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I'm going to London for two weeks, mid December to celebrate my 50th birthday, anyone have any ideas on good/great restaurants?
Or anyone want to meet up for a dinner/lunch buddy?
I'm a 21 year geek/vegan who looks/feels 40 and am hoping to experience history and the sites of London and possibly outer areas, what do you think?

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    Posted by Spo-vegan at 11/27/09 07:26:05

    Oh and just to clarify, I'm not a strict vegan, meaning, I will eat honey if its in baked goods or drinks and will tolerate egg whites in some baked goods but don't like Phad Thai unless it can be made vegan (no egg,fish sauce)...

    Anyway, I see there is a Whole foods there in Kensington, but I am hoping for something creative and different, oh and I will be staying in the Kensington area...

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    Posted by kindlizard at 11/27/09 23:03:23

    I went there a long time ago, before I was vegan. No offense to anyone, but the food over there in general, let alone what I imagine the vegan selections being, was brutal. I have no idea why, but the entire country had food that was only edible bc otherwise I would have starved. I have no idea what you would do for vegan stuff. Pray harder. I don't think their cuisine is generally lauded, I mean, they eat mutton commonly. I would scour the cafes by ratings and such and try to find a winner. Good luck and hopeful eating! Safe travels too. (you may want to figure out how old you are in case Customs asks)

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    Posted by Jan Hicks at 11/29/09 09:55:53

    There is a website called Vegan London which has a list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, if you don't find anything on here.

    I think kindlizard must have visited England in the 19th century. Mutton hasn't been a staple of British eating for a good 100 years or so!

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    Posted by webmaster at 11/29/09 10:54:47

    We have actually worked really hard on improving/updating London in the recent past. We should list pretty much anything that Vegan London has, as they worked with us to update our info.

    Here is the Central London page:
    Note that we divide London into 7 areas:
    Central, East, North, North West, South East, South West, and West.

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    Posted by louis at 11/30/09 14:10:22

    I highly recommend Saf in Shoreditch- had a fab time there back in March-

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    Posted by mancocapac at 12/01/09 11:35:57

    When in London, be safe and just go to Indian restaurants. Some of the best in the world. While not all will be vegetarian, you can find plenty of veggie options at all of them.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/01/09 19:10:19

    London's Indian restaurants were usually among my last choices when I planned to eat out.

    Too much risk of cross contamination from splashes of milk / yoghurt / ghee.

    99.99% of the owners were active cow abusers - none had their own cows.

    On the few occasions when I have asked them "Why?" I received a reply similar to Clark Gable's / Rhett Butler's - "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.".

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    Posted by Alvarez at 01/28/10 01:06:28

    My favourite restaurant is Moro in Exmouth Market near Farringdon Station. Its a blend of Spanish and Morrocon and is lovely, beautiful food and great atmosphere, I really recommend it. Perfect to go with friends or as a couple. enjoy!
    There is also a place on Lexington Street (in between soho and carnaby street called Andrew Edmunds and that is lovely too! Sunset Inn

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