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I've been experimenting with raw food & have been having problems with gas.

Anyone have similar issues?

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    Posted by Joe at 09/23/07 06:58:20

    The witholding of bodily functions, especially the pressure of gas, may eventually cause you to blow an O-ring. And you can have fun with the wife at bedtime. LOL!!

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    Posted by Jeffrey at 11/19/07 08:07:30

    I'm with you on that one, Joe. My wife is mad at me because she says I was holding it all in until after we got married last year!!! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and the sheet is floating towards the ceiling!
    Seriously though, I sprout a lot of things, beans included, and I seem to get lots of gas from that. Alfalfa is actually a legume (bean), so eating lots of alfalfa sprouts might do it too. You might want to try eating a digestive enzyme after meals too. And remember, cows and horses are in the raw food club, and they can sure fart a lot.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 11/19/07 11:38:21

    If you are eating a lot of gassy foods, you can try Beano or a similar product. It just gives you the enzymes you need to break down some of the fibers and starches so you digest it instead of your bacteria so you won't make as much gas. I'm not 100% sure it's vegan, you may want to ask the company.

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    Posted by SbutterAMfly at 01/02/08 09:27:11

    I'm also noticing that raw foods have been making me more gassy. I'd rather not rely on any kind of pill to ease my discomfort, so I'm wondering if there are any particular raw foods that will counter-balance the gas?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 01/02/08 11:53:55

    One of the big reasons a raw diet can cause gas is that fiber is not well digested by our bodies so once it hits the large intestine, bacteria digest much of it, creating by products like methane which cause gas. There are some other reasons such as some vegetables and fruits being more gassy due to natural sugars, etc. There are no foods that counter-balance gas, the only real dietary things you can do are: make sure you eat a regular amount of fiber to make your body as used to it as you can be. You may still have gas (which is normal) but usually if you eat raw/vegan your gas does not smell as bad. You can also reduce fat in diet but if you are eating raw you need the healthy fats from nuts/avocado, etc. Also try to reduce air you swallow, so drinking through a straw or chewing gum can increase gas production.

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    Posted by peanut at 02/26/08 00:21:18

    she's right! if you don't produce "gas" you have a weak digestive system. You need to balance your diet so your body gets used to it. If you aren't producing some form of gas it may be a problem.

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    Posted by Chia at 03/30/08 15:30:27

    From my personal experience, my suggestion for avoiding gas when eating raw food cuisine is to:

    1. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

    2. Eat one food at a time. Avoid any raw food creation that combines too many ingredients.

    That should help!

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    Posted by meeleend at 05/13/08 05:25:43

    I think Chia is correct.But one thing is that your digestive system is weak.So do exercise regularly.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/13/08 10:02:14

    meeleend - How did you come to the conclusion pliablemoose has a weak digestive system?

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    Posted by Quasi Vegetarian at 08/10/08 18:24:33

    Raw pineapple is very good for the digestion of other foods.
    When eaten by itself raw pineapple is not only a cancer preventative, but a cancer reverser.
    I eat one half a raw pineapple for lunch about four times a month.


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    Posted by Experience at 01/30/11 15:22:55

    Joe and Jeffrey - you both made me laugh out loud so I had to respond.Which is half the point of this message. I'm sorry I don't have much in the way of offering advice for the gas - I too seemed to have created more methane in my body in the last week than I would have ever in a lifetime - and have simultaneously produced a soundtrack to match it. I have sprouted everything under the sun from grains to beans to seeds and nuts. I love eating raw - it's a good time although the gas and it's sonorous counterpart can be bothersome. I figure that before I went 100% raw everything I ate was pretty pure, a raw salad, sprouts every now and again, keeping my fruit fresh and seasonal etc means I can't be deviating far from what's considered healthy and what's thought to be toxic. We all have such delicate internal workings, the same hardware but different levels of sensitivity. Kind of like a John Deer lawn mower in comparison to a Hustler - we've all got the same machinery to "cut the grass" but how good our digestive systems are at macerating, assimilating and eliminating it is a different story. I'd say, keep trying to establish your own balance (could be 40% raw, 60% cooked/lightly cooked or vice verse). Do your best, I certainly am, and remember to have a sense of humor. Even babies laugh at their own tooting and we know we can learn a lifetime's list of lessons from babies alone. Have a good time. It's all trial and error. Enjoy your food raw, semi raw, cooked, steamed - laugh at yourself and your experience and keep going!

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    Posted by Tekla Hun at 10/01/13 09:10:54

    Hey guys, are you eating organic? Non-organic consists of chemicals, which creates over acidity (see pH diet). Are you eating a lot of or "normal" amount of carbs? Beans, grains, fruits. They are acidic as well. Nuts, except almonds are acidic also. Lemon tastes acidic, but chemically it is alkaline, so it is good. Fungus, vinegar also. No matter how organic they are. One should have 70-80 % alkaline for balance. Blood and cells are happy with this. This is why raw foodists are the healthiest people. You do not eat beans and grains raw, only vegetables (and little fruits) Check out The pH Miracle book or look for Dr. Young. I do not agree with everything there, like occasional fish consumption, but otherwise my diet change is based on his studies and I feel great. Best, Tekla

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