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-by a guy that doesn't really follow recipes

The following steps will be slightly vague, but follow your heart and your gut and at least some of these directions, and you're bound to have a very decent soup/stew. Good luck, be safe and have fun out there!!!

1. Buy pumpkins or other seasonal squash.
2. Slice the tops off.
3. Scoop the seeds and other goo and save seeds for a nice protein snack. The goo is full of vitamins, feel free to rub it all over your face before your next shower for extra beauty/radiance.
4. Slice the pumpkins/squash into halves or quarters, doesn't make a big difference, smother with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast at 450ish Fahrenheit until a fork slides through nicely. It's going to have to bake for 20-40 minutes, I can't really remember.
5. Chop onion and garlic (be generous with this stuff).
6. Heat olive oil in a soup pot, throw in the onion, wait a minute or 3 and add the garlic.
7. Add a bunch of spices (pepper, salt, turmeric, garam masala, curry powder, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, chili powder, cumin, whatever you like).
8. By now your pumpkin might be ready for action, if the fork slides in easily, remove from oven, and turn off the oven unless you're planning to roast the seeds right away.
9. If your squash has edible skin, skip this step, but if you're working with pumpkin use a spoon to remove pumpkin flesh from the skin (don't burn yourself).
10. Throw pumpkin/squash flesh into the soup pot with the spices/onions/garlic. Chuck a few diced tomatoes in if you happen to have about 400 in your garden like me.
11. Cover the stuff with some water, or veg broth/bouillon.
12. Cook at medium heat, I guess.
13. Once all the stuff has had a chance to boil together for awhile, reduce to a simmer.
14. Pour in some coconut milk for creaminess, maybe some spinach or anything you'd like to add that cooks really quickly.
15. Taste it, add some more spices as needed.
16. If you like a nice smooth soup, this is when you'll immerse your immersion blender in the mix and blend. Otherwise your meal will have the consistency of a stew, which is fine. Last night, for the first time, I added a few cups of previously-cooked lentils to the mix before blending for some extra protein. It was a good move, I'm gonna do it again.
17. Scoop the soup into a bowl.
18. If your pumpkin/squash/gourd seeds are already roasted, sprinkle a few on top for style points.
19. Enjoy your seasonal hearty meal.

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    Posted by HsW1 at 03/04/18 14:36:59

    Thanks for this,

    Amazing recipe list.

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