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Couple of years ago i was travelling in Malaysia and we founded free vegetarian restaurant(cant remember the name) from Melaka. Owner of that place was a local businessman who said that he has got so much from the world already to himself that now its his time to give something back. That time there was only this one place, but he was planning to open same kind of places all over Malaysia...

So my question is that does anybody now is this place still in Melaka and are there other same kind of restaurants in Malaysia??

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 04/09/08 21:05:44

    Hi Laude - take a look at these posts from last November - open the website link - it may be the place - John

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 04/09/08 21:24:13

    HappyCow Malaysia urgently needs some TLC / serious updating / editing.
    Yes there are other Buddhist restaurants in Malaysia which do not set charges - they accept "voluntary donations".
    This is a great resource -
    Example -
    Annalakshmi (Tel. 03-228 23799, 03-228 40799)
    - a very popular Indian vegetarian restaurant here in KL. It's located on the Ground Floor of Midvalley Mall, facing the office blocks. It's technically free food (it's a charity-based restaurant), but you pay according to what you can afford, and how much you think the food is worth.

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