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Does someone knows how to be a vegetarian without getting irregular with your period?

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    Posted by HopeR at 01/25/15 06:13:30

    If you are eating enough food and of a healthy size, you should not see any change in your cycles.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/25/15 08:24:39

    Women have told me that this may happen for a short time. Many say that their period becomes less of a "problem".

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    Posted by TammyCastillo at 04/10/16 22:09:38

    It's true that if we eat healthy food we will have proper menstruation. Doing exercise, proper diet will results good while menstruation. In addtion to this I also had a web search regarding menstruation post on that I got to know various ideas about protection at Women should always stay comfortable and hygienic during menstruation.

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    Posted by applebunny at 04/14/16 10:27:47

    If you're eating too much soy, that could be what's affecting you. Personally, if I eat too much, I get terrible sick during my monthly. Lasts longer, awful headaches, horrible cramps, nausea, etc. If it's not the soy, I'm not sure.

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