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I have a tough question: recently I started to make vegan ganache at home. I think that the most appropriate substitution for heavy cream is "almond cream" (almond milk with a lot a almonds and a bit of water: around 25% fat).
It tastes delicious but the problem is shelf life: after a few days it loses its taste. I don't know if is the almond cream or the fresh fruits I use for the ganache.
So, someone have a suggestion?


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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/06/16 05:00:02

    Fresh foods are best eaten fresh. Live (raw) food generally begins to decompose (and lose nutrients) as soon as picked (fruit) or released from shell (nuts).

    This is how nature works and its always best to work with nature, rather than to try to defeat it (with chemicals such as preservatives). Food that can sit on a shelf for weeks, months or years (baked goods, processed foods) remain "edible" because of chemicals, pasteurization or radiation. All three cause changes and denaturing of food.

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