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Post your vegetarian travel experiences, findings, and tips. Recommend a vegetarian-friendly destination or favorite place.
Or ask about your travel concerns.

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Melbourne Hello :-) I'll soon be moving to Melbourne for a couple of months and I would like to aks, if anybody knows some vegan/vegetarian events where I can meet with other equal minded people :D kind regards Cecilia Post Date: 01/03/16, Replies: 1
Airline vegan food review Copy of what I just sent to Delta: THIS IS FOR THE CATERING COMPANY FOR DELTA #1551 MSP-LAS Thank you for offering a "Vegetarian (Pure)" VGML meal on this flight. However, if I wanted to eat a bland, boring, insipid "grilled veggie sandwich", I could have brought it onto the plane from any number of restaurants in the airport. You should be ashamed of offering this "meal" in first class. Lettuce on a plain whole wheat bun with 2 slices each of zucchini and yellow squash topped off with a slice of grilled red onion. Dry, no condiments, nothing else. "Salad": 10 cherry tomatoes cut in half along with maybe 10 quarter round slices of cucumber covered in some greasy oil (dressing?). I guess the 2 slices of cantaloupe and pineapple were supposed to be "dessert" Pathetic! Here's an idea: Take whatever the non-vegan meal is and make it vegan. So, instead of the ham and cheese sandwich offered to others, you could use vegan ham slices (they exist - go shopping at Whole Foods to see the variety of manufacturers) and vegan cheese slices (such as Daiya). Other choice was some sort of white rice and chicken dish. VERY easy to veganize: brown rice (using vegetable broth) and either Gardein or Beyond Meat grilled "chix" strip/breast. See, no need to use the grilled veggies in either of these entrees. May I suggest to the "chef" in the company that they get a vegan cookbook and use those recipes instead of using the brain-dead, stuck in the '50s ones I got last night for "dinner". I refuse to eat grilled veggie sandwiches in restaurants, and I certainly didn't eat it on the plane. I had a bag of the cranberry blueberry crunch things, about 30 little bags of peanuts and the fruit slices instead. Post Date: 01/03/16, Replies: 2
Vegan Christmas Dinner in Prague 24.12.201 Hey! Can someone suggest a good place to go for a vegan Christmas Dinner in Prague? I've been looking at the different restaurants, but none of them have exactly made an impression nor do I know if they're even open on 24th... I'll be there in a hostel, but won't definitely mind joining a group who'd want to cook vegan! So both vegan restaurant recommendations or possibility to join other vegans are welcome! :-) Post Date: 12/12/15, Replies: 0
9 things vegans do before travelling I've put together some handy tips for all vegan travellers! Check them out on the link below! Do you have any others??? bit.ly/1NAekbt Post Date: 11/24/15, Replies: 3
Vegan and Vegetarian Festivals Does anyone know of a list of Veg Fests around the world? If not, can we start one here? If you could list the name of the festival, the location, the month it typically takes place in, and a website if you have it, we can create a master list. It would be fun to visit places and see different veg fests around the world. Post Date: 11/23/15, Replies: 6
Blog about travelling around Europe as Veg Hi, Currently my girlfriend and I are interrailing around Europe while staying vegan as we do it. We decided we'd keep a blog while we did it, to help ua remember the experience and to give tips to any other vegan travellers some tips. So if you're interested give it a read: thesearchforhoumous.wordpress.com Thanks Post Date: 11/20/15, Replies: 1
Omg Georgia! I'm moving from California (international cuisine heaven) to Georgia (need I say more?) & I have this very large (& justifiable) fear that I'll never eat healthy again! Alternatively, I guess I could start my own restaurant, but it would definitely have to cater to Southern tastes, at least in the beginning. (This is assuming that it's even possible to get one off the ground.) Ideas? Post Date: 11/06/15, Replies: 2
survival traveling in Texas I travel the entire state of Texas for work. I'm not happy with Burger King's Veggie Burger (no taste and not vegan), but I used to believe that was all there was on the road - until my wife found the Whatavegan. Whataburger is a huge chain of fast food stores around the southern US. They can make a Whataburger with hash brown sticks in place of the meat patty. Leave the mayo and cheese off and this is about as vegan as it gets out away from the cities. I get storage looks, but they usually do their best to take care of me. Does anyone have any other ideas for keeping vegan on the road? Post Date: 11/05/15, Replies: 2
