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Travel is frequently on my mind and I'm often reading, doing online research or simply daydreaming about places that I'd like to visit.
So far my travels have taken me through much of the US of A with some short jaunts north into Canada (mostly Vancouver City and parts of Vancouver Island) and south into Mexico (mostly in Sonora).

I travel a lot less often these days and want to make the trips I do take really count so I'm putting more thought into why I travel & what makes the experience the most rewarding for me.

A conclusion I've reached is that my travel experience tends to be greatly enhanced by connecting with friendly local folks. Ideally these are people passionate about where they live who desire to share what makes them love where they are with visitors like me.

This, my dear reader, is where I hope that you'll come in to the picture!

I'd love to hear from any of you who think that where you are is a wonderful place to be and would be willing to show me around if I ever happen to make it there! Or maybe you're not so into the area you call home but you'd still like to have a fellow vegan stop through for a visit?
If either of those descriptions apply to you, or even perhaps if they do not, please write up as short or long of a post as you'd like and tell me why you think I'd be missing it out if my path did not cross with your own one day!

ps. I've left out what I look for in places I travel to in the hopes that as many people as possible will respond to this. I certainly have my preferences - I also remain open to new & different experiences and possibilities than those I would most likely choose on my own!

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    Posted by lorettainnz at 01/18/11 10:50:02

    Hi, your post has been answered many times however I thought I would also post.

    My partner Ross and myself Loretta, are vegan as are some of our adult children. We live in a small seaside town called Raglan ( there is a website) west of Hamilton city in New Zealand. Our town is well known for artists and musos and for international surfing competitions with the famous left hand curl. It is a beautiful little town with local scenery and has a great community.
    I work as a nurse in the town and elsewhere.
    You are welcome to look us up if you are ever over here and we usually have a spare bed too.
    We are into organic gardening, and we mill our grain to make our own bread etc.
    We do have some cat family ( 3) who live with us so keep that in mind if you are allergic to cats , cheers, Loretta

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    Posted by Cascadian at 01/18/11 17:03:16


    Thank you very much for the reply! It is actually the first I've recieved on this topic here. Perhaps you were looking at the number of reviews my posts has recieved?

    From what I see online Ragland seems like a very pleasant place - which is my impression of NZ overall! I'd very much like to visit someday and NZ is at the top of my list of places to go if/when I have the time & money to do so.

    My ex-partner and our children are also all vegan - though it isnt likely that they would be making a trip to NZ with me - that is if I can even make one myself...
    Interestingly, I also work in healthcare and am contemplating going to college to become a nurse. It sounds like we have a lot in common all around!

    Please drop me a line if you ever find yourself in North America's best Vegan City: Portland, Oregon. Most of the best of the rest are also out here on the Left Coast!

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    Posted by Stevie at 01/20/11 12:07:56

    Hi Cascadian,

    There's a vego group in there.

    There's also but I have looked at that in any great seriousness.


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