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My family and I are going to Italy for 8 days. It is a guided tour of three cities and not much time to search for restaurants. Can anyone suggestion how to veganize what I order? Any tips and suggestions, please it will be greatly appreciated.

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    Posted by JessGray at 03/05/18 09:24:42

    Hi, which cities are you going? Last year I did a 2-week tour of Italy and it was amazing. Some places are easier than others for vegan food, but there are quite a few vegan options and restaurants in each place.

    At a non-vegan restaurant, look out for marinara, the traditional Italian pizza that comes without cheese. They also offer lots of salads with roasted veg which are SVF and come with bread. Another option is gnocchi, but make sure it not cooked in butter.

    Quite a few cities offer vegan street food and ice cream, Florence was amazing for it. I wrote a blog about my trip and have listed place you can find them >>

    Also, are you planning on train or driving? I've written some tips here on how I got around >>

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