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Heya! I am a student moving from Malaysia to Melbourne for studies. I adopted this plant-based diet (mostly vegetarian) few months back and I absolutely love it. Will slowly transition myself to a vegan lifestyle in near future hopefully! However, at the moment I am pretty scared that I will have problems making new friends in Melbourne U due to my diet. Any advice on this issue? :)

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    Posted by theVejewtarian at 07/17/16 23:42:29

    Lord Of The Fries and Lentils as anything, that's pretty much all you got to know. Good luck, mate!

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    Posted by Aloo at 08/22/17 19:49:20

    I've travelled a lot. Melbourne is one of the most vegan friendly places in the world. Use HappyCow as your guide - there are loads of places to visit and explore. People are also pretty accepting of being vegan (and I am vegan, and was vegetarian before that). Most regular restaurants will cater with a bit of notice. Also, there is a farmer's market at Melbourne Uni (I think on Wednesdays) so you can stock up on fresh produce. Many of the cafes there are veg friendly.
    Lord of the Fries and Lentils are both institutions in the Melbourne veg scene, as is Brunswick Street where you will feel pretty at home, in terms of options. Lots of Asian style veg places which use mock meat as well. Just depends on what and how much you want to explore. Making friends while being veg is up to you.

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    Posted by tulips.and.trains at 09/17/17 12:57:31

    Loving Hut is another great option- there're locations in Northcote and Richmond. Trippy Taco (Fitroy and St. Kilda) is one of my favorites too- even my non-veg boyfriend loves this place.

    For groceries, there's a small store called Terra Madre in Northcote that will blow your mind. That place is like a candy store for me.

    Good luck!

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