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Vegetarian Hotel Stays Around the World Looking for an all vegetarian Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Hostel, or Vacation Rental? Currently with listings in 65 Countries covering every Continent and Major Island Area. Happy Veg Travels!! Post Date: 12/29/15, Replies: 4 12/29/15 4
Vegan THC edibles in amsterdam? Hi everyone, I am going to amsterdam this november and was wondering if anyone knows about coffee shops selling vegan space cakes/brownie/cookies? I've looked online but haven't found anything for now :( I'm desperate - please help mee :) Post Date: 12/09/17, Replies: 3 12/09/17 3
Vegan in Machico, Madeira Hello, first of all I'd like to say I'm on mobile and have no option to search the forum. Also i have no way to get to the forum without going through the add a listing procedure for veg option places and rejecting it. Now to business. I'm staying in Machico and found it hard to find options to eat that were not in Funchal. Funchal is about 10 miles away so in Happycow terms that must mean it's too close to add any non vegan only places. But some people might not have the luxury to travel even 10 miles. But just so anyone else can find it. Yesterday I ate at MareAltea at the boulevard and they had vegan soup and vegan vegetarian dish. Today I'm having a cheeseless pizza just a little further into town at pizza cafe. So far the only vegan options I found. Post Date: 11/28/17, Replies: 2 11/28/17 2
Estonian real life I plan to live in Tallinn,Estonia and need for it supervising commentators about estonian real life.Like where is it possible to do find a job and what their4 prices are,that sort of stuff.Local estonians,any1? Post Date: 11/27/17, Replies: 0 11/27/17 0
More Per Capita Veg Restaurants Recently I posted US States and Canadian Province per capita vegetarian and vegan restaurant stats based on Happy Cow listings: Now I'll do this for Europe. Most countries should have reasonably good listings. European Countries Ranked from First to Last for Veg Restaurants per Million People (vegan and vegetarian only, nothing just listed "vegetarian friendly"). (Note that here, countries with less than 100,000 aren't listed.) Iceland 20.8* Czech Republic 17.8 UK 14.6 Austria 14.6 Portugal 14.0 Sweden 14.0 Malta 13.9* Luxembourg 12.9* Lithuania 11.7 Switzerland 10.6 Estonia 10.2 Slovakia 10.1 Netherlands 10.0 Finland 9.9 Ireland 9.5 Spain 9.3 Belgium 8.6 Germany 8.4 Italy 7.8 Denmark 7.6 Hungary 6.8 Poland 6.3 Croatia 5.9 Latvia 5.4 France 5.3 Norway 5.3 Cyprus 4.3 Greece 3.5 Bulgaria 3.4 Macedonia 2.8 Romania 1.7 Serbia 1.2 Kosovo 1.1 Ukraine 1.0 Russia 1.0 Bosnia & Herzegovina 0.8 Albania 0.6 Moldova 0.6 Belarus 0.4 * Extrapolated due to population below 1 million. Obviously, the lowest values are in the east (even counting Mediterranean countries, values increase towards the west). Some other countries for comparison: Singapore 98.8 (this city-state really is impressive with its veg restaurants) Taiwan 24.3 Australia 22.8 New Zealand 21.5 Canada 14.8 US 7.1 Japan 2.8 South Korea 1.8 China 0.5 (but may be under-reported) Post Date: 11/02/17, Replies: 2 11/02/17 2
Eating around Salvation Mountain I will in the next weeks spend a few days around Salvation Mountain in California, the place from Leonard Knight. Anyone experience of going there, any suggestions on food or other interesting things to share about it? I can't find anything close around with HC, now it looks like being in the middle of nowhere in any case... As it looks now, it looks like I better take food with me from LA, since I don't go till Mexicali where it looks like there are some Vegan restaurants as well. Thanks! Post Date: 10/12/17, Replies: 0 10/12/17 0
