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Has low-carb now become the new truth? More and more often I read about low-carb diets or actually any kind of Lifestyle opposed to vegetarianism/veganism. Some undercover names for Low Carb are paleo, sugarfree etc. Carbs have finally been accepted as the new Enemy, while fat is more accepted. In fact, the new "good kind" of fat seems to be saturated fat found in animal products . However so-called polyunsaturated fats (most plant fats) are poison. For some Communities meat has even become the new superfood. I am afraid that this development will wreck the veg community because meat eating is not only encouraged, but presented as necessary, every damn day. This could result in a rise in meat consumption and eventually in even bigger crimes against animals and the environment . Have you noticed this development or do you think it's just a temporary hype? Post Date: 04/26/17, Replies: 3 04/26/17 3
I have to feed my baby meat? Little bit of background, I'm a dairy free vegetarian and I have a five month old son. When he's 6 months we'll be introducing solids and I plan to keep him on my diet. We went to his checkup, and he's doing great! We have the same doctor, and I loved her. She was amazing through delivery of my son, so supportive. So she said we can start to introduce solids slowly at 6 months. Fruits, veggies, grains, ....meats, then whole milk at 1. I told her I wouldn't be feeding him meat or dairy, and I would let him breastfeed as long as he wants even if he goes past 1. She looked very confused and said "I understand why you'd make that choice, but why would you make it for him." .... he's my son. It makes sense for us to have the same diet. As his mother it's my job to provide him with the best of everything that I possibly can, and that includes diet. I felt so uncomfortable that she was talking down to me as if I want my son to be deficient, we've had a great relationship up until this point. She said that I have to wait until he's 2 years old. She said before he's 2 years old, I can't provide this diet for him without it significantly damaging his health. Any advice, opinions, resources appreciated, thank you. Post Date: 04/15/17, Replies: 2 04/15/17 2
Neck Pain? I had severe neck pain for the last 3 weeks, i looked for different remedies but not a single remedy worked for my pain. One of my friend suggested me to get my neck massaged or to use any automatic massarger. I used a neck massarger and just in few minutes i got relaxed. Guys sometimes some remedies doesn't work for our body so do you have some other solutions for the severe neck pain? If yes then please suggest few of them.. Thanks in advance. Post Date: 04/15/17, Replies: 3 04/15/17 3
Irregularities with bowel, full vegan diet Hi all! This is my first time posting a health question. I've been a vegan a bit over a year and it's been a great experience for me. My diet is usually cooking at home (I try my best to stay away from over processed foods/too much starch) I have a lot of raw greens daily (spinach/kale/banana smoothie in the morning) as well as incorporating unsaturated fats and a normal amount of carbs. I've also recently started learning yoga to add to my health daily. However the past couple of weeks I've noticed my stools have gotten much smaller and I feel bloated a lot, it's possible it could just be just having terrible PMS (which includes me being really bloated sometimes) but it's really odd my daily stools are so small, given that I eat every two to three hours per day. I feel like I need to clear out but I'm not sure how. Any suggestions? Post Date: 04/15/17, Replies: 2 04/15/17 2
Menstruation issues Hi, So I turned vegan about 6months ago and my periods were fine, though I haven't have my period for more than 2 months now so I kind of worry a bit because I don't know what could be wrong, moreover I had my blood test results and they were pretty good so I'd love to hear from you if you had any issues like me thanks :) Post Date: 04/15/17, Replies: 4 04/15/17 4
Physical anxiety symptoms going vegan Hi there, I recently went vegan about 2 weeks ago now and over the last 2 days I have suddenly been having some extreme physical anxiety symptoms. Has anybody else experienced the same thing? How long does it last and can I do anything to help it? Thank you. Post Date: 03/09/17, Replies: 5 03/09/17 5
