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Hello All!

I'm contemplating starting a new group for folks interested in Cascadian Independent Vegan Travel. We would organize things ourselves, be low-budget focused. Loding would focus on utilizing camping, hostels, couchsurfing & similar options with transportation primarily being public transit &/or ridesharing. It would be open to non-vegan's provided they ate vegan when we were together. Travel would be either in the Cascadia region or with folks coming from here traveling together to other areas and could be both focused on natural areas and cities/towns. Local and day trips and activities would be included.

That's my vision - what do ya'll think?

ps. In case you are not familiar with where/what Cascadia is, have a peek here: /wiki/File:Cascadia_extreme.jpg

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    Posted by kindlizard at 01/24/10 22:18:06

    you know about the Cascade dollars they used to have? folks would barter and all work was equivalently honored, regardless of skill. mostly got shutdown but hear bout it every once in a while...

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    Posted by Cascadian at 01/26/10 23:26:32

    Yes, I have heard about such and similar local community currencies, Pdx Hours & Cascadia Hour Exchange come to mind. I haven't really heard anything about them in months...

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