Per Capita Veg Restaurants in US/Canada Time to geek out! Here are the veg restaurants per million people for various US states and (all) Canadian provinces. There are some surprises. Note that I only used what Happy Cow lists as vegan or vegetarian restaurants (no veg-friendly restaurants or any stores). First, the US vs. Canada as a whole: US: 7.1 veg restaurants per million people Canada: 14.8 veg restaurants per million people--Canada wins handily with almost double the value of the US! Now the top 10 US states: (DC, while not a state, has (extrapolated due to having fewer than a million people) 41.8 veg restaurants per million people) 1. Hawaii 28.6 2. Oregon 23.6 3. Vermont 19.2 (extrapolated) 4. New York 14.1 (largely due to NYC, which has over 200 veg restaurants--upstate has a significant lower amount per capita) 5. California 12.7 (surprised this is lower than New York, but see NYC comment above) 6. Massachusetts 11.9 7. Washington 11.7 8. New Hampshire 11.2 9. New Jersey 9.9 10. Maine 9.8 Anyone surprised these are all Pacific or Northeastern states? Not me! Now the bottom 10 in the US: 1. South Dakota 0 (the only state with no veg restaurant) 2. Mississippi 1.0 3. Kansas 1.0 (this isn't actually tied with Mississippi, I just only include to one decimal point) 4. Louisiana 1.1 5. North Dakota 1.3 6. Alabama 1.6 7. Wyoming 1.7 8. Oklahoma 2.3 9. Arkansas 2.4 10. Minnesota 2.4 (surprisingly low) Thus, the Plains States and (mainly western) parts of the Southeast rank lowest. One state that should be higher is Colorado (5.3 veg restaurants per million people), which is actually below average for the US. They should have more given that people are generally health-conscious, and at least parts of the state are quite progressive. Now a listing of the Canadian provinces: Yukon 53.6 (Note that Yukon only has 37000 people. There are 2 veg restaurants listed, but being spaced far apart, that would hardly make Yukon a veg mecca.) British Columbia 24.5 Ontario 17.3 Quebec 12.9 New Brunswick 10.6 (extrapolated) Nova Scotia 9.6 (extrapolated) Alberta 8.6 Prince Edward Island 6.8 (extrapolated) Saskatchewan 6.2 Newfoundland & Labrador 5.7 (extrapolated) Manitoba 3.9 Northwest Territories & Nunavut have 0. Canada's provinces with major urban centers do best, but even the prairie provinces do much better than their central US counterparts. Hopefully the numbers for both countries will continue to increase! 4. Post Date: 10/10/17, Replies: 0 10/10/17 0
Vegan on a Japanese school trip? I just started taking Japanese, and I know that there's going to be a trip at the end of senior year (im a junior rn). The only problem with this is I know they aren't accommodating with vegan diets, there was this one incident last year where they had to eat a meal at the school, and there was a yogurt in the meal. One of the kids then explained that he was lactose intolerant, and that he'd feel really sick the whole day if he drank it. He promptly was told he had to be respectful so he eventually chocked it down and let it reign havoc on his insides. I'm not sure if I should just try to eat as vegan as possible and occasionally have something with animal products (only if it's given to me). I don't want to be a pain in the ass and ask the teachers for special treatment (heck they didn't even care when the guy had allergies) but I also know I'll feel [censored]ty if I eat animal products. What should I do? Post Date: 10/02/17, Replies: 1 10/02/17 1
Vegan pancakes in Ao Nang I know it's kind of a long shot but does anybody know any places in Ao NAng where i could get pancakes? Post Date: 10/01/17, Replies: 0 10/01/17 0
New to Melbourne :) Heya! I am a student moving from Malaysia to Melbourne for studies. I adopted this plant-based diet (mostly vegetarian) few months back and I absolutely love it. Will slowly transition myself to a vegan lifestyle in near future hopefully! However, at the moment I am pretty scared that I will have problems making new friends in Melbourne U due to my diet. Any advice on this issue? :) Post Date: 09/17/17, Replies: 3 09/17/17 3
Studying Abroad as a Vegan Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you have ever studied abroad as a vegan. I've been thinking about going to Australia, but I'm nervous because of having to deal with a host family that are not vegan. If you guys have any tips or comments for me that would be wonderful! Post Date: 09/08/17, Replies: 6 09/08/17 6
New member into this community! Hello mate, I am newbie here. I just joined into this community. Though I am a non-vegetarian. But trying to be vegetarian. Please accept me guys. Thanks! Post Date: 09/07/17, Replies: 0 09/07/17 0
