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top ten vegan recipe blogs. Hi fellow vegan home cooks! There are a lot of vegan recipes out there on the net but if you just randomly Google for a vegan recipe you get a zillion of results and many of these recipes are just not that good. If you stick with recipes from websites or blogs from good vegan chefs (professional ones or the better vegan home cooks) you can be pretty sure that all the vegan recipes rock like a clock. What is your favorite website or blog from a vegan cook that has vegan recipes?? I want to make a list of the Top Ten vegan blogs with vegan recipes and post that list here on HappyCow as a reference for other vegan home cooks (you and me!) here are two of my favs: Isa Sandra Moskowits's blog: and Bianca phillips, author from Eating Vegan In The Dirty South Post Date: 10/12/14, Replies: 5 10/12/14 5
Game Day Recipes? I'm going to a football watching party on Sunday and I offered to bring something. It's a mixed group (veg and non) What's your favorite appetizer recipe? Post Date: 10/10/14, Replies: 3 10/10/14 3
Vegetarian and Vegan recipes - New blog! Hi All! I just joined Happy Cow and what a wonderful forum for all of us to share in. I have a dream to publish my own food blog . . in about a year. I'm in the process of creating (really just documenting what I've been doing for years) original vegetarian and vegan recipes. I share these on my article blog and would love your comments and feedback. There are some music and fitness articles on there too. Post Date: 09/22/14, Replies: 0 09/22/14 0
flexible meals Hi everyone! Looking for some suggestions... I am vegan, but my husband is a full-on meat eater... So far, our agreement has been that we'll have our daughter try a bit of what each of us eats and as she matures, we'll each explain our personal choices and let her decide for herself when she's old enough to do so. I tend to do the bulk of our cooking and I really do prefer us to eat as a family, so I've got a few staple meals that I'm able to make for all of us with just a few tweaks (i.e., tacos, spaghetti, pizza, burgers...) but I'm looking to expand our menu options and I'd really love some feedback. Do you all have any meal suggestions that are easily adaptable for different diets? Occasionally I'll also adapt by simply making common side dishes and two proteins... my husband will have a grilled chicken breast with our rice and veggies, while I have some tofu or something, get it? Post Date: 09/02/14, Replies: 4 09/02/14 4
Veggie and Vegan Recipe Website! Hi everyone! It's my first post here and I just wanted to share my new website full of original and delicious veggie and vegan recipes. Thanks and I hope you like them :) Jack Post Date: 09/02/14, Replies: 0 09/02/14 0
Vegan Dumpling recepie? Hi there, I am looking for a vegan recipe for traditional German Knödel or Eastern European potato dumplings, and was wondering if anyone could help me out - I'm unsure what to use as an egg replacement, in sweet cooking I tend to use either oil or bananas. But as this is a savory dish, it's new territory for me. Love and Peace Post Date: 08/22/14, Replies: 2 08/22/14 2
Vegibub (Delicious Vegan Recipes!) Hey all, I started a new YouTube channel called Vegibub! I just uploaded a new video featuring three amazing salad dressings (spicy mango, almond-date, tomato-tahini). Please enjoy, & let me know what you think! Post Date: 08/20/14, Replies: 3 08/20/14 3
Tofurky Italian sausage Review! Hi everyone! I did my first vegan food review on my channel on the Tofurky Italian sausage. I liked it! It's a great "meat" and a great alternative for those that miss the texture of meat! Please check it out and let me know what you think! Post Date: 08/07/14, Replies: 0 08/07/14 0
Veganism while in college? I am an entering freshman in college, and have been working on making the transition into veganism over this summer. However, the university I will be attending only allows a microwave, blender, and a mini-fridge in the dorm rooms. (That means no crock pot, George Foreman grill, hot plate, etc.) As a result, I am concerned about what to eat while there. Does anyone have suggestions on what to buy/stock up on food-wise, as well as simple recipes that could be made with minimal appliances and limited time? Thanks in advance. Post Date: 08/05/14, Replies: 5 08/05/14 5
