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Hi, I'm new to HappyCow, and I have a question for everyone. Does anyone know of printed city maps of San Francisco, NYC, Portland, etc. which show veggie restaurants? I've seen the VegOut books but I'm looking for more of a fold out map; their format isn't quite as detailed as I'd like. If there was one which also showed public transit too I'd be really happy. Thoughts?


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    Posted by sarah_silly at 10/30/09 14:50:16

    I still haven't found the type of map I'm looking for, and from the lack of response here, I don't think anything exists! I'm thinking about learning how to make maps and making a vegetarian restaurant map of my city.

    When you guys travel, do think it'd be nice to have a paper map of the city you're going to so you can visually see where veg friendly places are located? Is this something you'd consider buying?? Hmmmm...

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    Posted by webmaster at 10/30/09 15:03:14

    Hi Sarah Silly,

    I haven't heard of any. If you do find them please let us know. Also, if anyone is interested in a co-venture with HappyCow to create these kinds of maps, please get in touch.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 11/04/09 12:32:02

    We had a wedding map at wedding planner, I think it is where you could post any location of interest. Not saying to use their site for it, but the map may be of use to you. If you can't find it pm me and I will look for it again.

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    Posted by Chia at 11/05/09 20:05:36

    The thing about paper Maps for finding restaurants is that they can become slightly outdated in a short time due to unpredictable turnovers as restaurants can open and shut without warning. Unless they are updated each week.

    For my travels, I use HappyCow's VegiMaps. It works well for me. I usually plan a day or two before I leave for a trip. You can find the VegieMaps icon at the top of each City page.

    I also print out the list of restaurants & stores from the City or Cities I plan to visit. Again, you can find the Print-Friendly icon at the top of each City page.

    With the VegiMaps and my list(s), I plot the restaurants that look interesting to me on a paper map or a rough sketch. I'm pretty skilled with reading and making maps myself, so this has worked well for me.

    How about making the VegiMaps print-able? Sounds like a good idea though maybe technically challenging. And especially with large cities that have a high density of restaurants, you could end up getting a map with a bunch of dots of it and not being able to see the details...?

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    Posted by webmaster at 11/25/09 10:50:42

    Thanks Chia for your response. Actually there are already printable Google maps for individual locations, along with directions.
    A printable city map is not a bad idea and we will consider that update. Basically it would just be the city map with text names for locations instead of markers. Any feedback/ideas?

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    Posted by Breanainn at 11/26/09 01:13:01

    I just got an android phone and intend to write an app over the next couple of months that will display vegg restaurants and give directions (most lightly using the google maps api)

    I'd love to hook up with happy cow on this and link to reviews here and if possible use it as a source for locations.

    Any chance of adding a space for ppl to enter gps coordinates? i know address is accurate in cities but not always in the country, plus a coordinate db would be handier work with.

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    Posted by webmaster at 11/29/09 08:32:57


    We already have an app on android...

    If there are specific areas you (or anyone) would like to help improve the map markers please let me know and I can set a system up for you to correct them.

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