Vegan Friendly All Inclusive Resort Hotel? Hi everyone! I'm looking to book a holiday for next summer somewhere in the mediterranean (Spain, Greece, Cyprus etc). I'd like to find an all inclusive hotel that is vegan friendly (i'd settle for somewhere that just labels what is suitable for vegans on the buffet). Has anyone had any luck in finding somewhere like this? The usual travel agents (Thomson / First Choice / Thomas Cook) are pretty useless when it comes to providing information about the food served at the hotels they have. I'd prefer to support a establishment that has veganism on their radar than just any old hotel. Thanks! Post Date: 08/23/17, Replies: 2 08/23/17 2
Eating vegan while in New Zealand I have been in New Zealand for over a month and have mostly had to make do with making meals from scratch as the small town I am staying in does not cater well for vegans. I am soon going to be travelling around New Zealand, in both the North and South Island. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for places to eat in Kaikoura, Christchurch, Auckland, the Coromandel, Rotorua, Matamata, Taupo and Hamilton or in any places near these cities/towns. I would also like some recommendations for vegan foods you can buy in supermarkets, both specifically vegan-made foods and ones that are accidentally vegan as many of the brands I am accustomed to are very expensive due to import tax. Thanks for your help! Post Date: 08/18/17, Replies: 0 08/18/17 0
Place to stay in Rochester, NY Hi! I am vegan and I am looking for a place to stay while I study at NTID for 7 days. As most vegan, I am a starved student. I hope to stay at a cheap place or a campground nearby. Any advice would be great. Thanks! Post Date: 08/01/17, Replies: 2 08/01/17 2
DISNEY WORLD, Fl. I have been a vegetarian since I was about 8, and am now transitioning into vegan. Travelling as a vegetarian in US is easy, because you can always find pizza or a grilled cheese sandwich. I am going to Disney in October (during Food and Wine fest!!!) and am curious to know if Vegans have any advice / suggestions for a Disney World Trip. Thanks! Post Date: 07/29/17, Replies: 2 07/29/17 2
Vegan/Green spots in Berlin For those interested in finding the best vegan / vegetarian / green spots in Berlin, the vegan capital of Europe, we just published a travel guide 'Going Green in Berlin' on It has over 75 eco hotspots, from yoga to fair fashion and visionary urban gardens; unique nightlife haunts included! Some of my favorite places: - Daluma (Prenzlauerberg) - Liquid Garden (Prenzlauerberg) - SOY (Mitte) - Café Haferkater (Friedrichshain) - No Milk Today (Kreuzberg) - Let it Be (Neukölln) If you're interested in more, check out the guide: Post Date: 07/12/17, Replies: 0 07/12/17 0
East Maryland DC area On a recent trip to Andrews AFB I tried many of the vegan cafes and eateries in the East Maryland/DC area. If you are craving veg soul and comfort food you're getting hooked up. This place has it happening for fried chikn, Mac n cheese, collard greens and lasagna. I was not disappointed at any of the establishments. Post Date: 07/11/17, Replies: 1 07/11/17 1
Vegan explanatory card in 83 languages!! No more Vegan confusion when traveling. These V Cards explain the needs of a Vegan Diet in 83 different languages, including; Afrikaans / Albanian / Arabic / Armenian / Azerbaijani / Basque / Belarusian / Bengali / Bosnian / Bulgarian / Cambodian / Catalan / Cebuano / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional) / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / English / Esperanto / Estonian / Filipino / Finnish / French / Galacian / Georgian / German / Greek / Guajarati / Haitian Creole / Hausa / Hebrew / Hindi / Hmong / Hungarian / Icelandic / Igbo / Indonesian / Irish / Italian / Japanese / Javanese / Kannada / Khmer / Korean / Lao / Latin / Latvian / Lithuanian / Macedonian / Malay / Maltese / Maori / Marathi / Mongolian / Mongolian / Nepali / Norwegian / Persian / Polish / Portuguese / Punjabi / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swahili / Swedish / Tamil / Teluga / Thai / Turkish / Ukrainian / Urdu / Vietnamese / Welsh / Yiddish / Yoruba / Zulu Simply hand this card to your Server, Chef or Host in their prospective language! Trouble with the pronunciation, try plugging the text from any of the languages into Google Translate or any other online audio pronunciation guide. Download or Print - Happy Vegan Travels!! Post Date: 07/10/17, Replies: 9 07/10/17 9
