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Not sure what to do with leftover rice? Preferably white rice…
One trick I learned is to mix the rice with coconut milk, cinnamon, dates/raisins and/or bananas to make a delicious rice pudding dessert. Any other ideas?

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    Posted by Amy1274 at 01/17/16 23:55:16

    The rice pudding sounds nice. But you don't need to eat in straight away if you don't feel like rice - have you got a freezer? To be honest, I usually freeze leftover rice, and then defrost it when I need a quick meal like rice, beans and tomato sauce, or am craving something like curry. The only things to remember are to let the rice completely cool before freezing it, and to add a tablespoon of water per cup when defrosting, otherwise the texture can go a bit strange.

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    Posted by veganziggy at 03/22/16 09:05:36

    You could make a Asian fried rice by adding spring onions, veggies (fresh or frozen), tamari or soy sauce and sriracha