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"Raw-X-ploitation" of bees "Raw-X-ploitation" ........tis a great pity that bee abuse / murder is on the increase in the "Year of the Ox" - so many of the burgeoning "Raw" community cannot admit to being "honey addicted" & accept suffering some withdrawal symptoms for a few days. Too many of the RAW selling sites look like "Herbalife / Amway / Mr. Nice" cocktails! Opening a simple fruit / veggie store would be a much better "good Karma generator". - "......also promotes lots of greens and whole foods, those are hard to sell from a website though." Where have all the Cow-Bees Gone? - Albert Einstein quote - " If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left" Post Date: 02/07/09, Replies: 1 02/07/09 1
Raw Food in St. Petersburg, Florida Wow, a new (only) Raw food restaurant opened in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. I went there for the first time two weeks ago, and again yesterday. Even though I have even Raw food at home before, I never went out of my way to find a raw food restaurant before. i think what amazed me the most was how much variety there was on the menu. Honestly, there were too many things to order! Anyone who thinks all we eat is lettuce and fruit is truly nuts. I am looking forward to buying some equipment and learnig how to make some really awesome gourmet-style raw food dishes at home. Post Date: 12/21/08, Replies: 1 12/21/08 1
Raw Foods in West Los Angeles Hi everyone! I recently found out about Tia's Bakery in Marina del Rey. They actually deliver their desserts to you, can you believe it? (I think there's a minimum order, not sure). They have a fantastic dessert that my family and I just love called a Raw Naked Fruit Tart. The search for great tasting raw foods for those of us who are on that path can be frustrating. And I wanted to share what we've found. We usually have the 11" tart a couple of time each month (my 18yr-old wolfs it down so fast we have to be quick). If anyone has other recommendations please share wont ou? Post Date: 12/21/08, Replies: 1 12/21/08 1
what grains make the best raw milk? since iam fast 22 days already with liquid i try to found good healthy sources, i make milk out of soy,alomond,rice,sesame..any other idea what grains to use? Post Date: 12/15/08, Replies: 0 12/15/08 0
Joan Pick glowing in Croydon - happily raw The woman with a tiny carbon footprint . Forget planes, trains or automobiles - if Joan Pick wants to go anywhere, she runs. And she eats nothing but raw food. Is her lifestyle extreme or the future we must all face up to? . Sweet article to read & enjoy! . Right here - Post Date: 11/16/08, Replies: 0 11/16/08 0
Just eat some wonderfull raw cheesecake... and wanting to make it myself. I was in Camden London and there is a vegan/ eco place. Sadly all the other warm things had gone so I picked a slice of raw vegan cheesecake to eat and a vegan raw bonbon. Both were great (sadly the bonbon was not made with slave free cacao, they claimed never to have heard about slave free cacao but here in the netherlands we have slave free chocolat even the fairtrade cacao isn't slave free) but now I want to make cheesecake for my hubby. Just like I had it. I can say there was a bottom made out of nuts (well that is what I tasted) and the cheese cake was made with Cocos and some fruitjuice but more I've no clue. Normally I eat mostly vegetarian food (because of my foodallergies I have to) and I would check my cookbooks but none of them have this cake in it. Who is helping me out with this? Post Date: 11/12/08, Replies: 3 11/12/08 3
Raw Food info Being relatively new to raw foods, I have been looking for raw food resources and I found a good one. It’s at You can call in and hear information from raw food experts such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens and David Wolfe. Also has anyone seen the trailer for the new film Raw for 30? It's a film about diabetics who eat a raw food diet for 30 days and how they reverse their diabetes. The trailer looks amazing! Take a look at I'm eager to talk to anyone who is into raw foods and what his/her experience has been with raw foods. Thanks, Josh Post Date: 08/10/08, Replies: 2 08/10/08 2
raw food chef lessons in greece i got a page from friend about a raw vegan lady that she gives raw food lessons in greece here her adress she is firnd of my friend Post Date: 06/10/08, Replies: 0 06/10/08 0
Raw Foods on Food Network There is a show on Food Network titled \"Have Fork, Will Travel\". On yesterday's episode he went to Jamaica and the last person he interviewed discussed the raw diet and that it originated in Jamaica. He discussed a lot of their ideas about raw, like that the sun is already cooking the food as it is growing so there is not further need to cook the food. Then he made a killer looking pie! Yum! This is a quick explanation of the episode:,3180,FOOD_30217_53081,00.html I hope they rerun it. Maybe it'll be on youtube. It was so awesome to see some raw on mainstream TV! Post Date: 03/16/08, Replies: 1 03/16/08 1