Vegan/vegetarian food option in Thailand Hi, I am planning to travel thailand and wanted to ask if we get good option of Vegan/vegetarian food ? Please advise and share whats your experience. Post Date: 06/30/17, Replies: 4 06/30/17 4
Greenland — Nuuk city Hi fellow vegans, I'm about to get for a quite long period (6-8 weeks) to live in Nuuk — Greenland. The place is not even registred on HappyCow… just to give you an idea of how I'm feeling desperate. I'm afraid every single thing is going to be very expensive in local stores as I'm going to have to buy imported stuff — such as vegetables cans and tons of lentils. I'm very concern about climate change too and used to try to eat 0km food, so that I'm even more desperate. I was wandering if some of you already had to live that much in the north of the globe, in Iceland for exemple, or Danemark maybe? If yes, do you have any advices or recommandation? Thanks a lot! Love Gwennie Post Date: 06/28/17, Replies: 2 06/28/17 2
Vegans in Tallin Hi, two vegans from Barcelona going on holiday to Tallin in August. Any tips? sb would like to have a coffee with us? Thank you! Post Date: 06/23/17, Replies: 0 06/23/17 0
Vegan in Helsinki Hi, two vegans from Barcelona going on holiday to Helsinki in July. Any tips? sb would like to have a coffee with us. Thank you! Post Date: 06/23/17, Replies: 0 06/23/17 0
Hungary - Vegan-friendly local beer? Hi, I’m travelling to Budapest in a few weeks and will be staying there for 7 days. Does anybody know if there are any vegan-friendly Hungarian beers? only lists 9 and 8 of them are from one company. Thanks. Kind Regards, nameuser Post Date: 06/21/17, Replies: 0 06/21/17 0
Good/Bad Cities for Veg Restaurants-Lists! I thought it would be fun to make a top 10 list of notable or surprisingly good (though not necessarily the "10 best") cities for vegan and vegetarian restaurants--and a top 5 list of surprisingly disappointing cities. You may disagree--this is just my opinion (interspersed with some "geek data"): Surprisingly Good and Bad Cities (US and World) for Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants A lot of vegetarian publications have released lists of cities that are great for vegans or vegetarians. Here is my take on some great cities and then some that are disappointing for vegan/vegetarian restaurants. Note that I use the Happy Cow tally of vegan and vegetarian restaurants (but not "vegetarian-friendly" restaurants) for each city, which may not always be complete. My list of great cities does overlap some of the published lists out there, but I have listed some cities with more vegan/vegetarian restaurants than most would expect, and I have left out some of the stereotypical vegan destinations, like Portland or Seattle, since those are not really surprising. 10 Notable or Surprisingly Great Cities for Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants 1. Singapore: 496 Singapore is truly a haven for vegans and vegetarians. This is the city in the world with the most vegan and vegetarian restaurants on Happy Cow (though I suspect some cities in India would have more that are unlisted). Obviously, Indian and Chinese food are the most common cuisines at the vegan/vegetarian restaurants, but there are other cuisines represented, including Italian and MIddle-Eastern and mixed-cuisine/fusion. Fortunately, one can easily find local Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes (such as laksa or sambal goreng tempeh), including at some of the Indian and Chinese vegan/vegetarian restaurants. One great thing is that in many cases, restaurant food is quite cheap in Singapore, especially compared with the overall cost of living. If for some reason you run out of places to eat in Singapore, Johor Bauru, just across the border in Malaysia has 61 additional vegan/vegetarian restaurants. 