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Love the coconut ice cream, easy to make your own too. My daughter can make endless types of ice cream and pops and in fact has just brought out a book with 80 recipes made from coconut milk. If you are interested, you can find details on her blog wallflowergirl.co.uk

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    Posted by KukoVegan at 05/26/14 13:05:42

    It aall looks soo yummy, thanks a lot :)
    I´ve missed icecream as a vegan, thought about making my own and from a coconut milk too, but never got to do it, now I have inspiration ;)

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    Posted by celliluis at 06/24/14 05:23:02

    It all looks soo delicious, thanks a lot :)i really like the ice creem.

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    Posted by StephenS at 06/24/14 11:07:33

    Awesome - thanks for the heads up. Kudos and much success to your Daughter - great endeavor!!

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