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How to get started as vegetarian advice My mom is supportive of me being vegetarian. She told me to do it gradually and start eating healthy foods then switch to vegetarian. Was this good advice or not? also how to get started as vegetarian? What food should i cut out first? Any tips or advice would be helpful Post Date: 06/07/16, Replies: 0 06/07/16 0
new vegan and constipated?? hi. I'm a new vegan, it's been about 2 months. when I first went vegan i was really bloated and it sucked. after that my digestion was amazing and I had 2-3 bowel movements a day. for the last 2 weeks or so I've been kind of constipated. my stool is soft but they're tiny and hard to push out. i can also see what I ate like it didn't get digested. I eat enough, I drink lots of water, and I exercise pretty hard 5 days a week. I avoid processed foods and fatty foods, including oil. I have a lot of fiber in my diet, I think I might even be getting too much. I'm very fatigued and gassy. sometimes my lower back hurts and I get dizzy and nauseous. I'm very tired of it so I would really really appreciate some advice (: Post Date: 05/21/16, Replies: 5 05/21/16 5
Should I see a doctor ? - vegan Hi, I am vegan since April, and I'd like to know if it is better to see a doctor so I could speak about what I eat or should eat (because of vitamines, B12 and so on...). So I'd like your advice !! Thanks a lot :) Post Date: 05/15/16, Replies: 6 05/15/16 6
New vegan, head and vision feel weird 3 weeks ago I went vegan and quit caffeiene cold turkey. At forst I felt great but week 2 my head started to feel weird like medicine head and my vision was off too. Not really blurry but more like my eyes had trouble focusing. Not really motivated or energetic. I eat 2000 calories a day and take a multivitamin with b12. Is it some kind of mineral or vitimin deficiency? Electrolyte imbalancr? I did lose like 20 pounds in 3 weeks haha. I think a lot was bloating and water weight tho Post Date: 04/23/16, Replies: 5 04/23/16 5
Vegetarianism and Menstrual Period Does someone knows how to be a vegetarian without getting irregular with your period? Post Date: 04/14/16, Replies: 4 04/14/16 4
Menstruation issues since going vegan I will be vegan for a month on Friday and for the most part I feel great. However during my last period and during the time of ovulation I got really weak dizzy and light headed. I also got a migraine and I never get those. I am wondering if it was low iron and if so what is a good source of vegan iron. Post Date: 04/11/16, Replies: 8 04/11/16 8
Media Reports on Supplements Perhaps there are other people who read the New York Times editorial or saw the Frontline show on the issue of the effectiveness and safety of supplements. The Frontline special reports on cases where supplements caused harm. They also raise questions such as label accuracy, fraud, effectiveness and whether they are needed at all. The issue of people on a vegan or vegetarian diet is not addressed in either of these; and in the New York Times editorial they recommended taking none (unless USP certified of which there aren’t that many); however, in the case of vegetarian/vegans the situation can be different because of the diet. I'd just like to share some of the things I looked into in this post. People may also be able to find this doing searches if they have a similar question, and other sources could be added in responses. When I did searches I didn’t find that much. I found a listing from The New York Times of organizations that do testing on supplements: The four organizations are: 1. USP - United States Pharmacopeia - Nonprofit organization focused on quality and safety of pharmaceuticals 2. NSF - Nonprofit organization that evaluates the safety of various products. 3. ConsumerLab - Company which does testing and then sells the analysis. (currently $64 for two years of $39 for one year) 4. LabDoor - Start-up company which purchases supplements off the shelf and then pays for FDA approved labs to analyze the contents. As far as I can tell the information is currently being provided for free. They speak further about their business model here which is based on consumer purchases: ConsumerLab currently has evaluations of two Deva supplements: (vitamin E and Omega-3): LabDoor currently has analysis of three vegan supplements: Deva Vegan Multivitamin, Deva Vegan Prenatal Multivitamin, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein: One other thing that I looked into is self-testing one's vitamin D level. I found one available for $50 (for one test). A blood spot card is sent in the mail to a laboratory and then the results can be obtained. On the question of testing vitamin D a blog post from Harvard Medical school says that such tests are not in general needed and that there isn't consensus about what a healthy vitamin D level is. "For one thing, experts don’t agree on what low vitamin D means. Some laboratories define it as below 20 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), others set it at below 50 ng/mL. In addition, tests for vitamin D aren’t standardized or reliable." David Friedman Post Date: 03/11/16, Replies: 0 03/11/16 0
