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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about the free ebook I recently released :)

This ebook contains 21 vegan, gluten free recipes. These recipes were contributed by our favourite instagrammers, and these instagrammers have contributed their favourite recipes.

So as you can assume, there are some really tasty choices! A lot of work has gone into this by our fellow instagrammers, and ourselves. The participants and I would really appreciate it if you helped us to share this amazing free ebook and let us know what you think of the authors recipes when you try them by tagging the participants or commenting on the recipe pages.



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    Posted by CollinMcR at 06/15/16 13:16:33

    Thank you! I've always wanted to try vegan recipes.

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    Posted by happybettie at 06/15/16 13:41:45

    I hardly can imagine gluten free food. It's almost impossible to cook gluten free.

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    Posted by S111 at 06/30/16 19:39:04

    Luckily enough it is not, as the many coeliacs in this world, like me, know. It is definitely not easy, especially when eating out, but like going vegan; you adapt, you learn, it becomes a habit.
    Thanks for the recipes.

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