that pea-based protein causes my stomach major bloat and gas so that’s out. I hate lentils with a raging passion (i have tried to love them. REALLY tried. We aren't going to be friends). I can’t really eat a lot of beans because again, severe gas and bloating. Tofu and soy-based products worry me because my sister had breast cancer at 32 and i am close to her age, so I am at a higher risk and don’t want to overload my diet with soy everything. I also don’t want to eat a bunch of highly processed fake meat because i currently eat almost no processed food and would prefer not to start. I’m willing to keep fish in my life and be a lacto-ovo-pescatarian but I’m really pretty horrified by the industrial farming of animals and you just can’t find lactose-free products from small local farms that treat their animals well. I can get eggs from neighbors with happy backyard chickens so that isn’t an issue for me. Fish can be a touchy subject and i haven’t quite done the research on farm vs wild caught yet so I’m looking into that. Something else i have struggled with has been the plethora of vegetarian recipes that are either loaded with dairy or lentils or beans or peas or have spices and flavor bases i just cannot get behind. The second I see aromatics, i can’t do it. No fennel, no anise, no coriander, no cardamom. I have a very strong aversion that i have tried to overcome and can’t. I can’t even drink IPAs or earl grey tea. Anyone have words for me? I have a feeling i am waaaay overthinking this or perhaps there are tips/tricks i don’t know. Give me all your wisdoms! Thanks! Post Date: 04/04/18, Replies: 5 04/04/18 5
Is my Upcycled Furniture Vegan Friendly?? Hi Folks, I’ve been asked by a few potential customers if the up-cycled and re-cycled picture frames, furniture and random creations I come up with, most of which involve the use of reclaimed, drift wood and anything that I come across that doesn’t deserve to end up at the tip or on a bonfire, are Vegan / Vegan friendly? But after a bit of Cyber space searching, so that I can get back to them, I still have not a clue, about my products being acceptable, other than checking any paint that I use hasn’t been made with Milk protein binder or that the wax isn't Beeswax Hence my wanting to ask those who would know or be able to point me in the right direction for finding out ? Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated, Wayne Post Date: 04/04/18, Replies: 0 04/04/18 0
OCD Problems. I recently read the article about mice & other small creatures being killed during when crops are picked by the machines & I feel guilty when I haven’t done anything wrong I really need advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about thanks!. Post Date: 04/04/18, Replies: 1 04/04/18 1
living wiv meat eaters might be bad for me So Ive been Vegan for a year now and i love it, its the best desision ive ever made. But I live in an area where there are almost no vegans, I go to a Agricultual college And board with Farmers and gamekkeepers. Im used to getting sh*t from them and I know theyre not being melisious or anything, theyre good people (ish). But my main problem is when I go home. My family are all meat eaters (and wonderful people I dont know what Id do without them). When theyre talking about what they want to eat for dinner (meat) I have to leave the room to either cry or start hyperventilating. Im not exactly sure whats making me freek out so much. I think it scares me how the people I love dont seem to care about somthing so herific to me. Im not the sort of person who can express their fears to their family easily. Im worried I may dovelop anxiety or somthing over this because I have no one who understands how I feel to talk to. Help? Post Date: 04/01/18, Replies: 4 04/01/18 4
Going Vegan tomorrow, any help/advice? Tomorrow I'm waking up early and beginning my lifestyle as a vegan. Anyone have any good advice for making the transition? Or some easy recipes I can try to start off? I work a 9-5 job so the hardest part will probably be the cooking aspect... Thanks for checking out my post, I hope to hear back from some of you soon! Post Date: 04/01/18, Replies: 5 04/01/18 5
Family suppot Has anyone have problems with family suppot? Does they accept your choice? Post Date: 04/01/18, Replies: 1 04/01/18 1
Getting Other People to Be Veg*an? Greetings, I have a question--have any of you here successfully gotten someone else to become a vegetarian or a vegan? The reason I ask is because that is one of the most powerful ways to make the world better, for so many reasons, but yet once one is a vegan, then to multiply the positive effect one has on this world due to not eating meat and other animal products, one kind of has to spread the message and convince others to follow. Of course, there are all too many people who aren't very receptive to this message, even a lot of people who I would consider to otherwise be quite liberal and willing to change their lifestyle. So for those of you who have found success, what did you do? I am guessing one thing that helps is connecting more to people's hearts, which can be a bit difficult for someone like me in the scientific community (just all the facts about veganism is good enough for me--for example, with meat production being a huge generator of greenhouse gases, or even the antibiotic resistance caused by the meat industry would by themselves be almost sufficient for me to become vegetarian or vegan if I were somehow still eating meat). But most people aren't convinced that easily. (What got me to originally be a vegetarian at age 18 was simply losing my appetite at the thought of animals being slaughtered, but I didn't really have much appetite for meat beforehand, so I can't fully empathize with those who might like meat but otherwise understand our message.) So, I am a bit frustrated that I haven't yet changed anybody to become vegan. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps there are only a few of us who are good enough at leading to really touch others in a big way like this. For now, I do a lot of small things, including bringing in good foods like fruits and nuts for the break room table at work for people to snack on (though that's also to offset the junk food that coworkers sometimes bring in) and take people to vegetarian/vegan restaurants when they visit or otherwise want to meet up with me (and of course recommend those restaurants (and various foods/dishes) to people I might not normally eat with). Obviously, I contribute vegan food whenever there's a food drive as well. Any thoughts? Thanks! Post Date: 04/01/18, Replies: 14 04/01/18 14
Vegan & Cruelty Free Health & Beauty Hi all, I just wanted to share with you all my perfect find. Doesn't look like this business has been open long but it looks fantastic and the products are amazing, I have ordered twice from them now and the customer service they provide is second to none. The web page is and can be found on social media @veautyuk. Their products are all Vegan and Cruelty free with one postage fee below a £30 spend but spend over £30 and it's free delivery! It comes excellently presented and with a hand written note from the owner (who is also Vegan). I ordered the White rabbit night cream and the White Rabbit Olive & Avocado cell renewal serum in my first order and in my second order the Human+Kind Orange Body Wash, FRUU lip balm and Bubbly Badger bath bombs, The bath bombs smell great! Just wanted to share this with you all as there isn't much about veagn beauty product on here or online for that matter. Hope you find this useful. Post Date: 03/31/18, Replies: 0 03/31/18 0
Vegan Beauty Products! Hello guys, Hope everyone here is doing great so far. I need your help and suggestion. I am looking for a Vegan Beauty Products. Which vegan products do use mate? Can you share your tips with me. However, I heard a lot about "Ardent Vegan Products" and also used it over 3 months. Overall, I am happy to use this. But I would like to know about vegan beauty products too. I will wait for your reply. Thanks! Post Date: 03/31/18, Replies: 2 03/31/18 2
Vegan Dogs - Vegan Dog Food Is anyone raising their dog(s) vegan? I'd love to hear about your experience. I'm thinking about getting a dog but I cringe thinking of all the meat products, raw hide bones, etc. If you have a vegan dog, or tried it and then switched back to regular food, please tell me about your experience. Did you start her/him on vegan dog food as a puppy? or as adult? How did she/he make the transition from regular (meat) dog food? Did you gradually switch from regular to vegan food? If so, over what period of time? What brand of vegan dog food do you recommend? Did you try many types of vegan dog food, which did you stick with and why? Post Date: 03/29/18, Replies: 21 03/29/18 21
What I hate about being Vegan So, a vegetarian for over 10 years here. Vegan for over a year and though I am a fervent sustainability advocate I have to say there are some things I just get angry about... You see first off I always feel like being vegan is like being a Nazi or a pedoph. when you accidentally public speak out about your choice to not eat meat people jump on you as though it's evil! "So, you think you're better than...." "So, I'm supposed to feel bad for eating meat???" "You're not one of those crazy animal rights protesting types, are you?" And that's just from spilling on not eating meat, when you talk about not eating whey, honey, milk and eggs people ask you... "do you hug trees?" And many other annoying things. Furthermore, what drives me insane at times is fake vegetarian or vegan branding: "e631" is not vegetarian, neither is whey or mono- and diglycerides. I just want to go up to the head offices of these brands and throw rotten eggs at them, I just get so incredibly angry when I think about it! Last but not least other vegans or vegetarians who when they quit immediately eat the most ethically abominable things like lamb or whatever. I just get so angry at times. Being a vegetarian is not a phase or a trend it's a part of my life! O.k. well sorry if I offended anybody. But please go on and help yourself. I donate to many NGO's that neglect environmentalism, but sometimes people around me just drive me crazy. Furthermore, I stand by anybody who is vegetarian even for one day, but still sometimes just get angry!!! Post Date: 03/27/18, Replies: 26 03/27/18 26

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