2. London, United Kingdom: 221 London has 221 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, which is more than any city outside of Asia. London has a large diversity of cuisines represented at these restaurants as well, including Indian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Italian, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Caribbean and Spanish, among others. These restaurants are well distributed around London, covering nearly all parts of town. 3. New York, New York, USA: 211 New York City has not only more vegan and vegetarian restaurants than any other US city (to be expected with its very large population), but it has more per capita than many other US cities, including all of the other top ten largest US cities (even Los Angeles). Of major US cities, only Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin and Washington, DC have more per capita than NYC (they are not included in this list as they are already well-known stomping grounds for vegans and vegetarians). The vegan/vegetarian restaurants aren't as well distributed as London as almost 90% are in either Manhattan or Brooklyn (none are in Staten Island). There is more certainly excellent variety, from the various ethnic restaurants (including a vegan Korean restaurant) and prominent vegan American restaurants like Candle Cafe and Blossom. 4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: 119 This city is often left out of vegan/vegetarian friendly city lists, but with 119 restaurants on the list, this is probably #1 among cities in developing nations, outside of India. This is even more impressive since often in developing counties, the list on Happy Cow is less likely to be complete. While the diversity of cuisines is less than in most cities as most of the restaurants here are Vietnamese, the great range vegan/vegetarian dishes in Vietnam does a good job at making up for this. In addition, there is a huge amount of tropical fruits, including easy access to fruits that are rarely seen in most Western countries. 5. Paris, France: 94 Yes, I dare say it, Paris is a vegetarian and (perhaps especially) vegan mecca! Not only are there 94 vegetarian places (41 are all vegan, giving an unusually high ratio of vegan-to-vegetarian restaurants), there is quite a variety of cuisines represented, including French, Italian, burger joints, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and even Turkish. France is really improving from its previous meat and cheese-loving culture, as it now has 297 vegan/vegetarian restaurants with over 100 cities, towns and suburbs represented. 6. Bogotá, Colombia: 79 This is number one among Spanish-speaking cities, beating out Mexico City (75), Lima (68), Buenos Aires (62), Madrid (56) and Barcelona (53). Bogotá is in the Andes, and the Andes arguably has the best vegan and vegetarian food in South America due to its greater use of grains and vegetables. Due to the varying terrain, Colombia has so many different climates for growing fruits, and many restaurants have "exotic" juices like lulo or maracuyá. One note of caution, like in a number of other Latin American cities, many vegan/vegetarian restaurants are only open for lunch, not dinner, so one must search a bit harder for that vegan evening meal. 7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 58 This is number one among cities in the Middle East (plus neighboring city/emirate Sharjah has 8 more). The reason is the large Indian population. However, there are also vegan/vegetarian Chinese, Italian and Western restaurants as well. One cuisine missing from this list? Middle-Eastern. One can easily find vegan/vegetarian Middle-Eastern dishes here, but no vegan/vegetarian restaurant listed is dedicated to any of the Middle-Eastern cuisines. 8. Leicester, United Kingdom: 54 Leicester is an ethnically diverse city with a large Indian population, approximately 28%, and many of the vegetarian restaurants are Indian. While there is a great number of vegetarian restaurants, there are actually no vegan restaurants listed for this city. There is one vegetarian restaurant for every 6,000 people here, which is possibly the highest among sizable Western cities. 9. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 14 This is really impressive for Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is a country where traditionally almost everything ever eaten contained meat or dairy, and until the 21st Century, apparently even lettuce was considered rare and exotic. Awhile back (perhaps 2010 or so), Loving Hut lead the way, and now there are 7 Loving Huts there, which means there are 7 additional restaurants serving no meat. There are two other Loving Huts in smaller Mongolian towns, but obviously this is a country where if you venture much outside of Ulaanbaatar and want vegan/vegetarian food, you better pack well. 10. Asheville, North Carolina, USA: 11 Anyone who knows Asheville will not be the least bit surprised that this vegetarian-friendly enclave in the Southern Appalachians frequently makes top 10 lists for vegetarian friendly cities. What is notable is that this is the only city or town in the United States with fewer than 100,000 people to have ten or more vegan/vegetarian restaurants (though Indian hot spot Artesia, California comes close with 9). With 11 restaurants, this is as many as the entire state of Minnesota. On a per-capita basis, there is one vegan/vegetarian restaurant for every 8,000 people. 