ED Vegan Recovery Advice Hello everyone, I am 5' 10" and 115 pounds. I am happy at my weight I am active and not frail but I am constantly being told I need to eat more. I have had a few problems with anorexia but now I am eating consistently... just small portions. I usually eat around 680 cals. and I can't even imagine being able to consume 1500 cals. What vegan foods/simple recipes are specifically high in complex proteins and calories while not being a large meal? I'd love to hear your advice, I know I need to change so please don't criticize me. ? Post Date: 01/23/17, Replies: 1 01/23/17 1
I bleed easily since I went vegan - why? Hi. I have been donating blood for some years now and I only started my vegan lifestyle a couple of months ago. Since then, every time I have donated blood, I have to apply pressure on the puncture site several hours or else it starts bleeding again. I am super healthy and I take care that I get enough vitamin K. Can anyone explain why I bleed so easily? Post Date: 01/19/17, Replies: 1 01/19/17 1
My hair is thinning This is probably unrelated to my going from lacto ovo vegetarian to vegan 6 months ago but my hair is seriously thinning and Im only 25! I am getting bloodwork done at the Drs but Im curious if anyone knows of any vitamins or minerals that contribute to full thick hair. Post Date: 01/13/17, Replies: 22 01/13/17 22
Healthy Dilemna Happy To be Healthy Healthy to be Happy Sell Organic Meals offer to those unhealthy and unhappy. Explain the benefits of the food if you ask me. For some odd reason maybe they don't attract to meals made trying to be patience. What would you do if you're trying to attract more healthy clients and best way to explain how healthy food benefits the body? Post Date: 01/07/17, Replies: 2 01/07/17 2
We are diabetic, bipolar and schizo. :'( Hi, guys and gals. Please give me vegan advices for our family's health concerns because I stopped eating animal products, so what are all the foods that are good for our diabetes, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and our many illnesses? Please give me answers about it. Thanks. Post Date: 01/02/17, Replies: 2 01/02/17 2
B12 Levels and Antibiotics I have been given Penicillin antibiotics to take 4 times a day for 10 days for a bacteria found in my urine test, but I also have a B12 blood test next week on Tuesday and I'm a little bit worried that the antibiotics will effect my B12 levels. Does anyone know a way to maintain b12 levels while taking antibiotics ? I'm taking a B12 oral spray and a b12 complex capsule and I'm drinking coconut milk with fortified b12 everyday, also I'm using prebiotics 2 hours after taking the antibiotics. Also does anyone know what a good b12 level is ? I got a b12 blood test in Thailand in July this year and it was 341. Post Date: 10/08/16, Replies: 1 10/08/16 1
Old vegan I have recently become a vegan and just kept an appointment with my cardiologist. She said being vegan would be the healthiest diet for the kind of heart condition I have, but she was concerned about the protein intake. According to her, older people lose muscle mass anyway and becoming a vegan could mean even more lost. And she thinks keeping track of the protein would be complicated. She wants me to eat fish three times a week and an egg twice a week. In everything vegan I have read, there is supposed to be enough protein in the diet. Does that go for elderly people too? I am 76 and have waited this long to decide to eat healthy. Now I am confused. I don't know whether to continue being vegan or give it up because of my doctor's advice. Post Date: 10/04/16, Replies: 4 10/04/16 4
Blood sugar out of control? Hi, I am a 28 year old male and have been vegan for around 9 months now. At first, I felt incredible and was overloaded with energy. I was happy and everything was great. Now everything is wrong. I screwed up and didn't eat any fats for the first 3 months and this caused gallbladder sludge and gallstones. I feel this is what happened because I had no problems at all until about 3 months after I went vegan. So anytime I eat fat now I can't breath, my back hurts, I get sick, and feel lethargic. But I know I need fats to absorb the nutrients I need. I will say that I haven't tried chia seeds. Also, my blood sugar seems to be haywire. For the longest time I was eating about 6 bananas for breakfast and sometimes about an hour later I would eat a few potatoes, then I would go for a walk. During my walk I always feel exhausted, lethargic, weak, foggy headed and so on. There was even a few times my arms would go numb and I felt like passing out. I figured it was blood sugar issues so in the past couple of days