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i know maple, any other option?is that carob syrup?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 07/04/08 08:51:49

    Most raw vegans I know, and restaurants I've been to, use raw agave nectar.

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    Posted by veggi lover at 07/04/08 20:03:41

    Yes, Agave Nectar is wonderful and your body does not recognize it as sugar, and it is low on the glycemic Index...Cool

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    Posted by Girl-Gone-Raw at 08/14/08 08:20:42

    Have you tried yacon syrup, it is not as sweet as agave, but kind of carmelly. It is good if you need watch blood sugar or sugar in general.
    Raw agave is always a winner.
    100% Pure Maple Srup is okay, but those calories can add up quick!

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    Posted by ampallang at 12/23/08 07:01:01

    you can always soak dates and blend them if they are cheaper.
    I hear its good. you could even use Stevia, but its so strong.. I think there are some health risks.. getting cancer, but you probably are risking getting cancer by walking outside anyway... :)Agave is great, here in denmark its too expensive so im looking for alternatives too

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    Posted by kindlizard at 12/23/08 10:18:57

    Is maple "raw"? They have to cook it or boil it down or whatever before its edible. 10 gallons makes 1 quart. word is that may have changed somewhat, but i think thats the old school way.

    Agave is nice...

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    Posted by Tatiana at 12/23/08 11:39:32

    As far as I know maple syrup is only available cooked (it goes through quite a lengthy process to go from sap to syrup). I couldn't find any references for raw maple syrup, and every raw site I went to said it is only available cooked.

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    Posted by dimitri at 02/15/09 23:28:19

    Careful with dates…they soak them into glucose and add E(forgot which one ) plus a sulphur,i check the whole sell boxes those comes from from Tunisia…the shinny ones may have glucos.use only organic and even those be sure are glucose free

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    Posted by krohla at 04/09/09 03:12:36

    All maple syrup is heavily cooked. Raw sweeteners: RAW agave (it can also be cooked) Madhava brand is widely available in the US, yacon syrup, yacon root powder, mesquite powder, stevia (SweetLeaf flavored stevias are fabulous, Now brand liquid stevia does not have the bitter aftertaste). Stevia is the best choice, it does not feed candida yeast in the GI tract and heals the pancreas. It absolutely is NOT a carcinogen. See or, or Google "stevia carcinogenic"

    Most Americans (including raw foodists) have issues with candida, molds, fungi, parasites, and pathogenic bacteria and viruses. All sugars feed them. Stevia technically is an herb and chemically is not a sugar. Stevia does not taste good mixed in fats, oils, or nuts. Mixing other sugars with fats feeds these pathogens. When you truly get rid of candida and other pathogens, you generally lose your taste for sweeteners or even much fruit.

    Although not vegan, raw honey has healing and antiseptic properties.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 04/09/09 17:36:24

    "Although not vegan......" - change this to - "although murderous / cruel to bees"!

    For healing / antiseptic use - water - lemons - selected herbs - please do not abuse / steal from bees!

    To experience sweetness I kiss vegans - regularly!

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    Posted by truffle at 11/15/10 16:29:41

    i use 100% maple syrup =)

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