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FREE Green Smoothie Recipe Ebook Hi guys, I've been wanting to start green juicing and found a free green smoothie recipe ebook. Check it out and tell me if you think these are good ones: Post Date: 03/15/13, Replies: 0 03/15/13 0
Meet a Newcomer Warm Wishes to Everyone, A new member here!! really you have a great site and much informative ideas are available here. I am here to make some new friends, share experience and my knowledge. Thanks and Regards, Milton James Post Date: 01/25/13, Replies: 0 01/25/13 0
Raw food website for tips and recipes I started this site when I decided to go raw and wanted to spread the word. I love the raw food lifestyle and have now included a section morblimey as many people were interested in eating healthier food, but didn't want to go 100% raw. morblimey contains cooked vegan recipes, but the main site is raw. Please take a look - I hope you enjoy it. rawblimey - raw food to swear by! Post Date: 01/17/13, Replies: 0 01/17/13 0
Raw food recipe search engine We've started to support raw food searches at Select raw food in the cooking section - near the bottom of the search form. We recommend then adding an ingredient in the must include list, or add alcoholic drinks to the must exclude list to remove most of the cocktail recipes which are technically raw. It's not perfect yet, due to technical difficulties in recognizing raw recipes, but we hope people will find it useful. We'd love to get some feedback so we can improve this feature. Post Date: 01/16/13, Replies: 0 01/16/13 0
Truffle Butter All the stuff out there never says real truffles and full of mushrooms when you read the label. Is there anything real in truffle butter? Post Date: 12/26/12, Replies: 0 12/26/12 0
Are All Pulses Safe To Sprout? I've just bought myself a 3 tier bean sprouter last week. It came with 2 packets of alfalfa and green lentils. I've succesfully sprouted these and they both tasted really good. I have some more on the way but now like to experiment with some different pulses. Are they all safe to sprout? I know red kidney beans are not a good idea. Has anybody out there ever tried butter beans? Post Date: 10/15/12, Replies: 0 10/15/12 0
sprouted raw producer: looking for partner We are an organic food producer from Romania, Europe ( look for Petras Bio on the net, at the time only in Romanian ) and started newly a sprouted raw food line ( seeds, grains,granola, crackers, snacks ). We work 100% organic, sprout buckwheat, sesame, oat, sun flower, quinoa, use only raw ingredients and dry under 107° F. We have great quality, well under the market prices ( because we have a good running factory of pasta and other organic products we can afford lower costs )and in 4 months already got customers in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Hungary and Romania. Myself as vegan and to a great extent raw foodist love our sprouted and raw products most - they are my baby. I am looking for a partner to distribute our products in USA and Canada. We use to work with such partners in different European countries. Post Date: 01/30/12, Replies: 0 01/30/12 0
Starting a Raw Food Diet Hello; After doing a lot of research, I have decided that I would absolutely love to transition to eating 100% raw foods, but I had a few questions and concerns. How would you reccomend going about the transition and how much time do you think I should allow my body to go through a transition period to just eating raw foods? One of my main concerns with this diet, is that it seems rather expensive. I am a college student, I don't exactly have much of an income right now, and it's hard for me to spend so much money on food every week, regardless of how good I know it is for me. I don't have any equipment, such as juicers or blenders, or dehydrators, and I was wondering out of these machines (or other machines that I haven't mentioned) Which one would be the most important for me to have? What foods do you buy that are the least expensive, but are staples to your diet? I would sincerely appreciate any help you guys couls give me about this! Thanks Post Date: 01/09/12, Replies: 0 01/09/12 0
Biscru:Looking for a business partner! I have a license from France( for vegan raw organic crackers for all Canada and US. I am looking for a partner, do you know any one who could be interested? They are already sold in 15 countries in Europe.The owner already had to extend his facilities.In Europe they don't have a clue about the raw food diet....and everybody loves them. 2 of the general office(who cover 11states) from Whole Food Market are interested ,they are waiting for the final packaging. We can keep the name or change it.We can import first (to test) and than manufacture them or....what ever we want! Thank you, Kind Regards Carole Post Date: 12/16/11, Replies: 0 12/16/11 0
