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For my boyfriends birthday he decided to take us to Paris.

He currently works as a Baker & previous to this as a Chef, so is very excited about trying French Cuisine and Patisseries.

Myself on the other hand am worried I wont be eating for 4 days! I have researched & found some Vegan Cafes, however as its my boyfriends birthday trip & he eats meat I feel reluctant to make him go to purely Vegan places for me.

Has anyone had any previous experiences? Ive read online that places are reluctant to alter dishes. What about people Lactose-Intollerances?

Would appreciate any suggestions- we go on the 22/08/13, so not long!!

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    Posted by elfmaiden713 at 08/18/13 09:43:59

    I went to France with a vegan friend, and I'll tell you up front that it will be difficult. Luckily most of the restaurants in Paris will post menus outside, so you can see if you might be able to eat anything they offer. Leaving cheese off of a dish should be easy enough, but I might tell the waiter that you are allergic to eggs, dairy, etc., rather than that you're vegan, to make them more amenable to changing menu items for you. Restaurants in the Latin Quarter might have a good amount of options for you due to the student population there. Also, Indian and many East Asian restaurants would probably offer vegan dishes. Good luck!

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    Posted by FRUITnVEG at 03/09/14 20:55:33

    How did you get on @Han_The_Vegan?

    If ever in doubt I always go Indian! They can be a real life saver for Vegan alternatives. Indian cuisine is pretty much my cooked food staple.

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