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Vegan Friendly Doctors So I've visited my new doctor twice now and he has insisted (both times) that my health problems are due to my vegan diet. I know with great confidence that my diet helps my condition and that eating meat/dairy would make it worse. I decided to search the web for doctors but there doesn't seem to be too much information out there (for Chicago). The last thing I want to do is call several doctors (I will if I have to though). Does anyone have any suggestions? Post Date: 10/19/17, Replies: 10 10/19/17 10
Newbie vegan I am currently vego and wanting to go vegan does anyone have Any tips on foods and supplements Post Date: 10/19/17, Replies: 1 10/19/17 1
Any diabetic vegans? I am having trouble keeping my GL at healthy levels! I don't eat foods with added sugars but I crave bread all the time, I try to replace it with seeds and nuts but ughhh its so difficult. I've been vegan since November 2016 and have been diagnosed for less than a year. any suggestions, comments or tips? Post Date: 10/17/17, Replies: 4 10/17/17 4
My hair is thinning This is probably unrelated to my going from lacto ovo vegetarian to vegan 6 months ago but my hair is seriously thinning and Im only 25! I am getting bloodwork done at the Drs but Im curious if anyone knows of any vitamins or minerals that contribute to full thick hair. Post Date: 10/13/17, Replies: 23 10/13/17 23
Plant-Based Personal Training/ Nutrition Hi there guys, I have been viewing this forum for many years now and referring to it as a resource, but haven't contributed an awful lot! I have been vegetarian for 13 years, vegan for 9 years, and am a highly experienced Advanced Level 4 PT, Sports Therapist and Nutrition Consultant for the last 5-6 years. I don't want to spam the forum with advertising, but if anyone is interested in my services or would be interested in helping to spread the word please feel free to do so. It would be much appreciated! A bit about me - I am a keen martial artist (Muay Thai and Wing Chun in particular) and have competed in a fair few ultra-marathons over the last few years. Whilst certainly not a 'pro' level sports person, I have seen my own personal performances improving over the years, (particularly since becoming vegan!) and have managed to build up my Muay Thai to compete in an Interclub fight, get certified to Instructor Grade in Wing Chun, and have also seen a few top 10 places in Ultra marathons. I would love to be able to offer support and guidance to those of you are perhaps new or struggling with the vegan lifestyle or improving your health or sporting performance in accordance with this. I offer 1-2-1 personal training sessions in my private studio, online/distance training and nutrition programmes, sports massage and exercise/injury rehabilitation services, pilates for improved sporting performance, nutrition consultations and more. Thank you for your time, and please feel free to check out the links below. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the methods below. I look forward to chatting with you all soon! Dave Lewis [email protected] Post Date: 10/06/17, Replies: 3 10/06/17 3
Is a tasty vegan protein powder out there? Hi! I've been searching for a vegan protein powder to add to my diet and I just can't stand any of the ones I've tried! Weird part is I'm the type of person to eat not so tasty food just not to waste it, I can really tolerate bad taste, but these had me gagging! I tried three different types of Garden of Life, and a rice protein powder and all were equally disgusting to me! Issue is that's all i found locally in packet form and I really don't want to buy a large container unless I'm positive it tastes good :\ It doesn't have to taste like ice cream but just something I can manage to get down would be nice lol A new member and just here to see if anyone has any expertise on the matter/recommendations! Thank you so much! Post Date: 10/06/17, Replies: 10 10/06/17 10
Is becadexamin a good supplement? Becadexamin is full of vitamins ( although the quantity is less ) and available at really very cheap price, but is it the best multi vitamin supplement ? Post Date: 10/06/17, Replies: 0 10/06/17 0
