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Recipe Directory Hi Everyone, Just want to make sure you know HappyCow has a recipe directory with hundreds of recipes already listed. You can add your own and rate/​ comment on the one's there.​vegetarian-recipes.html Use this forum space for general recipe/​cooking chat. Post Date: 03/09/09, Replies: 4 03/09/09 4
Not eating enough? I'm a newish vegetarian and I find myself so hungry all the time. I've been incorporating veggies high in protein and fiber as often as possible,but it seems like it's not enough! Does anyone else have this issue? What else can I do to keep myself full? Post Date: 06/26/17, Replies: 4 06/26/17 4
Leftover rice Not sure what to do with leftover rice? Preferably white rice… One trick I learned is to mix the rice with coconut milk, cinnamon, dates/raisins and/or bananas to make a delicious rice pudding dessert. Any other ideas? Post Date: 06/23/17, Replies: 3 06/23/17 3
Vegan Pizza Recipe Hi everyone, I wanted to share the most amazing vegan pizza recipe I made. I am so excited that such a healthy oil-free, GF and whole food recipe can taste so amazing!! Check it out: Post Date: 06/15/17, Replies: 0 06/15/17 0
Lost a treasured salad dressing recipe In a now-discontinued vegan forum many years ago, someone posted a delicious salad dressing recipe and I have lost it. It was a "ranch-type" dressing and the original recipe began with a girl's name. I remember a few ingredients - raw cashews, apple cider vinegar, sweetener of some kind. Does anyone recall a recipe like this? Thanks! Post Date: 05/20/17, Replies: 5 05/20/17 5
My favorite easy and quick recipes Love these: Post Date: 05/20/17, Replies: 0 05/20/17 0
Good Vegan recipes In need of good vegan recipes because i am planning on launching a vegan cooking channel on my youtube channel my channel name is The Vegan Metalhead Post Date: 04/18/17, Replies: 5 04/18/17 5
Easy ,quickly and delicious dinner Hi vegans / vegetarians I have that great LFHC #recipe that is so easy to do spaghetti Every thing you need is of course spaghetti , tomato choped or cherry tomatos , basil , onions "choped" , tomato past , and any Spices that you like and salt and peper Add them into the pan cover them with water and cover the pan and wait for 15 _20 min. And thats it its ready and delicious ?❤ Eat it with love and with people you love and SMILE ? Post Date: 04/17/17, Replies: 1 04/17/17 1
Vegan Newbie: Pancake Help! I was so happy to discover that my favorite packaged pancake mix, Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix, was vegan in itself! So instead of using the milk, eggs, and butter, I used almond milk, aquafaba, and earth balance soy free. The mix looked great, so I fried up in coconut oil as usual, but they stuck to the pan like cement!!!!! I couldn't even get my silicone spatula under them. Am I missing something? Again, newbie vegan here. Thanks all! Post Date: 04/17/17, Replies: 1 04/17/17 1
Guilt-free amazing carrot crisps! Hi everyone! I've made these crisps yesterday and was really happy with how tasty they were, so wanted to share them with you! Post Date: 04/04/17, Replies: 0 04/04/17 0
Macaroni Fail Hello all, I'm struggling with finding the best Vegan Sub. for Macaroni and Cheese any good recipes? It is my favorite food to eat. I use to make a Baked White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese Dish. Its hard enough giving up dairy. Giving up my favorite food is even harder. What are the best tasting Vegan Cheeses? I tried Daiya Cheddar Slices. It has a strange after taste. I could not eat it by itself. Can someone please point in the right direction? Post Date: 03/26/17, Replies: 4 03/26/17 4
Like Moroccan food? I hope this isn't considered spammy, but we just thought we'd let you all know about our new website : We're a small team of veggies based in Algeria (North Africa) and let's just say, being veggie is pretty tricky here. Imagine a world with no soy, no tofu, no quinoa, no seitan, no dairy alternatives and you get an idea of what we're up against. So we decided to launch our website showcasing North African cuisine made with locally available ingredients :) It's actually suited to anyone anywhere in the world who likes authentic North African cuisine, especially if you're living somewhere without a health food store! We encourage you to take a look, and if you have five minutes, head over to the Algeria Web Awards ( and give us a quick vote to spread the word about our cause. Best wishes, HappyHmisa P.S. We're also doing what we can to update the Happy Cow database with any restaurants out here that offer veggie food. There aren't too many yet, but we're working on it! Post Date: 03/22/17, Replies: 1 03/22/17 1
