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+Pam Anderson's favorite L.A. vegan food+

Pamela Anderson is known worldwide for her tireless fight to end animal cruelty via her work with groups like PETA. Naturally, she is vegan. Anderson is also an avowed lover of Los Angeles, so we thought it might be interesting to see where the actress is eating out these days (or at least sending out her assistant to grab something for her).

Look for more clues about where Anderson eats (and plays) in her forthcoming reality show for E! Networks, entitled "Pam: Girl on the Loose." The series premieres Sunday, August 3 on E!

Eating vegan works for Pam, maybe it'll work for others. Here is one way to get the body that Pam built.

From Anderson:

"Aside from keeping up with my kids, I don't exercise much, so I credit my veggie diet for my good health. Los Angeles is the easiest place in the world to eat vegan. A lot of people know about the great meatless entrees at Real Food Daily and Newsroom Cafe, but there are some other places that have very unique menus."

See Anderson's less-than-obvious vegan restaurant choices in L.A. below:

1. Flore Vegan Cuisine - Silver Lake / Echo Park

You've never - even when you ate meat - eaten a Rueben sandwich as rich and yummy as the one Flore cooks up.

2. Madeline Bistro - Tarzana

Beet tartare to beat the band and you don't have to like beets! And vegan chocolate soufflé.

3. Astro Burger - Hollywood

If you are a fast food junkie you can always count on the Astro Burger on Melrose near Paramount Studios for veggie chili dogs and soy chicken fajitas.

4. Pure Luck - East Hollywood (Thai Town)

Fried pickles, vegan sloppy joes and BBQ sandwiches. And they cook with jack fruit, which is an amazing fruit they use to make the mock meat tangy.

At -


Ecorazzi's added note -

Don't live in the Hollywood? No worries! Visit and find your local vegetarian restaurant! Happy eating!


Thank you ecorazzi ! ! !

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    Posted by carlos5 at 09/18/08 06:26:39

    Pamela Anderson is a vegan and im inspired. I will try out her favorite vegan restaurant.

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    Posted by eLOVate at 11/03/15 16:04:13

    Add another vegan restaurant to the list! eLOVate Vegan Kitchen stands for--Local Organic Vegan. Come by and try amazing vegan cuisine by Chef Roberto Martin!

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