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Good morining, how are all of you?
I have one question, I have recently became a vegetarian, now i feel better and have more energy :) however I really hate peeling vegetables, is there a faster way to peel them? what do you use for peeling ? :)

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 10/17/15 03:47:46

    Hi laylafisher, I think I "met" you on another forum. :) I hear ya with hating peeling vegetables. I often just leave the skin on. Last night I made apple crisp and I left the skin on the apples (I used apples from my own apple tree so no worries about chemicals and pesticides sprayed on apples). I do peel potatoes with a potato peeler. There is a technique and once you get it down it goes much faster. I used to press down hard to peel them, now I barely flick the skin firmly and quickly and find it easier. For butternut squash, I will slice across it widthwise, and make circular slices. Then I just cut around each circular slice and it goes very quickly. I use a regular small knife to peel sweet potato. For mangoes, I just slice the skin all the way around the outer part of the fruit. I do the same with jicama and rutabaga. It's so hard to explain online. I'll bet there are YouTube videos that demonstrate peeling skins. I once watched a dvd that came with a raw vegan book I had, and I was utterly amazed at how easy she made it seem the way she broke open coconuts with a tap and cut fruits and veggies and so on. It does take a little effort, but the dishes you get from whole foods are really awesome, and after eating this way for a while your energy increases and your body works more efficiently and you just don't get sick while your office mates and coworkers are all getting sick with annual colds and flu. I love keeping my meals simple and less processed. Often I prepare stuff a day or two ahead or on Sundays when I have extra time. My work week is busy...out of the house from 6am to 5pm, but I always have whole foods on hand.
    I also learned shortcuts like steaming sweet potatoes and potatoes instead of baking them. Steaming takes about ten or fifteen minutes to get soft potatoes, even sweet potatoes, as opposed to an hour in the oven. Ditto with butternut sqaush. Sometimes if you have a lot of trouble with skins, you can lightly boil or blanch the fruit or vegetables and then the skin becomes loose and you can slide, rub, or peel it off easier. If you do leave skin on, be sure to scrub the fruit or vegetable in hot water first and get the dirt specks etc out.

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