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Surgery,Chemo And Radiation Does Not Cure Cancer
"The effects of surgery and radiation in the treatment of cancer; a comparison showing that those who receive no treatment at all live just as long, if not longer, than those who are treated"
Griffin notes that proponents of Laetrile treatment approach cancer from the belief that it is a "deficiency disease"; therefore, it cannot be "cured," rather prevented and treated. He shows that representatives of the cancer industry claim to have cures. Chapter Ten explores the first two of three "cures": surgery, radiation, and drugs.

Surgery can indeed save lives, and has the advantage of removing the tumor. Hope springs forth in the patient and his family, but often cancer shows up somewhere else in the body because the underlying cause has not been addressed. However, surgery poses two complications. "First, it causes physical trauma to the area. This triggers off the healing process which, in turn, brings more trophoblast cells into being as a by-product of that process…The other effect is that, if not all the malignant tissue is removed, what remains tends to be encased in scar tissue …the cancer tends to become insulated from the action of the pancreatic trophoblast cells to the surveillant action of the white blood cells…there is no sold evidence that patients who submit to surgery have any greater life expectancy, on the average, than those who do not"

Statistics show that the "rate of long-term survival after surgery is, on the average at best, only ten or fifteen percent. And once the cancer has metastisized to a second location, surgery has almost no survival value"
The purpose of X-ray therapy, the second orthodox treatment, is to burn away the tumor. Because tumors are comprised of both cancer and noncancer cells, and X-rays are more effective in destroying noncancer cells than cancer, the effect is to "increase the percentage of malignancy" (p. 142). This treatment seems to increase the probability that cancer will appear in another part of the body given time because it damages the body, causing a production of trophoblast cells that are trying to bring healing and because it lessens the production of white blood cells. Statistics do not show that X-ray treatment improves the chance for survival.

Griffin next explains how the American Cancer Society arrives at its positive sounding statistics for orthodox treatment.Extract from The story of vitamin b17 by G.EDWARDS GRIFFIN.

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 12/07/08 14:40:23

    You can get a DVD version of 'The Story Of Vitamin B-17 on ebay. Highly recommended. Also, you can get 'How Healing Becomes A Crime' - the story of Harry Hoxsey. Likewise highly recommended.

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