Pamela Anderson's favorite LA eateries +Pam Anderson's favorite L.A. vegan food+ Pamela Anderson is known worldwide for her tireless fight to end animal cruelty via her work with groups like PETA. Naturally, she is vegan. Anderson is also an avowed lover of Los Angeles, so we thought it might be interesting to see where the actress is eating out these days (or at least sending out her assistant to grab something for her). Look for more clues about where Anderson eats (and plays) in her forthcoming reality show for E! Networks, entitled "Pam: Girl on the Loose." The series premieres Sunday, August 3 on E! Eating vegan works for Pam, maybe it'll work for others. Here is one way to get the body that Pam built. From Anderson: "Aside from keeping up with my kids, I don't exercise much, so I credit my veggie diet for my good health. Los Angeles is the easiest place in the world to eat vegan. A lot of people know about the great meatless entrees at Real Food Daily and Newsroom Cafe, but there are some other places that have very unique menus." See Anderson's less-than-obvious vegan restaurant choices in L.A. below: 1. Flore Vegan Cuisine - Silver Lake / Echo Park http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=11631 You've never - even when you ate meat - eaten a Rueben sandwich as rich and yummy as the one Flore cooks up. 2. Madeline Bistro - Tarzana http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=5279 Beet tartare to beat the band and you don't have to like beets! And vegan chocolate soufflé. 3. Astro Burger - Hollywood http://www.astroburger.com/ If you are a fast food junkie you can always count on the Astro Burger on Melrose near Paramount Studios for veggie chili dogs and soy chicken fajitas. 4. Pure Luck - East Hollywood (Thai Town) http://www.happycow.net/reviews.php?id=12016 Fried pickles, vegan sloppy joes and BBQ sandwiches. And they cook with jack fruit, which is an amazing fruit they use to make the mock meat tangy. At - http://theguide.latimes.com/profiles/3697/lists/169685 ------------------------------------------------- Ecorazzi's added note - http://www.ecorazzi.com/2008/07/07/pamela-anderson-reveals-favorite-vegan-restaurants/ Don't live in the Hollywood? No worries! Visit happycow.net and find your local vegetarian restaurant! Happy eating! ------------------------------------------------- Thank you ecorazzi ! ! ! Post Date: 11/03/15, Replies: 2
Going to London Any good vegan restraunts? I am going to london and i want to know if there are any good vegeatrain or vegan friendly restraunts? Anyone want to give some recommendations? Post Date: 11/02/15, Replies: 1
Staying in Chiang Mai? Hi friends, we're heading off to Chiang Mai on Saturday and are wondering on suggestions of where to stay. We would love an area that close to fruit, vegan eats, walking distance to things and maybe a gym. Thanks! Any Chiang mai advice would be very appreciated Post Date: 10/24/15, Replies: 2
Vegan buddy for paris 24/10-25/11 Visiting Paris alone this weekend (24/10-25/10). Anyone care to join me for dinner? I'd go to Gentle Gourmet Club or Pottager du Marin or something else if you have a good idea. I'm 27m and anyone no matter age or sex is welcome. I speak dutch, french and english. Just looking for a good conversation. Email me on [email protected] Post Date: 10/20/15, Replies: 0
Vegan Pizza in Florence Italy - Help I passed a place called Panetteria Struzzicherra somewhere in Florence that advertised vegan pizzas and sandwiches. I did not have a chance to confirm if it the establishment fully vegetarian or simply veggie friendly, but regardless, who wouldn't want to try a vegan pizza while in Italy? Unfortunately I was too busy to write down the address, so I wrote down the name to research later online and list them on Happy Cow. But I cannot find it at all! The name I wrote was Panetteria Struzzicherra. So if anyone is familiar with this place, please post the info here so I can get it listed. Post Date: 09/28/15, Replies: 0
Montevideo -- Bread I'm going to be in Montevideo, Uruguay. Does anyone know if the breads or other baked goods generally sold in bakeries are generally made with animal fat? Eggs and butter okay. Post Date: 09/28/15, Replies: 0
Vegan/Vegetarian Places in Columbus, Ohio Hello: I'm going to Columbus, Ohio and wanted to know of any good local vegan/vegetarian bakeries, shops or restaurants you'd recommend. I always saw the area as more of a meat and dairy town, but I'm sure there's other things out there. Any suggestions and perspectives are appreciated. Thanks. Post Date: 09/20/15, Replies: 0
Vegetarian in Uruguay I expect to be in Montevideo, Uruguay. Does anyone know if the breads one might buy at bakeries or supermarkets are likely to have any animal fat, etc., (butter or eggs isn't a problem for me)? Post Date: 09/19/15, Replies: 0
Will somebody come to Rock in Rio? Hi. I am planing to sell vegan hamburguers near the bus terminal who will take rock'n'roll fans towards the festival. Who has vegan convinction deviates ~500m the route in order for have a vegan meal. :{) Post Date: 09/12/15, Replies: 1