Selling juice at the farmer's market in FL Hi there, I would like to sell my tasty and organic juices at the farmer's market and offer it to the public here in Florida. Any ideas on how to get started with the legal stuff? Thank you very much. Eliette. Post Date: 12/16/11, Replies: 0 12/16/11 0
raw vegan gurmet classes in bangkok If you travel to thailand you can have 3 days classes on raw vegan dishes, 40 recipes 15 hours certificate on maykaidee vegetarian restaurant by dimitri raw vegan chef You may see all recipes at Emails at: Prices are starting at 330 for 15 hours seminar Post Date: 12/11/11, Replies: 0 12/11/11 0
CT's Best Kept Secret: Raw Food Central Hello guys, I wanted to tell you about Raw Food Central. They are a hidden gem in New England serving amazing Organic, Raw, Vegan Food. They all possess hearts of gold and really show how to live & eat simply and be happy! They have had past Raw Experts come in the past as well as fantastic potlucks. So keep checking back as we are connected to FB, and are on meetup. Activities will include potlucks, basic to advanced classes, holiday gatherings, more presenters, a food co-op, more fun, art workshops and more!! Their website: Their meetup Their FB page: Who wants to come with me & be part of an amazing RAW Family!! Post Date: 12/05/10, Replies: 0 12/05/10 0
The Raw Food Kids Check out this funny new vdo: offspring from the Raw 30 Days film: Post Date: 11/30/10, Replies: 0 11/30/10 0
Raw Vs. Cooked Wondering if anyone has an opinion about this message that was sent to me?: Q: I've heard that cooking destroys nutrients. Would it be better to eat only raw foods? A (un-named MD): Many people believe that fresh fruits and vegetables always contain more nutrients than cooked ones, but cooked carrots have higher levels of antioxidants than fresh carrots. Cooking carrots in the presence of a small amount of oil or butter increases the amount of two antioxidants called beta carotene and phenolic acid. Cooking also increases the amount of lycopene you get from tomatoes. Cooking breaks the plant cells open to increase the absorption of these antioxidants and other beneficial plant chemicals. Adding a little oil or butter increases absorption of fat soluble chemicals. Some vitamins are affected by cooking, but you'll still get plenty. The enzymes in food that are destroyed by heat are of no use to you; your body makes the enzymes you need to digest your food. Most of the nutrients in food (minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates) are not destroyed by heat, and many common foods are unpalatable or unsafe if they are not cooked. I recommend eating the widest possible variety of fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, and fresh, frozen, canned or dried. For more on food enzyems see Post Date: 11/16/10, Replies: 7 11/16/10 7
which sweet (sugar,syrup) is for raw vegan i know maple, any other option?is that carob syrup? Post Date: 11/15/10, Replies: 10 11/15/10 10
Green Up Your Diet Class-Alameda CA (RAW) Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about an upcoming class that I'm co-teaching next week in Alameda CA called "Green Up Your Diet". I'll be traveling to CA from Austin and hope to meet some of you there! I've released over 115lbs following a predominantly raw and living foods diet with an emphasis on high-amounts of greens! I think no matter if you choose to eat cooked, raw, vegan, meat or whatever getting more greens especially the dark leafy greens and sea vegetables is key to long lasting health. Please visit my websites at to learn more about this upcoming class. Please pass this message along to anyone you think might be interested! I appreciate it! Become a Greenivore! Post Date: 08/09/10, Replies: 0 08/09/10 0 - Raw Foods - Eco Products Hello! I have been a long time vegan (primarily raw foodist). I am working for a company called The site contains over 15,000 products that are for sale by green companies. and we are currently building up our raw foods section. If you are a company selling raw food online, or someone who is interested in buying raw foods or other eco-friendly products, please check us out. Thanks! Ken Post Date: 07/19/10, Replies: 15 07/19/10 15
Raw food restaurant in Cologne Germany? Anyone know if there is a raw,vegan, or vegetarian restaurant they reccomend in Cologne Germany? Thanks Post Date: 07/01/10, Replies: 0 07/01/10 0
