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Hi fellow vegan home cooks!

There are a lot of vegan recipes out there on the net but if you just randomly Google for a vegan recipe you get a zillion of results and many of these recipes are just not that good.

If you stick with recipes from websites or blogs from good vegan chefs (professional ones or the better vegan home cooks) you can be pretty sure that all the vegan recipes rock like a clock.

What is your favorite website or blog from a vegan cook that has vegan recipes??

I want to make a list of the Top Ten vegan blogs with vegan recipes and post that list here on HappyCow as a reference for other vegan home cooks (you and me!)

here are two of my favs:

Isa Sandra Moskowits's blog:

and Bianca phillips, author from Eating Vegan In The Dirty South

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    Posted by irenesuhwon93 at 08/10/14 15:27:24

    I'm starting to branch off on my channel and talk about vegan related videos. I'm still trying to get more exposure on my channel and I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out! I only have one food review up but I have many more planned!

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    Posted by StephenS at 08/10/14 11:34:24

    Besides the Happy Cow Recipe Section;

    I'm also going to have to go with one of our Happy Cow Members (eatyourveggies) Sites;

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    Posted by lindn at 08/09/14 10:33:46

    I like…
    Jason Wrobel: - his videos are entertaining

    Choosing Raw:

    Ricki Heller:

    Tahlia Fuhrman:

    Fat Free Vegan Kitchen:

    Vegan Richa:

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    Posted by Umapuma at 10/10/14 11:06:34 Is a beautiful Estonian girl who makes fun and real meals I can actually duplicate.

    and is just pretty to look at and super creative.

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    Posted by J and J at 10/12/14 13:13:30

    Our top vegan recipe blogs are,

    1. everything we've tried from her blog or cookbook is amazing!

    2. we owe learning how to cook to Isa

    3. creative and amazing recipes such as vegan brownie ice cream sandwiches!

    4. love the innovation, such as vegan Turkish pizza

    5. healthy, wholesome, creative, and delicious --- her peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are our all-time favorite!

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