New vegan Hi I recently made the decision to become vegan for health reasons and would like to know what things should I eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle Post Date: 02/26/16, Replies: 4 02/26/16 4
All the benefits of meat (from plants) Hi guys, Hope it's okay to share this here! I'm a vegan blogger and I recently put together an in-depth guide to getting all the potentially beneficial compounds found in meat (from a health perspective) on a vegan diet. If you've ever had any nagging doubts that you'll be missing out on some important nutrition by shunning animal products, or you’re tired of hearing that you need meat to be healthy, it might be worth checking out! Would love to hear your thoughts! Post Date: 02/19/16, Replies: 0 02/19/16 0
A new book on raising vegetarian children Dear veg community, if somebody has questions on raising veg kids, I recommend a new book from a friend of mine - Valntin Grand, named "How we brought up a vegetarian: According to the principles of health". His wife is a medician and also a long-term vegetarian (or maybe already vegan). The book on Amazon: Post Date: 02/19/16, Replies: 0 02/19/16 0
Vegan and Staying Fit Hello all! I am attempting to go and maintain veganism for the 3rd time now. I've also tried vegetarian, but I end up eating nothing but eggs and cheese. I am a former bikini competitor, which is the feminine realm of body building. As such, I basically brain washed myself into following IIFYM and counting my protein/carbs/fats CONSTANTLY. I don't know how to get out of this, but I want to make a change. Has anyone else here switched to veganism and still maintained the lean, toned look? I don't know how. Everytime I've tried I end up looking "fluffy" and losing strength and endurance. However, for ethical and health reasons, it is very important to me to practice and plant based diet. Thank you in advance Post Date: 02/14/16, Replies: 6 02/14/16 6
Food Choice Anxiety Hi everyone- over the past 8-10 I was living in SE Asia; while there I naturally eliminated most meat and dairy from my diet. I moved on to Australia and decided to keep up with most of my new food choices of no meat or dairy. I did so not so much mostly just to see how a change of diet would make me feel. I am a believe now after much research that a plant based diet is the way to live ( I knew that before but it's hard to come by sometimes). All of that being said, with the choice to go vegan not being a moral one or a strict diet I started but have rather started to adopt, I have very anxious over a lot of the food choices I start to make. At this point I eat a 90-95% percent vegan diet. I may eat a piece of fish every other week or a cookie/ slice of cake here of there. I am slowly tasting or eating foods that I haven't had in a long time to see how they taste to me now or make me feel. When I do this I feel like I'm "cheating". I feel like I have to hide if I want to eat a vegetarian pizza or a slice of pizza with meat for all that matters. I didn't wake up and decide to become vegan one day, let alone do while living in a foreign country across the world! I don't want to have a bad relationship with the food I want to or choose not to eat. I surely can't be the first person that has experienced this? It's not even so much "cravings", as I know there are great vegan subs for most foods, it's more about what I'm allowing myself to eat... and maybe why?? I'm just looking for some encouragement or advice. Thanks! Post Date: 01/30/16, Replies: 8 01/30/16 8
Lethargic vegetarian advice? Hello. I've been fully vegetarian for just over 2 years and although I'm not a vegan I try to make vegan choices where possible and only eat eggs from a friend who keeps chickens in her large garden etc. The problem is I get very lethargic and it doesn't matter if I spend all day sat on the sofa or 10 hours at work I still spend the whole day feeling sluggish. Im a bit concerned about my iron levels as I seem to be extra tired during my time of the month wgive I know is normal for iron levels to drop at this time. Has anybody been through a similar thing or have any advice? I feel like I've been bombarded with information and advice about vegetarian foods high in protein but nobody seems to speak of iron or vitamin b12. I eat healthy but I must be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance Post Date: 01/19/16, Replies: 2 01/19/16 2