Raw book Wich one do you think is better? The complete idiots guide to eating raw or Eat smart eat raw Post Date: 01/13/10, Replies: 3 01/13/10 3
Eco Chef Raw Food TV Show Series and info! Try my RAW IN TEN MINUTES raw orgnic recipe book it has the best reviews, is the most fun, fast, easy and RAWlicious! It's available on and people love it but I also based it on all of Gabriel Cousens MD recommendations and advice and they all take less than 10 minutes to make and is ready to serve, eat and enjoy! Hi Chef Bryan Au here! I have a best selling raw organic recipe book: And my own ECO CHEF TV SHOW Series that will air on a major TV Network in the USA and in Europe, UK and Asia in 4 weeks on TV here are some samples: is the YouTube link to my famous Oraweo Cookie recipe and ECO CHEF TV Show Series. is 9 minute Episode #2 of ECO CHEF TV Show Series Enjoy! Chef Bryan Au Post Date: 12/27/09, Replies: 0 12/27/09 0
Raw Food Classes Vancouver BC Canada The RAW Foundation Culinary Arts Institute is the first institute of its kind in Canada. We are devoted to educating on the benefits of a plant-based diet and empowering both home & professional chefs to prepare delicious,raw & living food meals and share this passion with others, doing what they love. We offer a wide range of classes from Rapture on Raw Desserts,Raw Food For Athletes, Eating for Natural Beauty, Cafe Gratitude Dinner Series to Alissa Cohen Living On Live Food Chef and Instructor Certifications. Please checkout our webstie: Sign up for our free weekly raw food recipe newsletter! We look forward to sharing the gift of raw food with you. Post Date: 10/10/09, Replies: 0 10/10/09 0
Know any Raw Foodists in Calgary Alberta? Please send me details if you do!!! ;) Post Date: 07/19/09, Replies: 0 07/19/09 0
When Ordering Raw Many of you who are Raw or are interested in a starting point, you most likely search the internet for hours on where to find the best deals on Blenders, Bulk Foods, Water Ionizers, Rebounders, Etc... It is very important you STAY AWAY from the follow three web sites. Blind Guru RawSwammy Rawfoodobession .com This is the same person that leads a cult. He and his accomplices offer you "the best deals" on the web and you end up with stuff you did not order and a big headache, that is IF you get anything. These people are scam artists. They sell them selves on sharing is caring, but all they really do is steal from you. BUYER YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Post Date: 05/10/09, Replies: 0 05/10/09 0
Raw/Living Food Workshop- NEast Florida The most comprehensive information for learning how to heal, rejuvenate, and detoxify your physical body, mind, and emotions powerfully, naturally, and affordably with living vegetarian foods, herbs, purified and energized water, juices, superfoods, truly natural food-based supplements, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting subconscious beliefs, and more. Post Date: 04/12/09, Replies: 1 04/12/09 1
raw food restaurants in orlando? Hello, are their any raw food restaurants and health food stores in the kissimmee/orlando area? Post Date: 04/09/09, Replies: 2 04/09/09 2
Calgary Alberta Raw Food classes Raw Soul is a live foods culinary school and catering business located in Calgary Alberta. We are dedicated to teaching others about the healthy lifestyle of raw vegetarian food. Raw Soul teaches 4 week certificate chef courses to children ranging in age from 6-15 years old. We also teach day and weekend certificate classes to adults age 16-120 years old. At Raw Soul we believe you are never to young or to old to learn to make healthy meals that your body and soul will love! Please check out website. Kathryn Wolfe Post Date: 03/03/09, Replies: 0 03/03/09 0
Raw Restaurant Story / Pure Food & Wine NY Good "raw restaurant" article - worth reading if you are planning a raw project. Excerpt - So when did you decide to open a raw-food restaurant? When we were introduced to raw food, we went to Jeffrey with our big pitch and said, "Don't think we're crazy, but this is what we want to do." Over the next year we were looking for spaces, doing research and testing recipes all the time, trying to flesh out a menu. It's just so different from coming up with a menu for any other restaurant because you're using a whole new set of skills and having to educate yourself on new preparations and techniques, and learning the scientific rationale behind eating raw. Full article here - More info - Post Date: 02/09/09, Replies: 0 02/09/09 0

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