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My BP is fine, around 118/76. I'm 63; within 10 lbs of normal weight. No alcohol, 1/2 cup coffee a day. I eat a Vegan diet with sometimes Salmon, and several supplements, B Complex, a multi, C, E, D. Recently taking magnesium, potassium, CoQ10, garlic, vit K complex.

But my pulse is sometimes high, up to 150 and sometimes normal, 68.
Dr. says I have a 'glitch' in the electrical connection of my heart, thus the arrthymia.

Anyone have any ideas why it is often high? There has to be a better explanation and something I can do to get it normal. (that's why I'm trying the new supplements.)

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    Posted by RileyV at 12/26/17 10:09:13

    This might be my first post.

    Anyway...I had the same thing for years. Nothing wrong with my heart, low BP, just fairly frequent bouts of tachycardia. I always felt that it was something I was eating, but it took a long time to pin point it. Sometimes I wish I never had :) (not really). It was chocolate. I had my last bit of chocolate, and last episode, probably 2 years ago.

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    Posted by DavyKOTWF at 12/26/17 16:44:48

    Glad you found that Riley! Bummer - chocolate.
    Thanks for the attempt. I don't eat chocolate. Will keep looking.

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    Posted by misscherylb at 12/26/17 23:09:48

    Hi Davy!

    My heart starts racing from histamine - which would include chocolate, but also caffein/tea, alcohol, fermented or matured foods. Perhaps thats something to look into? You can have histamine intolerance tested.

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