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Recently I posted US States and Canadian Province per capita vegetarian and vegan restaurant stats based on Happy Cow listings:

Now I'll do this for Europe. Most countries should have reasonably good listings.

European Countries Ranked from First to Last for Veg Restaurants per Million People (vegan and vegetarian only, nothing just listed "vegetarian friendly"). (Note that here, countries with less than 100,000 aren't listed.)

Iceland 20.8*
Czech Republic 17.8
UK 14.6
Austria 14.6
Portugal 14.0
Sweden 14.0
Malta 13.9*
Luxembourg 12.9*
Lithuania 11.7
Switzerland 10.6
Estonia 10.2
Slovakia 10.1
Netherlands 10.0
Finland 9.9
Ireland 9.5
Spain 9.3
Belgium 8.6
Germany 8.4
Italy 7.8
Denmark 7.6
Hungary 6.8
Poland 6.3
Croatia 5.9
Latvia 5.4
France 5.3
Norway 5.3
Cyprus 4.3
Greece 3.5
Bulgaria 3.4
Macedonia 2.8
Romania 1.7
Serbia 1.2
Kosovo 1.1
Ukraine 1.0
Russia 1.0
Bosnia & Herzegovina 0.8
Albania 0.6
Moldova 0.6
Belarus 0.4

* Extrapolated due to population below 1 million.

Obviously, the lowest values are in the east (even counting Mediterranean countries, values increase towards the west).

Some other countries for comparison:
Singapore 98.8 (this city-state really is impressive with its veg restaurants)
Taiwan 24.3
Australia 22.8
New Zealand 21.5
Canada 14.8
US 7.1
Japan 2.8
South Korea 1.8
China 0.5 (but may be under-reported)

Responses (3)

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    Posted by westcornersville at 10/15/17 23:51:39

    Want to add one more to the other countries section, Israel: 14.9.

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    Posted by happah10 at 11/02/17 01:26:58

    I was gonna say, do Asia next!
    Israel is of course in Asia and not Europe.

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    Posted by MartyW at 12/22/17 07:12:27

    What might even be more insightful is seeing these numbers relative to the number of restaurants in each country., as some restaurants just tend to be far more common in some countries.

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