5 Notable or Surprisingly Disappointing Cities for Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants 1. El Paso, Texas, USA: 0 This is the largest city in the United States (approaching 700,000 people) to have no vegan or vegetarian restaurants. Hopefully somebody can find the energy and finances to start one (a healthy Mexican vegan restaurant would be great). However, hop across the border to Juarez, and you can find two (one all-vegan, one vegetarian, though oddly neither of these appear to serve Mexican food). 2. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA: 6 In fairness, St. Paul has three, and exurb Otsego has one, resulting in a total of 10 in the greater Minneapolis area. That's still not much for a sizable metropolitan area, especially one with a considerable number of health-conscious people. And looking at Minnesota, the entire state only has 13 (the average US state has 43). Does cold weather somehow inhibit vegan and vegetarian restaurants from opening? Perhaps, but don't tell that to the people in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (see #9 in the "great" list), which is the coldest national capital city in the world. 3. Geneva, Switzerland: 6 For such an international city (though in some ways, it's kind of a small town), Geneva could do much better with its restaurants. Add to that the fact that eating out (and almost everything else) is very expensive, this definitely isn't the best place to wine and dine vegan or vegetarian style. 4. Denver, Colorado, USA: 7 7? Is that all? For a city as liberal and health-conscious as Denver? There really is no good explanation for this. Denver has a small fraction of vegan/vegetarian restaurants versus what you would get in similarly-sized cities like Portland (60) or Seattle (42), albeit these are obvious well-known vegan havens. Note that four suburbs do have a vegetarian or vegan restaurant (Aurora, Englewood, Glendale, Lakewood), and up the road in Boulder, not surprisingly there are 5, but Colorado only has 30 in the entire state (below the average listed above of 43, and we're comparing apples with apples, since Colorado has a state population that is near the national average for a state). Denver definitely needs more vegan/vegetarian restaurants. 5. Frankfurt, Germany: 10 Frankfurt does make double-digits here, but compared to Berlin, which is world-class for vegans and vegetarians (159 vegan/vegetarian restaurants), the much more conservative financial center forces one to look a little harder for good vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Two nearby suburbs do have a vegetarian restaurant, and a little farther away, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt each offer multiple options. Frankfurt is definitely no "vegan hellhole"; it is just not particularly inspiring. Post Date: 06/04/17, Replies: 2 06/04/17 2
East Maryland DC area On a recent trip to Andrews AFB I tried many of the vegan cafes and eateries in the East Maryland/DC area. If you are craving veg soul and comfort food you're getting hooked up. This place has it happening for fried chikn, Mac n cheese, collard greens and lasagna. I was not disappointed at any of the establishments. Post Date: 06/03/17, Replies: 0 06/03/17 0
Looking for a travel buddy - UK & Europe I would love to meet up with someone to travel together in the month of November 2013. Places to visit: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Germany/ Austria. I'm originally from Singapore currently living in NZ, a fun loving gal who doesn't drink (no hangovers!) and am a vego. I know, it's kinda hard to find a companion of such - thot i'll just try my luck anyhow ;-) Post Date: 06/01/17, Replies: 2 06/01/17 2

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