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Hi, I'm going to China next week and will be traveling in Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhejiang province. Has anyone been there and care to share any advice regarding vegetarian dining? Thanks.

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    Posted by webmaster at 05/16/07 17:10:54

    Hi Phoenix,
    I was there many years ago and it was hell as a vegetarian... also very troubling to see how animals are treated/eaten there.
    Hope you find some good places to eat and add them to the HappyCow site.
    Good luck!
    - eric, webmaster
    ps: you might want to consider bringing some protein bars, nuts, etc. to supplement your diet if you'll be there very long.

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    Posted by Chia at 05/17/07 21:32:09

    Hey Phoenix, Sounds like you have an interesting journey ahead. Good luck. I've been to parts of China (Beijing and Shanghai), though that was many years ago. Let us know if you find new veggie restaurants! See HappyCow's updated list of vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants at:

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    Posted by anyark at 05/27/07 09:16:35

    I was in China, with my son, a year ago. We did eat with business of associates of his and we just told them I was a vegetarian and I had delicious food. We were primarily in Shanghai and I was taken to a veggie restaurant in the Old Temple Market (also there is the Bridge with 9 Twists). Also, if you tell people you eat like a Buddist, they will know you are a vegetarian. Just looked at the date of your post and know this may too late, but it may help someone else.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/30/07 19:57:27

    This is a great & usually up to date Chinese directory - - if you could add a few good ones to HappyCow it would be wonderful - John

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    Posted by Terry B. at 07/06/07 18:59:41

    I will try and go through the China pages and update a few things. I lived there for five years and would say that it is a bit easier than living in North America in terms of vegetarian dining. For the places listed, Shanghai will be the easiest, followed by Beijing and finally by Zhejiang. In smaller towns, it's hard to find a 100% vegetarian restaurant though a good deal of the food is, in fact, vegetarian. In the larger cities, veggie places are not as common as one would like though springing up. For instance, seven or eight years ago in Beijing, there were but two vegetarian restaurants though now there are close to a dozen, all of which are very god places to dine.

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