I have cut way back on fruit. This morning I fixed some vegan pancakes made with a few dates, oats, a couple of bananas, and some almond milk and raw unsweetened cocao powder. I also had a few almonds. I felt okay for a while, not great but better. Then I went for my walk again and about half-way through sure enough it seemed like my blood sugar went crazy again and I felt dizzy and lethargic. It my have been the nuts affecting my gallbladder though. It seems like no matter what I do I feel like I am halfway dead and it is quite terrifying and I feel quite anxious a lot of the time, even with daily meditation. I eat enough calories, I make green smoothies(although I haven't determined how they made me feel yet), I eat other veggies and starches, I take vitamins, and I am pretty sure I am getting enough nutrients. So what is happening? I can't go on feeling like this anymore. I don't want to go back to eating meat and couldn't anyways with my gallbladder problems now. I feel like it might be a combination of gallbladder issues and maybe hypoglycemia, but I could be wrong. I am terrified right now and would really like some help/advice, thanks! Post Date: 09/20/16, Replies: 3 09/20/16 3
4000 calories on a Vegan diet? Hey everybody, I'm really into weight training and I'm trying to put on a lot of mass (bulking), I'm 16 and I weigh 175 pounds, I've gained about ten pounds of muscle in the past few weeks and I'm happy with how its going but I also really want to go Vegan (I currently am not), can someone tell me how to consume around 4000 calories on a Vegan diet? I know it can be done but I'd like some advice, thanks! Post Date: 09/12/16, Replies: 5 09/12/16 5
Expanding the Vegan Lifestyle Want to stay fit AND fab, while expressing your love for our fellow earthlings? Check out the gear at cruelty-free lifestyle & clothing company, Plant Beast Apparel. From glow-in-the-dark work out tees, to quirky quinoa references, Plant Beast Apparel has got your back when it comes to fun, vegan fashion. Also notable is that a percentage of the profits are donated to a new local rescue sanctuary each month. So, while you’re working on your gains, you could be feeding some chicks their next grains. Post Date: 08/24/16, Replies: 0 08/24/16 0
Vegan Hair dye withou PPD I am not sure if this is the right category for this type of question, but here it is. I am looking for a hair dye that is cruelty free and vegan that does not contain the chemical PPD (P-Phenylenediamine). I understand that this is not approved by the FDA to be used on skin, except through hair dyes. Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical substance that is widely used as a permanent hair dye. It may also been found in textile or fur dyes, dark coloured cosmetics, temporary tattoos, photographic developer and lithography plates, photocopying and printing inks, black rubber, oils, greases and gasoline. So far, I have not found a hair dye that doesn't contain this, except for henna, pure henna. With henna, I can't get an ash color or light brown color. Please help, any suggestions. Post Date: 08/15/16, Replies: 0 08/15/16 0
Reversing Life Threating Allergies? I've had multiple food allergies since birth, such as wheat, dairy, corn, oat, chia seeds, macadamia nut, hazelnut, peanut, coconut, apple, pumpkin, pepper, tomato and food dye. I went anaphylactic from being in the same room as peanuts and from mango shampoo. They were not just food sensitivities,but life threatening food allergies. Although I went vegan to boycott the meat and dairy industry, I also heard that veganism can reverse food allergies. I have to admit that I did not believe that this was true, but I gave it a try anyways. I went to the allergist on Tuesday to retest some of my allergy foods. I was in shock to come back negative to apple, coconut, chia seeds, pumpkin, hazel nut and mango and I can also be in the same room as peanuts now! Mango?! I went anaphylactic to mango when I was little. I am happy to say that I tried mango and coconut yesterday and I felt perfectly fine. Oh boy, all the great foods I've been missing out on all these years. The allergist told me that he has never seen me this healthy. My eczema is completely gone and my digestive track is starting to function better. I was astounded when he said that he believes that the vegan lifestyle really helped me. He thinks that in going vegan, my body detoxed. The detoxification rebooted my body systems, so that they are not as sensitive. He says that there is hope to grow out of a few more of my allergies in the future! Post Date: 08/14/16, Replies: 0 08/14/16 0
