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I just read that eating the above veggies raw cut off the iodine and stunt the thyroid. My wife and I are eating so many of these foods raw. Our green smoothies and also spinach, collard greens etc. We are newly raw and want to lose weight. So far we haven't lost a thing and I am scared that we will be messing up our thyroid, thus making it even more difficult to lose.

We are putting in our calories and are between 1300-1600. We have never eaten better and are feeling so frustrated.

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    Posted by StephenS at 07/14/14 22:54:24

    Animal studies suggested the hypothetical thyroid issue from eating very large amounts of cruciferous vegetables years ago. However, no human study has demonstrated a deficiency in thyroid function from consuming cruciferous vegetables. Only one such study seems to have been conducted as of yet; in that study, no effects on thyroid function were observed in subjects eating 150 grams of cooked Brussels sprouts daily for 4 weeks. Raw cruciferous vegetables have not been investigated, however the only case report relating cruciferous vegetables to thyroid harm suggests that it would be almost impossible to consume enough cruciferous to harm the thyroid. This case was that of an 88-year old woman who developed hypothyroidism after eating 1-1.5 kg (2.2-3.3 pounds) of raw bok choy every day for several months; an excessive and unreasonable intake of raw cruciferous. In other words, a person would have to consume an insane amount of raw cruciferous to have a negative effect on thyroid function.

    *Full Article;

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/15/14 06:49:01


    Thanks for this info.

    Perhaps a good place to remind folks that "animal research" or vivisection, is a horror for the animals involved.

    "The history of animal research is a chronicle of illogical theories, distorted facts, ghastly errors and incredible waste. The case has been convincingly made that animal experimentation has done more harm than good for humans as well as the other animals."
    -from one of my books.

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    Posted by MyGreenDiaries at 01/18/15 17:26:35

    Stephen I think you will like the website This Dr posts great videos about foods and clinical trials about certain foods. Its all based on facts.

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