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Please help stop bird slaughter on June 1

Posted by bicyclesophie at 05/30/2010

Please, please help! I live in Cabrillo apartments in Scottsdale. They have been taking down mature trees in which birds have hatchlings. The arbor company is throwing them into the wood chipper! They have been seen crushing them with their boots and tossing them into the dumpsters, also.

On Tuesday, June 1, they are going to take down every single mature tree in the apartment complex, (a dozen or more trees), and that means literally hundreds of completely defenseless baby birds being casually tossed into the wood chippers! I can't sleep and I feel sick. I have notified a wildlife rescue group, but haven't heard from them yet. I can't be at every tree to go through the branches looking for babies. I don't even know if I'll be able to get close enough. I am calling out to the community around me for help. If you can't come, please send your best energy for assistance.

I am trying to rally people from every resource for this, I may even lose my apartment. So be it. The loss of the trees alone is bad enough, sickening! But tossing babies in a wood chipper is insane and dark! I will not live here anymore, this is not my home.

Please, please help. Tuesday AM and all day, Cabrillo Apartments: 11620 E Sahuaro Dr, Scottsdale 85259

If you have a news resource, please contact them. I am new to Arizona and I want to do anything possible to stop this or lessen the bloodshed.



SarahGladdon at 06/04/2010 08:37:11
If I lived near you I would have gone to help, that is truly awful!
This is one of the reasons I have lost faith in the human race.

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