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Has anyone been to Cuba? I hear that it is not too veggie/vegan friendly. Would be grateful to hear of any recommendations for restaurants and food.

Many thanks in advance.

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    Posted by Stevie at 08/13/15 23:14:29

    Its one of the trickier places that I've been to for veg*an food. The reputation of food there generally isn't good from omnivorous people I spoke with when over there. Maybe with the thawing of the embargo, things will improve?

    I vaguely seem to recall when I went (March 2012) that the only listing on happycow was the place in the park in Havana, or perhaps there was one other place. The park seemed a little out the way for where I was staying so I didn't make it there.

    If you are travelling around & staying in Casa Particulares there is unsurprisingly a considerable spectrum of standard of food & accomm you will be provided.

    The easiest vegan things to get in Cuba appeared to be a choice of 2:-

    * black beans & rice
    * plantaines (small bananas)

    The level or rigour in the kitchen to protect your veganism, your guess is as good as mine. Like with anywhere it is to your advantage how well you speak the local lingo.

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    Posted by egduf at 08/18/15 01:33:59

    Many thanks for the response Stevie, I'm going to have to learn some more names for food in Spanish, but may end up losing some weight!

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