B12 - is it necessary? Something I have noticed: Typically it is stated the "B12 is necessary for normal cognitive functioning" - not healthy cognitive functioning, even if due to our schooling/culture this is comprehended as "healthy" per pattern recognition from the source (group). B12 vitamins are not possible to find fairtrade that easily if at all to the extent I have searched (typically results on fair trade pop up easily enough). The vegan growth has gone on for quite a while and "b12-necessity" been claimed for a long time. Judging by the pattern of my experience it is possible to live entirely fairtrade. This is not an argument, more an observation that may result in arguments eventually. I ponder if it is some kind of karma-compatability with fleshfarm-partakers that is equalized by unnecessary non-fair trade elements, especially for the sake of not our own race (a general pattern in nature seems to be that we do not eat our own and eat "farther away from" - like predators are not eating predators (humans do not fit in this category, some of us also eat dogs (those can be vegan though/omnivorous (only reinforcing the argument I guess)). I know enough to state that "group-think" and empathic connections are healthily affected by going vegan, resulting in a change in social dynamics around people, thus the "normal cognitive functioning"? It may not be a bad change, not for oneself either. It may even be an advantage to have lower levels of B12 in not ingesting meat/dairy, even if this diverts from the norm. Post Date: 10/06/17, Replies: 3 10/06/17 3
Health problems, need help. I've been vegan for around five years, since I was fifteen. I was doing fine, but since last year I've struggled with fatigue and concentration problems. I tried to correct the most "common" problems, B12, calcium, vitamin A and D deficiency, poor protein intake, zinc, iron... but nothing has worked. It's frustrating because almost every [censored]ing nutritional problem causes fatigue and brain fog, so is imposible to tell what is wrong unless you try all the blood tests in existence. The last two options in my mind are a diet poor in fat and omega 3 deficiency (I didn't really consider it till now, because when I was a child I never ate fish, and neither did my family, that aren't vegetarian and always were ok, so I thought it was not a problem). But I can´t keep guessing. I`m a student and I don't have a lot of money to spend buying all the superfood and supplements that, maybe, could help me. I went to a couple of nutritionist and doctors, but none of them knew how to handle the situation. The best advice was the typical "Just eat meat and everything will be ok". Thank you, Captain Obvious. If it continues like this, I really think I would give up. A couple of questions: how common are in vegan problems due to bad fat intake? What other problems could I be overlooking? I would be grateful for any advice. PD: sorry for my english. Post Date: 10/05/17, Replies: 5 10/05/17 5
How it helps? | Benefits of eating healthy When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need. We all talk about avoiding alcohol, harmful substances and drugs, quit smoking and any habits that are harmful for our body. Ever wondered why? Anything and everything impacts our lifestyle, body and mind. One should be very careful of what they consume. Junk food surely tastes very good and satisfies the tongue, but in life you win some, you lose some. So either you choose to eat healthy or stay fit or eat junk and look like a potato and cry for the rest of the days. Here are 3 main benefits of healthy eating: You can control weight. Yes people come in all shapes and sizes, but if you love your body, treat it like a temple. Eat more fruits, and vegetables. Cut down on all the junk food, and soft drinks. It is tough in the beginning, but believe me it gives amazing results. If you want to lose some of that fat, work on it now. Remember food is a friend not an enemy. Eat right and stay fit. You have a glowing skin. Ever had the problem of Pimples, scars, blemishes, dry skin, or any other skin issues? Let me tell you it can be easily solved by eating good nutritious food items. Citrus fruits help to detoxify the body. Green vegetables gives a lot of vitamins and nutrition to the body. The natural resources never seem to ditch you at any step of life. Improves mood. It not only helps in better metabolism, but also helps in releasing the hormone called endorphin in the body which is responsible for lifting the mood. Want to stay happy mostly? Go for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Bad habits are hard to lose but once you start living healthy there is no turning back. You will never regret eating better healthier food. Dont believe me, see the change yourself. Post Date: 10/05/17, Replies: 1 10/05/17 1
Protein or Biotin for Hair Care? Which works better w.r.t Hair. As far as I am concerned both produce result but want to know which one does wonders. Post Date: 09/25/17, Replies: 0 09/25/17 0
Questions for Dr Michael Greger Hi there! I work as a guest booker for a podcast and video show called London Real TV, each week our host of the show interviews interesting and inspiring people from around the world. This Sunday we have Dr Michael Greger (you can tune in live from 3.30pm BST on his Facebook page) Please can you let me know any questions you might have for him regarding a plant based/whole foods diet? It might be a request for tips, specific questions about certain foods, parenting food advice etc. Anything you would love to know from such a renowned nutritionist! I look forward to hearing your ideas. Ruth Post Date: 09/20/17, Replies: 0 09/20/17 0
