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Hello BC friends!

There is a strong chance that I'll be up your way for a visit at least once between now and the end of May. I'd love to get your advise on things to see and do, where to get the best vegan eats inexpensively and best of all: to meet some of you cool veg folks!

Here's a bit about me and my interests: I live in Portland, Oregon. I've had a vegan diet for 15+ years now. I'm a Daddy to 3 wonderful young vegans. They probably wont be with me on the trip but if you ever visit me down here you will likely meet them.

Stuff I'm fond of: helping others and helping others help themselves - learning and sharing what I've learned - wild lands: forests, hills, mountains - hot springs - islands - books, bookstores and libraries - trains, trams and ferries - riding bicycles - diy/free living and travel - camping, hiking and generally just being in nature - wild edible plants - emergency and natural medicine - meeting people - developing deep and lasting friendships - sharing tasty and nutritious vegan food - social justice - personal freedom - ecological sustainability and simple living - recreational and competitive shooting - defense training of many types - learning other languages besides english - flea markets, yard sales, swap meets, trade circles and so much more...

Get in touch!

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