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Hi I would like to go on a biking trip/hiking/camping trip with my family this summer. I am open to going pretty much anywhere (yes, really, anywhere). One thing I would like is to go on a trip where all the food is provided so I don't have to worry about where to eat or cooking myself. A few years ago my family did a whitewater rafting trip for five days in Idaho and the outfitter swore up and down they could accommodate us and wouldn't let me see the menu in advance ("our chefs like the guests to be surprised). But once we were on the trip, in the middle of the wilderness, all they did was take the meat out of everything they prepared (i.e., chicken caesar without the chicken, etc). That part of the trip was rather miserable and when it was over and I called the owner, she admitted they had never had a vegetarian family for five days and didn't really know what to do.

So now I'd like to take an outdoor adventure type trip again where we can travel around and camp or stay in inns or whatever regular families do, and not have to worry constantly about the food part (which is always a big component of every single vacation).

Has anyone had any really good experiences with outfiiters/adventure guides/cycling companies or just regular tour operators?

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    Posted by Nomina at 02/01/15 23:48:51

    Hello Jenly,
    I am writing you from Mongolia. As you may have only heard or probably not heard of the country yet. Its located between russia and china. The country itself has so much to offer experience in terms of its culture, tradition, history and of course it can be great fun. First let me introduce you about myself and why i am writing you in respond of your travel search. My name is Nomina and i am 28 years old from Mongolia. Ever since i was a kid i had great opportunities to travel around world mostly europe and south east asia. My major in travel and tourism management as well as my passion in life is undoubtedly related with traveling and exploring new things. My family has long run tourist resort in Khustai National park. We operate during summertime, so i had spent good long time working, helping , learning, interacting with visitors in the resort during my summer holidays. I became vegan about 2 years ago. Although being vegan in mongolia can be considered one of the craziest thing to do since the country has traditionally have meat and diary diet. But the small vegan community becoming increased a lot during last few years due to loving animals, and global warming, health reasons, or even religious factors. Last October 2014, i have newly opened vegetarian dining coffee shop called Little buddha and to my surprise i had so many customers both expats and locals loving the food we offer- pure vegan. I took a vegan cook class, trained all the cooks. There is an old summer camp next to (about1 km) away from my parents resort, which my parents bought it about 4 years ago. I call it Healing Sand Miracle because it has a very unique sand dunes which has a healing power of some illnesses such as kidney disorder. To long story short, i started to rebuilt this place having great hope for creating the only vegan& vegetarian eco loudge in Mongolia. Even though it is not yet such a fancy place, the concept itself worked really well and i had few visitors from abroad and lot of locals as well. So this little eco resort project is still on its way to be successfully operated, meanwhile i found my true passion of creating a tour operator in mongolia specializing vegan and vegetarian travelers. I am now putting up my website. I have my facebook account and resort pages right now.
    I would like to offer you and your family to become my first client. I will do the tour guiding and cooking myself (since i am pretty good cook as everyone says), discuss with you the best possible routes and create tailor made travel plan for you. You will be the first ever client for my tour company will remain in our history always on top. For further discussion and photos, plse let me know your interest and i shall get back to you.
    Thank you and best regards,
    PS: I dont know who you are and your age and your family background but i just feel very happy and passionate about serving whoever you are to make your journey as wonderful as possible. Will be very grateful if you get back to me.

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    Posted by Veganbnbtravel at 02/04/15 04:34:39

    Hi jenny,

    Emma here, owner and founder of Veganbnb Travel, vegan adventure holidays in Guatemala and Spain, I think I may be able to help you!

    If you would like to read the latest Veganbnb Travel reviews then have a look on my Facebook page

    All of my trip details, dates, prices and information are on my website here

    Promoting the availability of a lifestyle in which animals, people and the environment are not exploited, one holiday at a time.

    Em x

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    Posted by jenly at 07/21/15 06:47:50

    Hi thank you both for your replies. Sorry for the late acknowledgement. We are set for this summer but both possibilities sound intriguing. Also, Nomina, there used to be a small magazine a few years ago called "Vegetarian Baby and Child"--and the editor, Melanie Wilson, was based for a time in Mongolia. She would write about flying back and forth from Mongolia with her vegan toddler. This was right when the vegan movement started gathering steam and gaining in popularity.

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