Gaining weight on a vegan diet I've been a vegan for 10 months now. The first month I lost 2 or 3 kg without working out at all, but after that I started gaining weight and I don't know why. I eat low fat and as many vegetables as possible, I do eat quite a lot of rice though, I'm not sure if that would be the problem? Has anyone had similar problems? Post Date: 09/07/17, Replies: 15 09/07/17 15
Balanced vegetarian diet Grocery list and a weekly menu prepared by expert nutritionists to help people to have a balanced vegetarian diet. What do you think about this proposal? Post Date: 08/23/17, Replies: 2 08/23/17 2
Help needed. Attempting veganism Third time attempting veganism. First time I went vegan many years ago I loved the performance benefits I was receiving with my training which was running at the time. 2 months in to the way of living I couldn't sleep for an entire night, the following night I laid down and realised I wasn't going to sleep again (when I say couldn't sleep I mean I couldn't sleep for even a second). This led me to the kitchen where my gut told me to eat tuna and it knocked me out cold. I couldn't work out if there was a certain vitamin or mineral I was missing that I got from the meat? The second time I attempted it I swore I would stick it out although 6 weeks in I went to go to bed and realised I wasn't going to be able to sleep again and ate some meat and fell asleep. I can't explain both of these occasions but it was like there was absolutely no way my mind would shut off and I knew at the time I had to eat meat. The problem with it is whenever I eat meat I feel too bad as I've been awoken to the negatives of eating meat. Third time attempting and I really don't want to have to go back to eating meat. Are there any dietitians out there who potentially know the reason for this? Thanks . Jacko Post Date: 08/15/17, Replies: 2 08/15/17 2
what do u think about intermitasting fast? I'm doing this for several months now and the positive changes that i had been experienced in my body are amazing! I feel fantastic! But i want to know about other experiences and about your thoughts on this topic :) Peace! Post Date: 08/12/17, Replies: 1 08/12/17 1
Severe Sciatica pain :( Hi everyone! I'm 31 and have been a vegetarian most of my life and the past month or so have been going into a vegan lifestyle. I have always been conscious of what I put into my body and buying things that no animal had to die for. But my question is what to do you do in regards to medication for pain? For the past year I have had bad sciatica pain and it's only gotten worse. I had a horrible flare up a few nights ago which felt like my entire leg just seized up in pain and nothing would relieve it, it was the worst pain I've ever experienced. I was screaming crying in agony and my husband wanted to take me to the emergency room but I couldn't bare the thought of moving. Doctors just keep giving me different meds and I HATE taking meds, just putting them into my body constantly just made me cringe. But I've had moments I was so desperate I've had to and even they don't help hardly. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Was there anything naturally that helped you? Nothing seems to help me and this is seriously affecting my quality of life. I'm only 31! Thank you in advance. Post Date: 08/11/17, Replies: 4 08/11/17 4
Vegan and Degenerative Disc Disease I have been vegan for four years now. I have always had some sort of back pain, but over the last two years it has become severe and getting worse. I have been told that I have degenerative disc disease with four areas affected (bone on bone). Has my vegan diet contributed to the worsening of the condition? I have read that plant based diet is excellent for inflammation and I also have read since I don't have protein fats in my diet, it is causing my bones to degenerate. What can I do? Post Date: 08/11/17, Replies: 2 08/11/17 2
Vegan diet to help with back surgery? Namaste, I am a recent "convert" to veganism, many factors drew me towards it - health social awareness and it just made sense that it the real way I should eat. I am 44 and recently underwent a lower back surgery. I was 80lbs overweight before the surgery and when I "converted" to vegan lost 20 the two months prior to surgery. Fortunately the surgery was successful but I'm in a bit of pain which can be expected. However I know that extra 60lb I still have I need to permanently leave my body would help my back feel and recover better. With the healing I have going and the meds I am on I am limited to what I can do. Anyone have any thoughts the best approach to go about shedding the weight healthily. Been thinking a green smoothie fast fair a while or a mix of smoothies / raw salads / and bean soup. I'm a real newbie to this and looking for advice! Don't want too screw up the surgery plus really would feel better is I was not overweight. Post Date: 08/11/17, Replies: 7 08/11/17 7
