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i've been a vegitarian since i was was 9, i am now 18. every year when thanksgiving comes around i look every where for some fake turkey and have no luck. i usally end up eating veggie chicken nuggets, but i would really like to have something with the turkey taste. in suggestions?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/21/08 15:37:56

    If you really want a "turkey" type item, here's a couple brands that carry those types of items:

    Both companies make pretty good products, although I am partial to field roast. I have not had the celebration roast (or the Tofurkey one either), though.

    Even if you still live with your parents, this would be a very easy thing to just heat up to have at the table. There's also lots of info online on fully vegan and vegetarian Thanksgivings.

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 17:15:11

    The only turkey I can find where I live is Yves turkey slices. They are really good. Two of my cats even likes it and you know cats most can be really picky. lol I am pretty picky too.

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    Posted by Truly at 11/24/08 06:09:25

    Two suggestions for you. One is, get a hold of Ron Picarski's cookbook Friendly Foods (available on Amazon), and make the recipe for Thanksgiving Day Tofu. He is am amazing chef who has won medals in the Culinary Olympics with his vegan recipes. I made this recipe one year and it was a huge hit.

    You can also get the recipe here: along with some other Thanksgiving suggestions from vegetarians.

    Another suggestion is, if you can't get anything that is 'faux turkey", make a stuffing. It has that holiday taste but doesn't have to contain meat. You can even get some vegan gravy to put over it, like the Hain fat-free packets they sell in health food stores.

    Good luck!


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    Posted by animalsrule at 10/01/09 15:34:14

    Usally I make a tofu turkey.

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    Posted by Sonja and Dirk at 10/01/09 18:09:15

    We leave the country. ;-p Seriously though, we often travel internationally at Thanksgiving as we like to utilize holiday time for vacations. We are again this year.

    But for the times we are home, it depends on which set of parents we are with. If it's my parents, we will make a full vegan meal with Tofurky, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, stuffing, pies, etc. and my parents will eat all of it with us. Dirk's parents are more stuck on having a poor bird, so we usually make two separate meals with them.

    And we love Field Roast. All of it is good, but the apple sage sausages are the best as well as the celebration roast. Living in LA, we have access to just about everything luckily. If you don't have a health food store near you to get a Tofurky or such, but do have a Trader Joe's, they do stock them during the holidays here (not the holiday feast kit, just the Tofurky by itself), so if you don't see it there, maybe you can ask. If that's a bust, there are plenty of recipes (as noted above) for holiday loafs and such. You can order them online too.

    And I had to laugh at the cat comment. We "test" our faux meats on our cats too to see how good they are. Tofurky slices are a winner!

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    Posted by shearwater at 10/03/09 07:57:40

    Thanksgiving? You mean that uniquely American holiday celebrating 400 years of genocide (beginning with that slave trader Columbus) against the people whose land European colonists wanted? They shared their food and then were slaughtered for dessert.

    Skip it! It's a nice day off. Go out in the woods and talk to a wild turkey. Be thankful for the things that matter.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 10/03/09 20:45:14

    Yay for shearwater!

    My reply would have been very similar to yours so I'll just add: It is another day to be thankful if one is not a Native American or a Turkey, a day of mourning for all who are or who care about those who are and a particularly good day to take action to end the ongoing atrocities against and oppression of indigenous people and animals everywhere!

    In short:


    No Thanks!

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