Staying Healthy for Valentine's Day Survey Hey there, For Valentine's Day, I'm doing some research in how everyone stays healthy together. Part of this is a survey I've created on how we stay healthy + how our significant others help us! It take less than five minutes to do and I'd love your help: tinyurl(dot)com /adayinlove. There's also a $100 Amazon voucher as a prize! Thank you so much :-) Emma Post Date: 01/18/16, Replies: 0 01/18/16 0
Diet and cataract Hi all, I’ve had problems with my eyes for the last two years(been vegan for 3 years). My eye doctor was shocked on how my diet changed the condition of my eyes. I recently read an article on the lower risk of cataract with vegan diet. I have symptoms of cataract like double vision, problem with glare during the day and I am planning to do cataract laser surgery in Evergreen eye centre, Washington. Any other evidence to support healing of poor vision through vegan diet? Please share. Post Date: 01/14/16, Replies: 0 01/14/16 0
Crazy New Vegan Symptoms? Hi! I went vegan a week ago at the ripe old age of 43, and all of the sudden my body is doing some drastically different things....strange energy levels, I'm in the bathroom all the time, weight redistributing itself on my body, super vivid dreams, strange cravings and a huge decrease in appetite, hot and cold flashes....did you have any strange symptoms at first? How long did they last? Thanks for making a new vegan feel better! Post Date: 12/24/15, Replies: 3 12/24/15 3
Vitamin D vegetable sources Hello. Ive got one big problem - a big defficit of D vitamin, maybe little onset to a rickets :( I really dont want be sick.. my mum thinks, i must eat eggs, fishes, milk products, and this horriblest- fish oil!!! but I am vegan. And she doesnt understand, shes hysteric, she thinks i can die... please, advise me some vegetable source of vitamin D! And ive got a little defficits of vitamin B12 and pottasium. Please, someone who knows advise me :) ill be very happy :) thanks Post Date: 12/21/15, Replies: 19 12/21/15 19
Veganism and Dieting/Weight Loss I've been looking at a lot of different diets out there lately and its hard to find anything good for cleanses that are vegan... any ideas? Post Date: 12/18/15, Replies: 1 12/18/15 1
What should I always keep in stock? Hi! I really want to become [fully] vegetarian (and vegan one day) and it would really help if you could give me some tips. Especially like: what should I always have in my pantry/fridge? thank you! Post Date: 12/08/15, Replies: 8 12/08/15 8
Haire Lost Save your hair from exposure to pollution and direct sunlight, which creates them dull and reason rupture.You shampoo while, bend your head down and massage the head nicely. This assists encourage blood flow in the head.To prevent recurring divided ends, have them snipped frequently. Do it at least each two months so that they don’t approach up the hair shaft. your hair whenever drying, end off with a cool burst to seal the hair cuticle. This assists maintain the glow in your hair. For More Details Post Date: 11/23/15, Replies: 0 11/23/15 0
Heart palpitations and extreme cold Hey there lovely people, I am looking for answers from those more experienced than me......I have been a vegetarian for almost a year now (yay) and I have noticed that lately I am getting heart palpitations-to the point that I wake up at night- and am so very cold all the time-I wear three layers to bed and am STILL cold! I take Red iron, b12, b6 and recently have added magnesium. I am low in iron and vitamin d. Could this cause the heart palpitations? I also get muscle twitches and every bone cracks! I have looked on the internet for possible causes but my head spins at the number of things it could be related to. Could it be a calcium deficiency? Help-so confused!! Post Date: 11/06/15, Replies: 4 11/06/15 4
Food withdrawl? Hi friends, I have been a pescatarian for 2 years, vegetarian for 6 month and vegan for about a week now. I have never noticed my changing diet effecting my body, but when I cut all animal products from my diet I have been getting severe migraines with nausea and stomach cramps. I am not one to get sick very often. Could it be my body just adjusting to the changes? Any advice would be lovely. Post Date: 11/06/15, Replies: 10 11/06/15 10