Recovering from Anorexia through Veganism Hey guys, I hope this post reaches you will and that you guys tune into this video if you have struggled with disordered eating. Veganism truly ignited a passion in me and a purpose in me that could never be fulfilled by my strive for perfection in my eating disorders. Likes, comments, and subscribes would mean the world to me. Thanks so much :) Post Date: 07/27/17, Replies: 0 07/27/17 0
Headache when switching to vegan? Hello lovely happy cow community! I'm a brand new vegan...four days. I've been a vegetarian for about a month, but the mountain of positive evidence for living a full vegan lifestyle have kept pilling higher and higher, and I finally decided that I couldn't ignore it anymore and needed to make the switch. In the change to vegan, I not only cut out dairy and other animal products, but also out refined sugars, corn bi-products, and most processed foods. Yesterday and today, I've had stomach pains and pretty severe headaches. Is this just part of the detox process? If so, any guesses on how long it should last? I drink plenty of water (10-12 cups/day), and I eat a wide variety of healthy, whole foods, so I really can't think of anything specifically wrong in my diet that could be causing these symptoms. Post Date: 07/24/17, Replies: 13 07/24/17 13
Joint pain? Hello, I started a Vegan diet about 20day ago and now I am experiencing joint pain. I didn't increase my activity level and I have not changed my daily routine. It mainly in my hands and my knees, advil doesnt seem to do anything for me. I do have some relief with activity but my question really is am I am missing something in my diet that would cause this? Should i be adding a supplement? I have been finding nothing but negative reviews on the diet and not a lot of help. Post Date: 07/16/17, Replies: 18 07/16/17 18
Symptoms After Becoming Vegetarian I stopped eating meat about 3 weeks ago, finally deciding to commit to the vegetarian lifestyle for health benefits. At first, I was feeling great! I drank plenty of water, felt like I had more energy, and my skin glowed. For about the past 3 days now though, my face has broken out in rash like acne. I've never had this bad of acne, not even in my teen years. Yesterday morning I woke up with what felt like the stomach flu and I continue to feel terrible. I feel light-headed on top of that. Ever since I started, I've been taking an iron supplement (65mg) but I wonder if that is not enough and I've become iron deficient? Please help me figure this out. Post Date: 07/14/17, Replies: 4 07/14/17 4
Cholesterol lowering questions Hi all, I am new to this forum and would like some advice or personal experiences regarding your cholesterol levels. I have been vegan for just about three months, and my last cholesterol was still a bit high (215). I do have a family disposition to genetically high cholesterol, but I asked my primary care provider for another three months on a vegan diet before re-testing. I would rather not go on statins if I don't have to. So my question for the forum is for those who have had cholesterol issues: does the vegan diet actually lower your cholesterol? I am a REALLY good cook, I have tackled the creativity you can have while making wonderful vegan meals: but is there some other whole-food strategies I can add to my diet that might help? About me:I get moderate exercise (I ride my bike/walk) every day weather permitting, as don't own a car. So I am in pretty good physical shape. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Post Date: 07/06/17, Replies: 9 07/06/17 9
How do I start? I am not sure this is the place to ask, but I want to significantly reduce the amount of meat that I eat within a week from every meal to only 1 meal once or twice a week. That being said, how do I go a day without meat? Where do I start? How do I utilize vegetables and fruits to gain a balanced diet? Any advice is very much apprecuated. Post Date: 06/27/17, Replies: 2 06/27/17 2