how to do a lighter cake Hi So i've been vegan since 2 years and as i'm living in france there is no vegan bakery around. So as i've a really sweet tooth I had to learn how to bake. and so far there is 4,5 recipe that i really handle, and are great: pancakes, brownies, apple pie, muffin, carrot cake, banana cake, biscuit. I use mostly apple sauce, banana, carrot, zucchini, and flour+water cooked as it's great to make everything glue together.. but the problem is that my cakes are sooo heavy. it's good but sometimes i wish i could do something lighter. i tried different year, egg powder replacer.. it just doesn't work and i really miss this light buttery texture that we find in a lot of regular ( non vegan) cake, pastry... Any advice? please thanks a looot Post Date: 07/30/14, Replies: 0 07/30/14 0
diabetic and for everyone else Beet/apple/ginger salad: * wash, quarter and steam 2 large beets until skin can be easily pierced with a fork. Remove skin. Cut each quarter into fourths (easier to eat) *grate 1 red apple (best size is medium size grate of a four-sided grater) *thumb-sized chunk ginger, peeled and grated (use same grate size as apple) few pinches sea salt Combine all in a large bowl and blend Dressing: juice of 1 or 2 lemons 2-3 drops stevia clear liquid Combine both in a small cup. Taste should be tart, yet sweet. Blend well with salad ingredients. Wait at least 30 minutes for flavors to blend. Prepared as a Raw Salad: Choose beets that are soft. (In this way, they are sweeter and easier to digest.) Follow same instructions above. *Dash of Wisdom: Beet cleanses the blood which improves circulation; apple is cleansing and beneficial for the liver and gall bladder, actually softening gallstones. Post Date: 07/23/14, Replies: 1 07/23/14 1
New Vegan Recipe Site with Tons of Videos! Hey everyone, I recently launched a vegan recipe site, to spread delicious, easy, inexpensive cruelty-free cuisine to the world :) Every recipe has a step-by-step video guide, so even if you've never picked up a frying pan before you can whip up some awesome meals. Check it out and let me know what you think! Post Date: 07/22/14, Replies: 1 07/22/14 1
My Vegetarian Cookbook Costa Rican Vegetarian Cookbook from the Osa Peninsula “Every Day an Adventure and Every Meal a Feast” is the product of over 25 years of cooking experience, inventing and collecting recipes and philosophies about food, the environment, health and the inter-relatedness of it all. The author, Tao Watts, has been a long time resident of Costa Rica and the Osa Peninsula and uses many of the fruits and vegetables and other products that are readily available here for dishes that are fresh, wholesome, tasty, and eco-friendly. This collection of recipes is meat free and includes many that are vegan as well. It presents delicious and easy desserts, appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, sides, and baked goods. Some of the terms are written in Spanglish, and features a glossary/dictionary of terms in the appendix. Tidbits of wisdom and quotes supporting the vegetarian choice are scattered throughout its 176 pages. “Every Day an Adventure and Every Meal a Feast is a reflection on the lifestyle of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the programs of Women of the Osa, a volunteer organization in which the author plays an active role with conservation, education and environmental awareness. Books Retail for $18 each. You can email the author at [email protected] Post Date: 07/09/14, Replies: 2 07/09/14 2
Dairy Free Swiss Cheese? Hi, I've been searching for a dairy free Swiss style cheese and have been unsuccessful in my quest. Has anyone come across such a thing? Thanks for your help. Post Date: 06/24/14, Replies: 7 06/24/14 7
80 Coconut Ice cream Recipes Love the coconut ice cream, easy to make your own too. My daughter can make endless types of ice cream and pops and in fact has just brought out a book with 80 recipes made from coconut milk. If you are interested, you can find details on her blog Post Date: 06/24/14, Replies: 3 06/24/14 3
noegg recipe? Hello! Usually I make cakes without this ingredient but I found it in a regular supermarket and I felt like buying it, the problem is that I don't know how to use it! Maybe I need a non-vegan recipe and just replace the egg? Some idea about cakes or other meals with "noegg"? Thank you ^^ Post Date: 04/28/14, Replies: 2 04/28/14 2
