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I am vegan and traveling to Lisbon this year. I do not want to 'force' vegan or vegetarian-only restaurants upon my travel partner, so I am wondering how vegan-friendly tapas normally is in Portugese (Lisbon) restaurants. As I have never eaten this before - are there things I should watch out for? Are there some tapas servings that always are vegan?

Also - if you have any recommendations for meat-serving, but vegan friendly tapas places, that would be most welcome!

Thank you :)

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    Posted by nomadicvegan at 06/03/16 15:38:23

    Hi Tipsko, I did go to one tapas bar in Lisbon called Bar52. The tapas served there are Spanish-style, and so there are several vegan options. You can find other Spanish-influenced bars like this in Lisbon, where there are likely to be some vegan choices (for more on vegan Spanish tapas and other vegan dishes in Spain, see my post here:

    However, there are also places serving petiscos, which is the Portuguese version of tapas, and there I'm not sure you'll be so lucky. I don't know that much about petiscos specifically, but I can tell you that when researching naturally vegan dishes in Portuguese cuisine, I only came across one: sopa de legumes (vegetable soup).

    The traditional cuisine is just not very vegan friendly. Nevertheless, many restaurants have added vegetarian and vegan dishes to their menus in recent years, especially in the capital. I'm sure you'll find a place where you are both happy.

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