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If anyone is traveling in northern California on 395 and goes through the city of Susanville, California (Lassen County)there is hope. A Thai restaurant called The White House. They have wonderful tofu green curry and other menu items they can make vegan. The fresh tofu spring roles and peanut sauce are excellent!

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    Posted by kellyshane at 06/04/18 20:54:16

    Thanks for your advice

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    Posted by sputnik1957 at 08/26/18 13:42:06

    Beware! Many regular Thai restaurants have fish sauce hidden in pre-made sauces used in their dishes. Therefore, coconut milk based curry sauces, such as green, red, or massaman, usually are not 100% vegan or even vegetarian, because of the fish sauce added to them. You may order tofu and veggie red curry and think you're getting a vegan dish, but it's not. Since these sauces are pre-made, the cook can't take fish sauce out.
    Your best bet is to get some kind of a veggie/tofu stir-fry and ask them not use fish sauce in the preparation of the dish.