veg/omnivore-friendly eateries (kaohsiung/tainan)? we with be visiting kaohsiung and tainan in september. my mum and i are vegetarians and my dad and aunt are omnivores, though not particularly fond of beef. i've researched and been recommended some veggie restaurants such as double veggie, jujube tree, blithe pizza (kaohsiung) and vonnie's garden (tainan), but i don't want to limit our dining options to strictly veg restaurants. are there are other tried and tested "ordinary" yet veg-friendly restaurants? also, are there any recommended indie cafes, or veggie farm, animal shelter visits in either city? Post Date: 08/28/15, Replies: 0
Questions for vegans - vegan friendly cars Hi, I've previously done some research on vegan friendly cars & I'd love to expand on this. Can any of you answer a couple of questions at all? Thanks! :) Post Date: 08/19/15, Replies: 3
Cuba Has anyone been to Cuba? I hear that it is not too veggie/vegan friendly. Would be grateful to hear of any recommendations for restaurants and food. Many thanks in advance. Post Date: 08/18/15, Replies: 2
Is Gelato vegetarian in Italy (Florence)? My wife and I are travelling to Florence next week, and we were wondering whether gelato, as sold at local gelaterias (sp?) who make it fresh every day, is vegetarian. I.e., do they ever use any animal products such as gelatin, like in many commercial ice-creams? More specifically, would someone be able to recommend any wholly-vegetarian gelaterias in Florence? "Perche No" often comes up in the listings, but I couldn't see whether their normal non-vegan flavours are actually totally vegetarian. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks! Post Date: 08/11/15, Replies: 7
Thailand Vegetarian Festival The Thailand vegetarian festival always falls on the first days of the ninth Chinese lunar month. While celebrated across Thailand the centre & most spectacular display of the festival is Phuket. Firewalking, body piercing and other acts of self mortification undertaken by participants acting as mediums of the gods, have become more spectacular and daring as each year goes by. Men and women puncture their cheeks with various items including knives, skewers and other household items. It is believed that the Chinese gods will protect such persons from harm, and little blood or scarring results from such mutilation acts. This is definitely not recommended for the faint hearted to witness (see pics in this link). www.phuket.com/festival/vegetarian.htm Post Date: 08/10/15, Replies: 2
Vegan find in the Heart of Cattle Country If anyone is traveling in northern California on 395 and goes through the city of Susanville, California (Lassen County)there is hope. A Thai restaurant called The White House. They have wonderful tofu green curry and other menu items they can make vegan. The fresh tofu spring roles and peanut sauce are excellent! Post Date: 07/31/15, Replies: 0
British Airways & Vegan Discrimination Fed up with BA. They discriminate against vegans on short-haul flights by not offering anything for us to eat but, at the same time, offering free food to everyone else. Bad customer practice, alienating vegans like this. Poor customer practice in their bland corporate replies to my complaints. Post Date: 07/29/15, Replies: 1
Dublin Hi all, I'll travel to Dublin in a few weeks. Does anyone have restaurant tips for me? Sightseeing tips are welcome too. Thanks! Ellis Post Date: 07/24/15, Replies: 2
Good veg travel tour company Hi I would like to go on a biking trip/hiking/camping trip with my family this summer. I am open to going pretty much anywhere (yes, really, anywhere). One thing I would like is to go on a trip where all the food is provided so I don't have to worry about where to eat or cooking myself. A few years ago my family did a whitewater rafting trip for five days in Idaho and the outfitter swore up and down they could accommodate us and wouldn't let me see the menu in advance ("our chefs like the guests to be surprised). But once we were on the trip, in the middle of the wilderness, all they did was take the meat out of everything they prepared (i.e., chicken caesar without the chicken, etc). That part of the trip was rather miserable and when it was over and I called the owner, she admitted they had never had a vegetarian family for five days and didn't really know what to do. So now I'd like to take an outdoor adventure type trip again where we can travel around and camp or stay in inns or whatever regular families do, and not have to worry constantly about the food part (which is always a big component of every single vacation). Has anyone had any really good experiences with outfiiters/adventure guides/cycling companies or just regular tour operators? Post Date: 07/21/15, Replies: 3
Evesham, England Does anybody know some good Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants either in or near Evesham, England? Post Date: 07/17/15, Replies: 0

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