Vitamix After years of debating ..... I finally took the plunge and purchased (ordered) a Vitamix blender. (Yes, I know it's not "just a blender"). The one I purchased is not at the top of their line (as it was not the most expensive one they sell). The one I purchased is the Vitamix Creations 48oz. 15-in-1, 2-Speed Blender with Dry Container. It should be arriving next week and I feel like a new mother. (What in the WORLD do I do with this precious little (expensive) bundle?) So having blurbed out all that.....I was just wondering if any of you would be able to "validate" my purchase by telling me what you love about your Vitamix, why you purchased one, what you use yours for etc.? And since I'm looking for honesty, anyone that has a not so rosy view or experience with one, please feel free to leave your comments as well. WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?? Thanks for your (honest)responses. (Trying to) Stay Strong - Stay Vegan, Lil Sprout Post Date: 04/22/14, Replies: 5 04/22/14 5
Soy/vegetarian jerky and snacks? Yummmmm, I just found a delicious new meat jerky alternative! It's soy jerky...perfect for vegetarians like me! It comes in 7 different flavors. I usually go for the more mild flavors, but with flavors like Curry Chicken and Cheesy, I might branch out. :) Here's the website I bought it on, so you can buy it online too: Let me know what you think! I'm a new vegetarian, so please feel free to suggest new snacks and food ideas. Thanks! Post Date: 04/03/14, Replies: 5 04/03/14 5
Everyday Meals What are some meals that you cook on a regular basis in your arsenal of daily meals? Post Date: 11/24/13, Replies: 11 11/24/13 11
fall treats I'm attending a reunion next weekend and wanted to bring some delicious vegan fall desserts. Does anyone have favorites? I'm looking for something besides pumpkin or apple pie though as those will already be present Post Date: 09/19/13, Replies: 0 09/19/13 0
Your go-to recipes So, I'm a vegan, but my husband is not. And I have a one-year-old and a full-time job, which means I'm almost always short on time. And since my husband is not vegan, I'm usually either cooking something just for me or cooking something that can be easily adapted for both of us... So here's my question... what are your go-to meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)? Post Date: 09/12/13, Replies: 8 09/12/13 8
Biggest contest of traditional Food Hi Friends, Have you seen this competition from IngredientMatcher where you cook your national dish and can win an iPad mini? Even if you don't win it, it would be awesome if it was people from this forum that becomes the authors of the national dishes :) Here's the presentation about the competition: Post Date: 09/09/13, Replies: 0 09/09/13 0
Tomato Bisque Soup and French Bread Hey everyone. Here is a link to a delicious French bread recipe that is easily adapted to being whole wheat (a bit healthier) I hope you enjoy. The tomato bisque is also very easy to make! Post Date: 07/22/13, Replies: 1 07/22/13 1
Vegan Bacon So I was very skeptical about this recipe I just tried, but it turned out fantastic! I'd like to share this with all of you, I adjusted the recipe I found for any items I did not have. 3.5 ounces shiitake mushrooms cut into thin pieces and caps cut off 1 tbsp olive oil 1/2 tsp truffle oil 1/2 tsp truffle salt sesame ginger seeds I mixed all of these together and then marinated the shiitake mushrooms, after I baked in the oven on convection and 350 degrees for about 15 minutes . I had a non-vegan try these and she agreed that they do taste like bacon! Plus they're healthy and soy free :-) Post Date: 05/23/13, Replies: 1 05/23/13 1
holding vitamix still = bad? on vitamix Have you heard of the saying that you shouldn't tightly hold down the jar because letting it wiggle actually lessens the stress on the motor? why is this? Always hold it down and if you were to just let it really wiggle around especially when I am furiously plunging the tamper Post Date: 05/10/13, Replies: 2 05/10/13 2
Vegan Products in Ottawa? I live in a little town about 30 minutes away from Ottawa and it doesn't sell any vegan products aside from vegan butter, and it's not even Earth Balance. Does anyone know anywhere near East Ottawa I can buy vegan products, like cream cheese and sour cream? Post Date: 05/04/13, Replies: 0 05/04/13 0
My First Vegan From-Scratch Dinner Attempt I am excited about the dinner that I am cooking tonight for my family (& my Dad and Stepmom, who are not vegetarians)! It's a recipe from the "Peas & Thank You" cookbook - 'almost from scratch lasagna'. Has anyone already tried this recipe? If so, how did everything turn out? I will post a pic and give a review of the meal after it's done. Hopefully the outcome will be good! Wish me luck! :) Post Date: 03/15/13, Replies: 5 03/15/13 5

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