What's a good dressing for this salad? Just made this awesome salad and need some fresh ideas for a dressing? I was thinking about letting it swim around in the juices of my bloody rare steak while I tear it apart with my bare hands. Then feed the salad to the chooks cause salads for rabbits and chickens get a piece of steak up ya Post Date: 03/18/17, Replies: 0 03/18/17 0
Celebration Okay firstly a confession: I personally am not currently a vegetarian I'm working towards it however my best friend is a Vegan. I am so proud of her because this time last year she decided to turn vegan and she has come so far and done so well, it is also her 20th Birthday coming up. As she adores Alice in Wonderland, as a surprise both for her birthday and her year of being a committed vegan, I wanted to give my friend her very own Mad Hatter Tea Party. The only issue I have is I really have no idea what sort of things to make for her to eat. There are some incredible cake recipes out there (I know I've tried them with her) but in terms of savoury food we can have as afternoon tea and pick at, I don't know where to start and honestly any advice would be warmly welcomed. Post Date: 12/01/16, Replies: 3 12/01/16 3
vegan chocolate cake and frosting disaster Hello!! I am trying to make a vegan chocolate cake and vegan chocolate frosting with no success! I have tried earth balance for butter replacement, the one with soy (yellow box) and without soy (red box). Cakes taste kid of salty/oily/weird/fishy but if I add a lot of cocoa powder and pure vanilla extract, they can be edible... kind of. The major problem I have is with frosting! There is no way earth balance can decently substitute butter. Frosting tastes bad, real bad. I experimented again tonight with both cake and frosting. Cake as usual is oily and salty, frosting is horrible! I refrigerated for a couple of hours and it now even tastes a bit bitter. Definitely not something to serve to any guest!! I made the frosting with half shortening and half earth balance stick, added a lot of powdered sugar, much more than the recipe called for, a lot of pure vanilla extract and adjusted consistency with coconut milk. I need help!!! what do you normally use for frosting? Do you know of another brand I can try? Am I doing anything wrong? I cannot use coconut spread as I live in Florida and it will melt before my eyes, here it doesn't keep in solid form at room temperature. Any help is much appreciated!! Thank you!! Post Date: 10/23/16, Replies: 1 10/23/16 1
Pineapple 'Fried' Rice--an original recipe Original Recipe by Sarah Danna (me Post Date: 10/23/16, Replies: 3 10/23/16 3
Rosemary Roasted Mushrooms Here’s a one delicious mushroom meal . You can use any kind of mushroom you like, or a combination of two or three. 1 lb. crimini (Baby Bella) mushrooms, stems trimmed 2 tbsp olive oil ¾ tsp crushed rosemary ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp ground pepper 3 garlic cloves, chopped You can find the whole recipe here : Post Date: 10/18/16, Replies: 4 10/18/16 4
Lost a treasured salad dressing recipe In a now-discontinued vegan forum many years ago, someone posted a delicious salad dressing recipe and I have lost it. It was a "ranch-type" dressing and the original recipe began with a girl's name. I remember a few ingredients - raw cashews, apple cider vinegar, sweetener of some kind. Does anyone recall a recipe like this? Thanks! Post Date: 07/08/16, Replies: 0 07/08/16 0