Advice on going vegan Hi all! So I have found that in approaching this subject that many vegans get offended by my contraints and reasons why I am happy being an omnivore, a well educated omnivore with two degrees: one in Environmental Studies and the other in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability and working towards a master's in forestry. So if you have no kind input please do not respond. THank you. I have a few vegan friends and have asked them the same advice I am asking you and they really didn't have an answer because they don't have dietary restrictions for health reasons, nor do they have time restrictions. Mind you nothing in my life is going to change in terms of time restrictions and financial restrictions. It's just how my life is at the moment and will be likely for the next 4 years. That being said, please just provide me adivce based on my contraints because those will not change. I'm sorry to sound 'uppity' but I've gotten a lot of mean responses saying i need to change my life and schedule, which is obviously not going to happen. I'm merely seeking a way to save money on food a few days a week, and maintain my macros which make me feel best and most energetic and happy. I have heard that veganism is very cost effective. That being said, can I go vegan for 3 days a week maintaining the following macros based on the following dietary constraints: I am allergic to soy, dairy, gluten, and highly sensitive to starches, grains, any and all processed foods. I eat raw veggies, fruits, fish, eggs, chicken, beef (all lean), seeds, nuts. THe macros I maintain are: ~80-120 grams of protein a day sometimes more, I am moderate to very active in my lifestyle; 150 or less carbs but most of my carbs are from veggies--too much fruit and sugar in general makes my sleep and anxiety so bad. I'm very sensitive to sugar. I eat ~35-40 grams fiber any more I bloat, any less than 25 grams I feel 'backed up'; low sodium (sensitive to sodium I retain water like you wouldn't believe even drinking over a gallon a day); I drink approx. a gallon of water a day, give or take, depends on how active I am (I listen to my body); I eat mod. healthy fat like coconut oil (raw), avocado oil (raw), etc.; no grains and no starch unless is tiny amounts maybe once or twice a week and even then I bloat and get gasey so in general I stay away since I want to feel great, not like [censored]ze. I eat all organic and local foods from local farmers I can literally walk up and meet and spend a day on their farm. I eat paleo basically. I have done raw vegan, vegan, and vegetarian for several years each and could not do so sustainably which I believe to be due to my constraints. Hence my seeking advice. Note I want to maintain these macros I feel best on and have been living on for years. I have no problem maintaing a lean toned figure and if I'm aiming to lose weight I can. Currently I am happy wiht my 144lb 6ft ~18% body fat figure but ideally want to lose some fat on my legs so I may cut my fat back a bit and carbs as well and adjust my workout regime. I do PIIT pilates, hike, vinyasa yoga and light jog. I f'in' hate running so I do high intensity pilates and vinyasa yoga in a heated roomed instead if I'm not feeling jogging is 'cutting it' lol. On average I am active 4 hours a day, some days I do all day field work hiking and collecting samples. Depends. Some days I sit on my butt. So I adjust my calories based on how hungry i feel. I eat between 1700-3k calories a day. Never a prob. maintain my weight and measurements so I'll assume listening to my body is working since calorie intake is always changing for every person based on lifestyle, muscle mass, etc. as I'm sure all of you know. Lifestyle constraints: I have 2 hours a week to cook (I work 80 hour a week, run a household and have a partner. No I cannot manifest more time--I prep my protein and/or pop a meal of veggies and protein in the oven and shower. That's my life.) I have 200-300 a month to spend on food. Ideally I would like to cut about $50 off my food bill a month which I think (and again based on what I heard from my vegan friends with no constraints, that would be easy to do). However considering most protein sources for vegans are soy, gluten based, higher in carbs, may have starches or be grains, I'm not sure what I can eat given I don't have much time to cook at all. After grad school I think I'll have more time. I mean I would hope so. But as of now that's just not going to happen and is not up for debate. Any advice would be nice. Thanks. Post Date: 06/14/17, Replies: 10 06/14/17 10
Constantly getting sick on a vegan diet I have been vegan for about a year and a half. Since then I have been getting sick the last 10 months at least once ever couple of months. I am in college and every time I fly home every couple of months I get sick! I don't feel bad on a vegan diet I enjoy eating vegan. I either get sick before coming home or a couple of days after I am home I will get sick. I have been home for 2 weeks now for summer break and I just got sick again! I think I eat a decently good diet with variety such as I make my own water melon juice, salads, lots of stir fry with rice, toast and avocado, soy products, almond milk, seeds and nuts and so on! I need help figuring out how I can help my self from getting sick all the time. I am a vegan because I don't like the slaughtering and torturing of animals just so I can have an omelet or a piece of stake. I am getting desperate here. Please I need help. Post Date: 06/12/17, Replies: 8 06/12/17 8

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