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I was a non-vegetarian until a few months back. After lots of thinking I decided to be a vegetarian and is one for last three- four months. I feel very happy about myself, but I have started to lose hair. I am worried if it has something to do with my change in diet? I have heard that vegetables are healthier for hair, but still want to confirm it. My friends have suggested me to visit any good hair treatment clinic like in Toronto and I will but would like some advice before that.

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    Posted by suki at 04/06/15 11:41:09

    if you just leave away meat and you continue eating like before - that's not healthy! start eating lots of whole grains like quinoa and millet - millet is the best for hair health and i eat it every day, mostly for breakfast. and eat a big variety of veggies and fruit - you should eat every color every day! do not replace meat with cheese and milk but with avocados and nuts like almonds. if you do that, your hair will grow thick and shiny!

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    Posted by big_saz at 04/07/15 06:26:43

    There's lots of reasons for hair loss but it could be down to low levels of vitamin B12. Maybe get a blood test to check you're getting everything you need from your diet?

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/05/15 15:53:53

    I doubt that it has anything to do with being vegan. I too started losing my hair when I became vegan. I went to my doctor and had blood work done, and then even saw a dermatologist but all they could tell me was, it was genetics. All of my blood work showed great numbers in my tests, so there was no reason for the hairloss. Also both of my siblings are experiencing the same problem and they are not vegans, unfortunately.....its shame.

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    Posted by Edna F at 06/08/15 06:05:57

    Just eat healthy foods as above mentioned.You food should contain all colours. Eat fresh vegetables especially leafy greens, fruits, whole grains, nuts, beans, berries etc. Some amazing natural foods like Avocado, black berry, coconut oil, olive oil and herbs like Amla(Indian gooseberry), Ritha and Sikakai are very good for hair. These amazing herbs and foods not only stop hair fall but also help in growing hair thicker, healthier and stronger.

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    Posted by Alyssasmithsweet at 07/09/15 17:12:13

    Your body is just adjusting. Keep doing what your doing and add in the B12 as mentioned above, you will find that your hair will come back stronger than ever!

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    Posted by AliceJones at 10/09/15 03:49:24

    And same for the hair care? Means for thickness of hairs, I can use this only?

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/02/15 23:32:09

    That happens to people who have anorexia. what are you doing? Are you eating enough calories, making sure you get diversity of nutrients? Sometimes people who become vegan have an underlying separate condition called orthorexia, where they obsess about vegan gluten free low fat to the point that they're basically drinking juice and breathing air, and then they wonder why they feel ill (I have an acquaintance who deeply annoys me, who went back to a full on omni diet, blaming veganism, when the truth is she was doing some raw fruit extreme business, not balanced vegan diet)...and other people use it to hide full blown anorexia because it gives them an excuse not to eat with or in front of other people who are omni, because of dietary restrictions.

    Ruling all of that out, make sure you're taking a B12 supplement, are balancing things like grains with beans, tofu or nuts/nut butters, as well as eating green vegetables, and if the specific problem is hair, you may want to try black strap molasses. a couple of tablespoons a day in oatmeal, coffee, tea, hot water or straight off the spoon.

    When you take meat and dairy away you have to replace them with wholesome, plant based foods.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 11/03/15 02:54:22

    Losing hair can be caused by a number of factors...thyroid problems, menopause, iron deficiency, lack of healthy fats in the diet, restricting food intake too much, lack of omega 3s in your diet, stress, switching to a new shampoo. It's always best to work with a medical professional if it becomes an ongoing issue.

    I think the number one reason for new vegans and vegetarians for losing hair is inadvertently not getting enough calories or eating a great enough variety. Plant foods are diverse and provide all we need (with the exception of B12 which is hard for humans to utilize directly from bacteria in the ground) but it can take some work to learn to cook and eat a wide variety of plants. It is a lifestyle change and can take some experimentation and time to figure it all out.

    The only times I have ever lost hair were during periods of restricting intake and also due to long standing thyroid issues made worse by stress. My Mom lost a lot of hair when she went vegan but she ate gluten free, soy free, nut/seed free (due to diverticulitis) and was restricting too much. I had her add a vegan DHA and her hair loss stopped. Including healthy fats in the form of nuts and seeds for me each day, just a serving or two, has really done wonders for my hair!

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