accidentally had milk so I was drinking this "naked greens and protein" juice and halfway through the bottle I saw "whey and soy protein isolate" on the side. I immediately started spitting and drinking water. I tried vomiting 5 times but I couldn't): now I have gas and stomach cramps and my throat feels clogged. I told my family and all they did was laugh. has anyone else accidentally done something like this I feel absolutely disgusting and bloated. Post Date: 07/16/16, Replies: 5 07/16/16 5
Endometriosis and other lady issues Hi there, Ive recently gone vegan for both health and ethical reasons. I suffer with really bad endometriosis and also have had a severe ovarian cyst which ended up with me having 2 surgeries this year one in January and one in April. I decided to go vegan firstly in the hope that it would help balance my hormones but also in my research I watched some documentaries - Vegucated, food inc and a few others which really opened my eyes and now I couldn't an animal product again. So what I'm asking is has anybody else gone vegan to help with endometriosis? Has it helped? Ive heard that soy messes with your hormones so should I avoid this and what can i eat as an alternative? Ive been vegan for 6 weeks now and I'm still experiencing quite bad pain, If going vegan does help balance hormones and helps endometriosis how long would it be before I feel better? Thanks Post Date: 06/28/16, Replies: 6 06/28/16 6
Starch Solution Hi, i just started the starch solution cause after i stopped using contraceptives pills i start sufering for acne, some people say that is temporary but anyway if i can do something for curing my skin for good and aswel improve my heatlh, well i think is a good desition, anyway i want to know if you have any tips or suggestions or any story for inspiration, thanks :) Post Date: 06/08/16, Replies: 0 06/08/16 0
How to get started as vegetarian advice My mom is supportive of me being vegetarian. She told me to do it gradually and start eating healthy foods then switch to vegetarian. Was this good advice or not? also how to get started as vegetarian? What food should i cut out first? Any tips or advice would be helpful Post Date: 06/07/16, Replies: 0 06/07/16 0
new vegan and constipated?? hi. I'm a new vegan, it's been about 2 months. when I first went vegan i was really bloated and it sucked. after that my digestion was amazing and I had 2-3 bowel movements a day. for the last 2 weeks or so I've been kind of constipated. my stool is soft but they're tiny and hard to push out. i can also see what I ate like it didn't get digested. I eat enough, I drink lots of water, and I exercise pretty hard 5 days a week. I avoid processed foods and fatty foods, including oil. I have a lot of fiber in my diet, I think I might even be getting too much. I'm very fatigued and gassy. sometimes my lower back hurts and I get dizzy and nauseous. I'm very tired of it so I would really really appreciate some advice (: Post Date: 05/21/16, Replies: 5 05/21/16 5
Should I see a doctor ? - vegan Hi, I am vegan since April, and I'd like to know if it is better to see a doctor so I could speak about what I eat or should eat (because of vitamines, B12 and so on...). So I'd like your advice !! Thanks a lot :) Post Date: 05/15/16, Replies: 6 05/15/16 6
New vegan, head and vision feel weird 3 weeks ago I went vegan and quit caffeiene cold turkey. At forst I felt great but week 2 my head started to feel weird like medicine head and my vision was off too. Not really blurry but more like my eyes had trouble focusing. Not really motivated or energetic. I eat 2000 calories a day and take a multivitamin with b12. Is it some kind of mineral or vitimin deficiency? Electrolyte imbalancr? I did lose like 20 pounds in 3 weeks haha. I think a lot was bloating and water weight tho Post Date: 04/23/16, Replies: 5 04/23/16 5
Vegetarianism and Menstrual Period Does someone knows how to be a vegetarian without getting irregular with your period? Post Date: 04/14/16, Replies: 4 04/14/16 4
Menstruation issues since going vegan I will be vegan for a month on Friday and for the most part I feel great. However during my last period and during the time of ovulation I got really weak dizzy and light headed. I also got a migraine and I never get those. I am wondering if it was low iron and if so what is a good source of vegan iron. Post Date: 04/11/16, Replies: 8 04/11/16 8

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