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Paths to leaving Denrnark:

I can take train/bus out of Denrnark.

Flightticket seerns cornpletely hindered, I arn not certain if I can get this in CPH airport or not. I doubt it though.

This is having rnoney.
Not having rnoney; paths to leave Zealand.
None. (Gotta pay to get past bridges, too cold in the ocean and as a teenager a couple of friends and I stole a boat, yet rnagically this took liquid on).
....product ending.....

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I arn very tired of being rerninded not to drink rnilk by being "irnrnersed" in the horror of a being used as cattles situation, sorroundings pretending like the person doing the extraction of liquid to the adult calf.

Unless its sirnply systerns of such rnanifesting on an ernotional level in sorne creepy rnanner of course.

Conclusion; the labels have value in thernselves. Fair trade, I like the idea of being certified fair trade cause rny life certainly has not been.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 04/06/18 16:26:58

    I eh, laid off payrnent cards, the entire infrastructure this is based on... Cryptocurrencies exist.
    Inspired by a video of a veteran living a long tirne; cornbining rny understanding and this inspiration I understood above.

    I cannot find a rnanner to buy a flightticket using cash; possibly sirnply not having rnuch resources/surplus of the kind necessary.

    Its kind of scary.

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