Calcium? Lately my mother-in-law (who broke her wrist and discovered she has low bone density) has been laying it on thick about how a vegan diet will make me more susceptible to osteoporosis. I will likely start taking a supplement because I am a 30 year old woman and it certainly can't hurt me to have more calcium. But I'm just wondering what others thoughts are on this? Thanks everyone! Post Date: 11/06/15, Replies: 2 11/06/15 2
Vegan and Degenerative Disc Disease I have been vegan for four years now. I have always had some sort of back pain, but over the last two years it has become severe and getting worse. I have been told that I have degenerative disc disease with four areas affected (bone on bone). Has my vegan diet contributed to the worsening of the condition? I have read that plant based diet is excellent for inflammation and I also have read since I don't have protein fats in my diet, it is causing my bones to degenerate. What can I do? Post Date: 11/05/15, Replies: 1 11/05/15 1
Vegan diet and hair health? Hi, I was a non-vegetarian until a few months back. After lots of thinking I decided to be a vegetarian and is one for last three- four months. I feel very happy about myself, but I have started to lose hair. I am worried if it has something to do with my change in diet? I have heard that vegetables are healthier for hair, but still want to confirm it. My friends have suggested me to visit any good hair treatment clinic like in Toronto and I will but would like some advice before that. Post Date: 11/03/15, Replies: 8 11/03/15 8
Consumption Of Fruit Hi everyone, I am a newbie to the vegan lifestyle. I am borderline diabetic, and I was wondering if the increase of fruit in my diet since transitioning to the vegan lifestyle will have a negative impact on my diabetes, due to the fact that fruit has natural sugars versus processed sugars. Any help with this is always appreciated and thanks in advance for replies. Post Date: 11/03/15, Replies: 8 11/03/15 8
Olive oil Hi Everybody, I have been lurking on the forum for a little while, and reading your posts with interest. As I am neither vegan nor vegetarian, I have very little to offer in the sense of advice. However I am concerned what foodstuffs I consume, and it is also very important form my 7 year old son as he has allergies to certain additives found in Supermarket food. We are lucky enough to live in Spain, where fresh produce can be found on the daily market in the town we live in. As you probably all know one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, and that is what I was getting to. I work for a small family business, in which we produce our own extra virgin olive oil (and also related products, but more of that later in my story). We produce four varietals of olive oil, two of which are certified organic. And I was thinking that they might appeal to the members of this community. The first one is Wild Organic from the first cold extraction. Don't let the word extraction fool you, we get the oil from the olives solely by mechanical means, and in this case by centrifuge after the olives have been crushed. The second is our Wild Organic from the stone mill. Yes, this oil is indeed crushed on an authentic stone olive mill, and is pressed by a hydraulic press. As mentioned before , we also produce other products i.e. soap, both cream soap and solid soap, which are made from only one fat source, Extra Virgin olive oil. We use a process called super-fatting, which means that the resulting soap contains olive oil that has not partaken in the saponification process. This ensures that all the lye is used, and that the soap contains very small amounts of olive oil to moisturize the skin. I'm sure everyone on these forums knows the health benefits of good quality olive oil, but if you want to learn more, head over to our website, where in the section "Information of Interest" there is a wealth of educational material. I am in a position to offer the members of this community a discount of 15% if you wish to purchase any of our products, and you can get the discount by using the code "happycow2015". I am not going to time limit the coupon code, so use it at your leisure, and by all means give it to anyone who is looking for good quality olive oil. A distant cousin of our family who lives in California, takes care of shipping our products in the US and Canada, so delivery is usually somewhere between 2-5 days. Anyway, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post, and if anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. Kindest regards, David Johnston, Post Date: 10/26/15, Replies: 5 10/26/15 5

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