Free eBook - 21 Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know about the free ebook I recently released :) This ebook contains 21 vegan, gluten free recipes. These recipes were contributed by our favourite instagrammers, and these instagrammers have contributed their favourite recipes. So as you can assume, there are some really tasty choices! A lot of work has gone into this by our fellow instagrammers, and ourselves. The participants and I would really appreciate it if you helped us to share this amazing free ebook and let us know what you think of the authors recipes when you try them by tagging the participants or commenting on the recipe pages. Enjoy! Jamal Post Date: 06/30/16, Replies: 3 06/30/16 3
15 Amazing Vegan Curry Recipes You love curries but there are no vegan options near you? Or you want to eat curries like every day but can't afford restaurant meals that often? Why not make it yourself? Here are 15 of the best vegan curry recipes ever: Post Date: 04/25/16, Replies: 7 04/25/16 7
Chili, gluten free and vegan cupcakes. Check out the video, it is a really easy recipe. Post Date: 04/03/16, Replies: 0 04/03/16 0
POPRICE!!!!! Has anyone else ever discovered pop rice? If you leave brown rice cooking for ages it starts to pop and looks and tastes just like popcorn!! I discovered this by accident and so far haven't spoken to anyone else who knows about the secret popping rice Post Date: 03/25/16, Replies: 0 03/25/16 0
Cashew Chia Seeds Pudding Recipe Makes 2-4 servings Ingredients ¼ cup chia seeds 1 cup cashews 2 cups water pinch of salt 1 tbsp. raw honey or agave nectar Directions 1. Prepare the cashew milk: Put 1 cup cashews, 2 cups water, a pinch of salt, and 1 tablespoon of natural sweetener of your choice. Raw honey or agave nectar are my favorites. 2. Blend ingredients on high for about 90 seconds. 3. Strain the mixture through a nut milk bag or a strainer. This recipe yields two cups of milk and will last in the fridge for four days. 4. Put the seeds in a bowl and stir in 1 cup of milk. 5. Whisk together with until the seeds are well incorporated – about 10 minutes. The pudding will get clumpy if you don’t keep stirring. You’ll know it’s ready when it sets and gets a pudding-like texture. 6. Add the toppings of our choice – chopped apples, pitted cherries, chopped pecans, currants, or raisins are all great options. Kitchen notes You can experiment with the consistency by adding more chia seeds or more milk, but the general ratio is 4:1 (milk: chia) You can substitute the cashew milk for almond milk To save time, make a bigger batch and save it in the refrigerator for 4 days For a sweeter pudding stir in ½ teaspoon vanilla, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon maple syrup Nutritional facts Calories: 203kcal Total fat: 11.39g Total dietary fiber: 12.24g Protein: 5.62g Total sugars: 6.53g Sodium: 5mg Calcium: 189mg Phosphorus: 284mg Potassium: 48mg Zinc: 1.05mg Copper: 0.06mg Manganese: 0.65mg Source: Post Date: 03/22/16, Replies: 1 03/22/16 1
10 vegan and vegetarian recipes 10 vegan and vegetarian recipes to make you forget the meat as seen here: I love it! Post Date: 03/18/16, Replies: 0 03/18/16 0
Shelf life Hello, I have a tough question: recently I started to make vegan ganache at home. I think that the most appropriate substitution for heavy cream is "almond cream" (almond milk with a lot a almonds and a bit of water: around 25% fat). It tastes delicious but the problem is shelf life: after a few days it loses its taste. I don't know if is the almond cream or the fresh fruits I use for the ganache. So, someone have a suggestion? Thank's Post Date: 03/06/16, Replies: 1 03/06/16 1
Vegan Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Pancakes Hey everyone! I made these yesterday. Delicious savoury pancakes with a creamy spinach, mushroom and garlic sauce. Have a look! Ive recently become vegan and this is so creamy you would not believe it was vegan! Post Date: 02/29/16, Replies: 0 02/29/16 0
Raw Creamy Broccoli Soup Ingredients 3 cups filtered and warmed water – Not boiling 2 cups chopped, raw (uncooked) broccoli rabe 1 cup of raw cashews 1 T raw agave syrup (or 1 tsp of raw honey) 1 large avocado 1 clove of garlic 1/2 to 1 tsp. sea salt 1 tsp. onion powder. (You can use raw onion, but I find it a bitter in the soup.) 1 T. cumin powder Instructions Blend all of the below ingredients in a high-speed blender. (I use a Vita- Mix) Blend on high for a minute or two, until it’s warmed and creamy. Source: Post Date: 02/16/16, Replies: 3 02/16/16 3

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