Raw foods and particularly grains Hmmm ... where to start ... I'm looking to incorporate more grains in my diet. Part of the goal would be to lose weight. Have my body work more to process the food. Fibre is good. Also I'm a diabetic (type 2) - need to weigh up anything that will eventually convert to glucose. I eat loads of fruit - which I generally consider better than most other things I might be tempted to eat. I like my veges too. I eat when hungry - except my evening meal. I eat some processed cereals, a wheat-bix (Australia) hi-grain and also some all bran cereal. I guess in part I want something that is readily edible - including while at work (office environment). Something with reasonable protein would be good. Low GI would be good. While I don't want to more away from eating a lot of fruit - I probably eat at least 35 pieces of fruit per week (about 30 bananas) And to top it all off - I'd hope whatever ideas you might have would point to some grains that are somewhat attractive to eat. Or at least not bland and dry. Any thoughts? Regards, Russell. Post Date: 03/12/08, Replies: 4 03/12/08 4
morning starchmunchers Before you decided to take this crusty diet that made you feel better about yourselves, did you actually might be reasons that we are omnivores? You try to discredit people who are 'just' medical doctors, but u do realise that medicine is a large proportion of chemistry, which is what cooking is. Instead of saying research says that eating shoots has healing powers, why dont you show this research? Post Date: 01/24/08, Replies: 1 01/24/08 1
Who Eats a Raw Food Diet? Hmmm.... I personally do not follow a raw food diet or know anyone in my close circle that does. Is anyone on this forum a full raw foodist? Maybe you can share a bit about your diet with us. Thank you. Post Date: 01/18/08, Replies: 2 01/18/08 2
I Started a garden. My new home was built on the lot where an old gas station existed. The soil seems to be fertile enough, but some of the plants have a most strange appearance and odor. Can hydrocarbons effect the quality of my harvest....and what can i do to eliminate the problem? Post Date: 11/19/07, Replies: 1 11/19/07 1
Raw Foods for healing Hi everyone- Has anyone seen the trailer for "Raw For 30 Days". It's a documentary about Six people who normally eat fast food, who try going 100% raw for a month. It features doctors, experts, and raw foodists who are interviewed including Gabriel Cousens, MD, David Wolfe, and Woody Harrelson. I am new to raw foods and very interested in hearing from others who are raw foodists and people who are trying to change their lives for the better. Many people in my family have diabetes and I have changed my diet and gone raw to prevent myself from also getting diabetes. The trailer on Youtube at: Visit the Raw For 30 Days site at: Post Date: 11/09/07, Replies: 0 11/09/07 0
Interested to learn Raw Food cooking in Bk Interested to learn raw food cooking in Bangkok, Thailand. Hi I'm one of a big fan of Rassayana Retreat's raw food restaurant in Bangkok. I like the taste of raw food here very much. So I would like to know the ingredents in these dishes here. So I asked them about the cooking class.It is quite expensive but I negotiated till get a very good deal. It is 12000 Baht/10 dishes for up to 3 persons in each class session. The class is the whole day so there are 2 sessions, morning and afternoon. They cannot hold more than 3 persons each as the kitchen there is quit small. So let say if you interested 5 dish you can take one session at 2000 baht. But if you interested 10 dishes then, it costs 4000 baht. No matter 5 or 10 dishes you choose to learn, we still can share all the recipes. I really want to take the class and would like to find friends who also interested in this to share the cost. So please help if you are interested. Please call me at 664-0082121 as I might not be able to check mail so often. Thank you. Post Date: 10/26/07, Replies: 0 10/26/07 0
Raw Food and Vegan Group - Sydney, AUS Hi, there is a Raw Food and Vegan Group that started in about May 2007 which meetup regulary in Sydney, Australia. If anyone is interested, the website is I have been a member of this group, although I am vegan, not raw. Post Date: 10/14/07, Replies: 0 10/14/07 0
Raw Foods in San Diego, CA There will be Raw Food chef Mindy Goldis here in San Diego to show us how to prepare raw foods, and new ideas, even deserts. It will be at Mueller College in University Heights this Sunday. 800-245-1976 Post Date: 09/05/07, Replies: 0 09/05/07 0
Raw Food in Tallahassee, Florida This is great, HappyCow has a subcategory just for raw foods. If you are a raw foodist, feel free to reply to this thread and say hello. Post Date: 06/23/07, Replies: 6 06/23/07 6

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