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finding uses for leftovers makes cooking for less people more practical...

For ratatoullie i take a bagette and put the sauce on top topped with some vegan mozeralla or gouda to make a low fat, non saturated easy pizza. That saves a lot of money going to dominoes. For paella, rissoto, bulgar wheat other rice dishes or cous cous can be made into suppli or archini. as follows.
take the rice or other grains dry but do not brown in oven or leave in fridge overnight.
lay breadcrumbs out on a surface. divide the rice into balls that fit easily into your hands open the ball with your thumb take a quarter thumbful of vegan cheese and place in middle refix over the ball and roll in the breadcrumbs. repeat. take balls to deep fat fryer and deep fry for roughly two mins or until bread crumbs are golden.

The left overs of main meals can be used at stage 3 of cooking soup,see entry in starting off and hints, instead of vegtables. Try addingsome pre-soaked barley or rice or noodles for flavour thickening and making a meal of it; if you use a lot of carbs like rice or grains you need to add more water or stock liquid at stage 4.

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    Posted by adbuster at 11/17/07 19:17:11

    For those interested in real conservation concerns the following link should prove persuasive, especially the bit about supermarkets. Overconsumption is wasteful.
    support buy nothing day.

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    Posted by adbuster at 11/17/07 19:18:29

    forgot the link...


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    Posted by adbuster at 11/30/07 16:17:20

    the recipy for arancini rice dish that i mentioned is:

    large pinch of saffron threads
    250ml hite wine
    100g soy marg
    1 onion finelychopped
    1 laqrge garlic clove
    750ml stock
    2 tbls thyme
    225g risotto rice{arborio or Or carnaroli}

    100g vegan mozzarella or fontina, in cubes
    75g driedbreadcrumbs
    oil for deep frying
    makes 20

    soak saffron in wine.melt soy arg in large saucepan. add onion and garlic cook over lw heat for 3-4 mins till softened. heat stock to simmeringpoint in anothr saucepan.
    add thyme and rice to the onion and garlic, cook stirring for one minute tosal the rice. add the wine and saffron and stir until the wine is all absorbed.
    add several ladels of stock stirring so rice cooks evenly. keep adding enough stock to just cover the rice, stirring frequently.
    continue in this way for 20 minutes, or until rice is creamy.

    then spread on a tray covered with baking film.

    leave to cool , if poss overnight.

    roll a small amount of rissoto into a walnut-sized ball. press a hole in the middle with your thumb, press a small amount of vegan cheese and press the risotto around it to enclose in a ball.
    repeat with the rest of the rissoto. roll each ball in the breadcrumbs, pressing down to coat well.

    heat enough oil in a deep fat fryer to fully cover the archini. heat oil to 180 350f , or till a pice of bread fries golden brown in 15 secs when dropped in oil. deep fry the archini in batches without crowding for3-4 mins. drain on paper towel leave for a coupe of minutes. serve.

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    Posted by treehugger at 03/10/08 07:54:21

    I am queen of making meals out of left overs. I throw NOTHING in the compost that can be eaten by me and my family.

    Any leftover cooked veggies are blended or mashed with onion, garlic, lentils or beans and made into burgers, sausages, neatballs etc etc.

    We live in such a wasteful throw away time!!

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