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I stopped eating meat about 3 weeks ago, finally deciding to commit to the vegetarian lifestyle for health benefits. At first, I was feeling great! I drank plenty of water, felt like I had more energy, and my skin glowed. For about the past 3 days now though, my face has broken out in rash like acne. I've never had this bad of acne, not even in my teen years. Yesterday morning I woke up with what felt like the stomach flu and I continue to feel terrible. I feel light-headed on top of that. Ever since I started, I've been taking an iron supplement (65mg) but I wonder if that is not enough and I've become iron deficient? Please help me figure this out.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 07/12/17 10:42:38

    Bri--The stomach flu is going around. I had 2 weeks ago and it took me down for a few days. Took about 5 days to get back to normal. Eat a brat diet when sick like this. It's Brown rice, apples, and toast, as long as no allergies to these foods Your body has to readjust to food. Also, eat plain yogurt to get beneficial bacteria back in your stomach. As for acne and rash, it could be an allergy to food or something else. Isolate the day it happened and what you are. Hope you feel better soon. Vegetarian and vegan is the way to eat. You will feel great over the long term and have lots if energy. You being a Leo, theatre is a great thing for expressing yourself. Have fun with it.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 07/12/17 12:58:30

    Bri--Also, you might consider taking multi vitamin supplement. Spinach is high in iron also, and great to eat raw (after rinsing well with water) or cooked. A yearly blood test, from your primary care physician, can test for iron levels (that will tell you if you are low in iron for sure) and a lot of other things. This is good to see where you are health wise, as you get set in your vegetarian diet & become healthier. I'm always in the acceptable range for everything, after years of being a vegan & vegetarian. Just a few suggestions. See what resonates with you.

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    Posted by OrganicTampons at 07/13/17 11:21:54

    Hi Bri- Since you have grown up on non veg food, eliminating it completely all of a sudden will definitely take a toll on your body. Taking things slow is what i would recommend. Cut down on the potion and continuity but do not eliminate something that you have grown up to be who you are today. Raw fruits and vegetables when eaten in excess might be toxic and make you feel bloated. Therefore, I would suggest you to maintain a balance in terms of your choices of food and never deprive yourself from anything you crave. Moderation is the key to a healthy body and mind. One life so live it to the fullest. Hope my suggestion helps.

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    Posted by Xabier at 07/14/17 23:09:43

    Here's my humble opinion. Thinking that stopping eating animals has caused you those problems is nosense.

    First of all, you're not even vegan and if you keep eating fishes, eggs, dairy etc, there has not been such radical change in your eating habits.

    Secondly, even being vegan there is no reason why you should have iron deficiency. Eat legumes and other iron-rich food and you'll be in the right way.

    Thirdly, I recommend you informing about nutrition basics, we can all learn so much and benefit from it!! I love the book "Vegan for life", its really great.

    Last but not least, dairy and a lot of animal products are not healthy in the least, try to prevent them and reduce animal exploitation!

    I hope I helped you in any way.


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